The Dairy of a Vampire Vol. 3

And the story of Vladimira's life continues when she realized how much she needs to write down what she learns as she goes on with her training.


2. Entry 2; Apr 24, 2018

It feels better to get back into writing down what is going on. So yesterday lesson was about vampire history. They have been having me do the history side because they say I can disappear for days on end and I would remember what they said but not in this time. When they find me again I am wearing this long forgotten thing that doesn't look very much like something I would wear. They think that learning my history first would be the best course of action since the first one. But it takes time. And I'm not the same as I used to be. It feels like it been a year since I last wrote things down but I know that's not true. It has only been a couple of months. 

So vampire history is much more complex than what I had thought at first. I thought that we would be talking a few days about what the most important things that had happened since vampires became real. I did find something interesting on the first day. I learned that vampire was just coming into being before Braim Stoker wrote his book. They forced me to read that book to. I think that it was way too wordy, but I mean I guess it makes since slightly. It is just the ravings of a mad person they said back then but now they have so many versions of the book. It was challenging to get through it because not only did I have to have the lessons I also had to have lessons on hunting and not killing. Since I had become part of this group and spent more time with vampires I had felt my thirst being to become something more than just the small need for blood. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger and it feels almost insatiable. 

Now in my lesson today I think we are going to be going over fighting but... I have to go and get ready to fight the strongest person in the group. Well, if I can write the next few days I will. For now bye. 

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