The Dairy of a Vampire Vol. 3

And the story of Vladimira's life continues when she realized how much she needs to write down what she learns as she goes on with her training.


4. Entry 4; May 1, 2018

So I still have that hunter in my room. I don't know what to do with her. I mean she is just watching me and not even saying anything to me. I wonder if I should tell her I was learning how to read minds? Should I do that or tell her that I know she was sent here to kill someone and she thinks I am the someone. I'm not I checked. The name she's after is Ranger. And well let's just say she not here much anymore and she is kind of in a coffin choosing to be dormant for a very long time. It was even before I had joined. Only the oldest of the old have known her in her prime, or through a history book that I have to read. They said that since I was still so young I had to have schooling. Actually, since I was so young I shouldn't have been turned in the first place. We have hunters on our backs and then to top it off, I have people breathing down my back waiting for power to get to me and when it does they are ready to kill me. Honestly, half of the people in here think I don't know anything and the other half are bidding there time. I  say that they are all wrong. I know more then I let on and right now I am bidding my own time so I might go. Did you know that most everyone in my group is a full blood? Most everyone. They have a smaller part of everyone how isn't a full blood. there are ten rooms down here and only half of them are being filled. No one wants to be near me, and it's not like I can make any friends and...

The hunter spoke to me using her words. She just said that she knows I'm not who she was supposed to go after but that she had heard about a human turned in her sleep and a story about her. I swear if she keeps up with he rhymes without reason her head is going to be mine. But at least itis nice to know she knows me. She is thinking though that I can't blow off my classes again otherwise they might come and go searching and find her and she will tell them what I am doing. And that would be bad. I need to get rid of her fast and I just don't know how to. Well, I have a lesson starting in less than two minutes, I am not running there and I am going to be late. Bye.



I understand needing to have a PE thing here but I do not want to go running at top speed for three hours. I was dying again after it. I was so thirsty and everyone was just kind of laughing at me. I had felt something happen but no one looked like they noticed it so I think I am going to be able to keep it a secret from everyone for a little while. But they also have me learning to write. I mean I am great at writing. I am doing it now. I am writing. No one might see this but, I am writing. I start writing lessons tomorrow night after some sleep and blood. 



I understand now why the older vampires snickered at me every time I asked to go see my annoying brother and my mom and dad. It's hard to do so. It just makes me what to go to them and tell them to the truth about what I am. Even when I know that it isn't a very good idea. Today was a hard day. I had classes, I hid a hunter in my room of all places and snuck out off grounds to see people that had cared so much for me mourn over my room. It's 11 and I just got back. I have some more things I have to get done so I guess I get to talk tomorrow hopefully things will look up and not down.   

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