The Dairy of a Vampire Vol. 3

And the story of Vladimira's life continues when she realized how much she needs to write down what she learns as she goes on with her training.


8. Entry 8; May 16, 2018

I'm nervous. No one had found the hunter's body yet so I hide it pretty well, I think. And then you have the end of the year-ish thing. So even vampires have a break from classes. I was happy about that until I found out what it meant. So they don't do like the end of year tests. Instead of that what they do is take us into one room and talk to us about what they taught. It's easier if you have a photo memory. I don't have one of those and they say that every vampire has one. It is making me nervous. And now we are getting ready for it and I just thought if I wrote down what I was doing it would make this feeling go away. 

Oh so on top of that I was outside last night walking the castle grounds and doing my job when I got this feeling. I don't know how to say it. It was like I was being watched and even looking around I couldn't see anything. I had this feeling it was like danger with being watched. Nothing was happening though. I still have it even in the morning light. 

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