The Dairy of a Vampire Vol. 3

And the story of Vladimira's life continues when she realized how much she needs to write down what she learns as she goes on with her training.


10. Entry 10; May 30, 2018

So, I get them wanting me close to my family for a few years after leaving them for a coven of people that I will spend the rest of my life with. But the knowing the every second of the day about my family is a bit much. They moved me to Florida for a week because my family was going and now I’m in the room next to them. Like could they get any clearer about where I was? I guess they think my family is just a little bit of a light thinker as to where people are, but the fact is that I know that they will see me here and they will know that I am going to be watching them enjoy the sun and rides at Disney and all the things I would ever want to do at Universal. But I mean they said that if a new turn stays somewhat close to their family for a year they don’t end up feeling alone or sad and have a higher chance at living longer than those who are forced away from their family to be by themselves and it hurts them to think that they have no one in the world who would care about them. So now I am dealing with fizzy hair and waiting to go out to the park for the first day of Disney.

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