The bell around her throat chimed angelically as she tilted her head back and to the side, resting her head on her shoulder. Her damp hair clung to the side of her face as she gazed at him where he sat on the other side of the room. He felt numinous looking at someone like her.
"So," she questioned, "what game are we playing this time?"


2. 02

"Now that you're dead it hurts."


THE food in Cora's mouth tasted amazing, like a rainbow exploded in her mouth. Fruit and a slice of cheese cake sat on the plate in front of her as she watched other people dance around the room. Her father had gone to do only god-knows-what in another room. Hopefully he was making a business proposal, and not screwing another stranger. The fact that he was drunk the first time didn't make up for the fact that he did, but Cora loved him and did her best to put it past her. Her mother, however, sleeps in the guest room.

In the middle of raising her fork to her lips, Cora's eyes made contact with someone familiar yet a stranger. "Well I guess at parties like these," she mutters, " asking ' if this seats taken' doesn't exist." She took in her bite of cake. The stranger glances t her cake, then back up at the girl in front of him.

"Is it any good?" He asks."


"The cake, is it any good?" He repeats.

"I mean, it's cake. What could go wrong?" Cora took another bite. The boy raised his eyebrows. When he looked away she took the chance to examine him. He was as well dressed as any other man in room, only he'd loosened his tie and the hair on his head was a perfect brown mess. He not only looked good from the side, but also from the front.  Cora realized she must've been staring and quickly averted her gaze.

"You're probably wondering who I am," the voice was deep for someone who looked about her age.

"Probably is an understatement," she says.

He shakes his head, a smile forming. "I'm Jaehyun, Park Jaehyun... I live here."

"Min Cora, hi." She didn't realize that she was speaking to the heir of another company owner, the whole reason why her father insisted she came to the party anyway's. Her mother refused to place her hand on a cheating man's arm. Just because it was a one-time thing didn't make it right.

"So that was your mother at the door?" She asked. Jaehyun nodded.

"And your father?"

"He's speaking with yours. They wanted me to come meet you."

Cora raised her eyebrows, "So you knew  who I was, no introduction needed?"

Jaehyun nodded once again. The bell around Cora's neck chimed as she shook her head at him.

"Come dance with me."

Cora nearly choked on her water, "Come what?"


"With you?"

"With me," he smiled, already having pulled the fork out of her hand and getting her standing. She huffed as she let herself get pulled into a sea of swaying bodies. A question came up as Cora was twirled in a circle.

"What's with the bell?" Jaehyun asks, breaking the awkward silence into a slightly less awkward conversation.

"Bell?" Cora raised her eyebrows. Jaehyun moved his hand from her waist to touch at his neck.

"Oh... This was my cat's bell. I forgot I had it on."

"You don't hear it when it rings?"

"Not anymore," Cora raised a shoulder in a delicate shrug.

"What was the cats name?" He asked again.


"Eve..." He echoes.

That is when the screams filled the room.

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