The Dairy of a Vampire Vol. 3

And the story of Vladimira's life continues when she realized how much she needs to write down what she learns as she goes on with her training.


3. Entry 3; Apr 26, 2018

Oh, my god, they beat me to a pulp. It is just sore to move ever slightly. But I know that I will heal faster. At least now they know whatI'mm not very good at. You put me in a room with someone and I can dissect there mind like I would a frog but fighting... nope. They even said that if I could avoid fighting that would be the best, for everyone. I'm not the fighter kind. I might want to rip heads off here and there but never do I go as far to do it. At least it's better than history. I used to love history all the eras. and the ways that things were different from what they are now but they are overdoing it by a big shot. Well, I have to go they want to check and see if I am healing well. 



Why in anyone brian am I going to need math as a vampire?! I mean I can take what I want. Pretend that I gave people what they needed. And ugh so hurting me physically just isn't enough! Do you have to hurt my brain too? The only part of me that works when I want it to work. Come on! I am so tired of this. They should be teaching me how to survive not these little... Oh no. someone just walked into my room and now if they... They did. Well, I have to go now and clear this up with whoever it... My god it's a... Why is there . .. A HUNTER?!  Alright, this is going to be a moment.


Okay now with that issue solved. (It's tied up in my corner and I am going to have to plan what I am going to do.) If I kill him I get in trouble for not taking it up with the conclie. If I take him to the conclie, he spills his guts. But if I make a deal he lives and I am free again. Well freeish. I mean am I really free if you think about it. Am I really? I am being rushed around to classes I am going to forget when I am older though I should look the same as now. Anyway, I guess I should find out why she's here. I mean it's not easy to get in and out of here but it is possible. The security in this castle is kind of like a military training place. I mean nightly runs, twelve times around the whole thing, which is about as big as a football field. Then you have to climb the walls in order to get a better view of the whole place. Meaning we have to run on the top of the walls. Well, I need to go bye for now.

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