This story is about a young girl who has left home in the middle of the night and gone to an old graveyard. Unfortunately for her, someone she knows is there as well. And that person just happens to be an escaped criminal.
Can she escape before he catches her forever?


1. The graveyard

The rusted gate clangs shut behind me and I jump in fright. Calm down, I tell myself. Of course the gate will make a noise. Why wouldn't it? Just because I'm are in an abandoned graveyard, in the middle of the night doesn't mean my senses will stop working. 

It isn't looking good for me.

The graveyard is large and covered in graves. (Obviously). The gravestones are old and the inscription is fading with age. I can't make out the writing on the one closest to me, but it is dark and the moon has clouded over. The only beam of light is coming from the torch on my almost- dead phone. It's on 2%. In a few minutes, I will be in total darkness. I stumble forwards, tripping over mounds until I reached the rotting tree in the middle of the yard. It's roots spread out beneath it like a 360 degrees train on a  wedding dress. I read the plaque at the base of the tree. 'Planted in 1850'. This tree has been here for generations, I think. It must be very strong.

I hear the leaves rustle behind me, and I gasp. Calm down!, I repeat again. This is a graveyard. There's mice and birds and who knows what else in here. It could just be a little robi...


That's not a robin.

I squeal in panic and dash towards the base of the tree. My years of training have built my arm muscles, so climbing is no problem. I reach about halfway up the tree when I realise that the tree does end. That he will just stay at the bottom of the tree until I give in, out of hunger and dehydration.

WHY didn't I realise he was following me? Of course he would, of course he always has. But this is it. I truly am trapped this time.

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