Lizzy And Danny

Elizabeth's father is the Head Master of an all boys boarding school for delinquents. It's the late 1950s and Lizzy is bored and tired of being treated as property. When the new boy Danny, shows up he shows her a whole new world. He's got his own tricks up his sleeve and might just save Lizzy from her inevitable fate.


Author's note

I rewrote the original because it was going no where! Please tell me what you think!

1. Summer days in France

I lie back on the grass, letting my pale skin welcome the unfamiliar warmth. In England all it did was bloody rain but now, here in France, the sun is always shining. My two twin sisters, Violet and Rose, play in the brook some distance away. I'd chosen to wear a thin knee length summer dress that was pale blue. It complimented my dark brown ringlet curls and dainty physic. I close my eyes and smile. The sound of my sisters screams and giggles filled the air and was carried for miles by the gentle breeze.

"Elizabeth, get back in now!" My father shouts, interrupting the peace, from the castle's back entrance. I jolt up and start throwing all the food into the basket.

"Girls, come on." I call and then hurry back over to me. I grab their hands and drag them back to the castle.

It's been about a year since my father took over this place. It was an old yet intimidating castle that had four towers with turrets attached to long high stone walls surrounding it. The building reminded me a lot like a prison. My father turned it into an All Boys Boarding School which was targeted for misbehaving and naughty boys. Most were my age, 15, but to my surprise there was in fact 6 year olds running about the place. All the teachers lived by the rule: Action Reaction. If a boy did anything naughty they would be severely punished.

I dragged the girls in through the kitchen and up the long dark corridors.

"Go to your rooms." I say letting them go. Their little blond pony tails flying as they scrambled up the stairs. Before I enter my fathers office, I brush my dress down. I run my hands through my long wild hair and clip one side with a diamond pin. Reluctantly, I open the door.

"Lizzy!" He fumes as I timidly take a seat.

"What were you thinking!" He booms. I look down and play with my hands.

"I'm sorry, papa." I say quietly.

"Look at me when you speak." He snaps. I redirect my gaze to his and he crinkles his brow. His bald had is shiny and his tooth brush moustache is going grey.

"These boys are vile, rancid creatures and you're taking your 9 year old sisters out when they could get you!" He shouts angrily.

"We were no where near than papa!" I exclaim.

"Enough! Get out of my sight." He snaps raising his hand.


"Enough Elizabeth." he growls which quickly sends me on my way. As I walk down the ancient halls, my black heels click against the dark marble floors. I walk past a heard of the boys: they all have dirty white shirts and brown trousers on. They smile warmly at me so I return the gesture.

"For the Princess." A small curly haired boy grins as he hands me a daisy.

"Thank you, Oliver." I chuckle and crouch to his height. The older boys are chuckling and teasing the little boy.

"You know my name!" He squeals excitedly.

"I know all the Princes names in the castle." I smile.

"Here that boys, I'm a prince!" He grins.

"You're as royal as my ass, Ollie." One boys cheers which causes all the boys to roar with laughter. Ollie goes quiet and frowns.

"Don't listen to them buffoons Oliver. You're my Prince and that's all hat matters." I smile as his face lights up. I kiss his cheek and then glare at the other boys. Oliver giggles and skips away.

"This place is hard enough on you boys let alone a six year old." I retort and walk away.

"That's cheap coming from you!" A ginger calls out.

"Still more expensive than what comes out of your trap." I call back not turning around. I hear a series of "Ooooohs' and mockery from the boys. I smirk to myself knowing it was a small victory on my behalf.

Just before dinner I change into a deep red dress that had a brown leather belt to pull in the waist. My ringlet curls were in a top knot and I had light grey high heels on. We walk in together, me, my dad and the twins, but sit at separate tables. The twins and my dad sit at a long table in the centre of the massive dinning hall, accompanied by the staff. However, I sit alone on a table next to a window over looking the grounds. I've protested about siting here multiple times but my father hates me socialising with anyone who isn't him or some fancy rich suitor.

"Enjoy your meal Miss." One of the younger servants smile.

"Thank you, Jess." I smile back and take a sip of water. She looks shocked that I know her name and then walks back. Weirdly, all the staff and boys forget that I have a rather lonely and boring life so when any gossip or anything happens, I'm one of the first to know.

"Oi, Liz!" A boy called Todd whispers. 

"Yes, Todd?"

"Nothing." he sniggers. A roll my eyes at his immaturity but laugh a little at his attempt to cheer me up. My dad, their headmaster, is a horrible and cruel man.

Over the course of dinner, I'm happy watching the world float by when I over hear some boys talking. It was Oliver bragging that I kissed him and called him a Prince. The older boy, Calum, looks up at me and smirks. Calum had a smile that made you weak at the knees and was known as Angel face. He was gorgeous (multiple of my friends pointed this out) but was really the devil. Hundreds of teachers end up quitting after having one class with him. I wink and go back to eating.

"Elizabeth." My dad calls. I look up and his chair is tucked in and he is standing with the twins beside him.

"Coming papa." I sigh as I push my chair back. The sound of my heels clicking against the stone floor bounces across the hall walls.

He puts a harsh hand on my shoulder and steers me to the door. When we get out he slaps me hard around the face. I gasp and bring my hand up to cover the tingling sensation. My eyes blur with tears and my sisters begin to cry.

"Don't talk to the boys. Do you understand?" He says bluntly. There was a harsh and cold tone to his voice.

"Yes papa." I whisper defeated.

"Take your sisters to bed and then you are to practice the piano." and with that he marches off towards his office.

"Come on girls." I say quietly and take their hands.

"Why does daddy hit you Lizzy?" Violet asks as I tuck her into bed.

"I don't know Vio. If he ever lays a hand on either of you, you tell me. Okay?" I smile.

"Yes sissy." Rose yawns and then slides down the bottom of her bed. Before a minute goes by light snores drift from her bed around the room.

"Love you." Violet whispers sleepily as I turn her lap off.

"I love you too Violet." I smile and then leave the room.

As I reach the top of the stairs I hear my father and two unfamiliar voices. Curiously, I quietly walked down the stair case, covered by a medieval rug. My father stands there talking to a police officer who had a blonde haired boy with a floppy middle parting in his grasp. The boy was muscular and had a sharp jaw line. He had denim jeans, a white tee-shirt and brown leather jacket on. His hands have been hand cuffed behind his back and he wears a cheeky grin on his face. 

"His name?" My father asks.

"Danny. Danny Hunters." The police office shoves Will forward.

"Pleasure to meet you sir." He respond dryly, sarcasm dripping from his voice. My father discards him and shows the police officer to the door. Danny notices me first. As he's about to speak I bring my finger to my lip, implying him to stay quiet. He winks and then pretends to zip his mouth shut. I smile and then walk down the rest of the stairs louder so my father knows I'm here.

"Who are you?" Danny says, his New Yorker accent sticking out. He was so confident and smiled a lot. For a fact he would be trouble. The good thing about this place is that you get boys and teachers from all over the world.

"Eliza..." I'm interrupted by my father slapping Danny over the head and scolding me.

"Sorry papa." I say quietly and look down.

"That was rude." Danny complains sarcastically. I snigger at how much he's winding my father up.

"Elizabeth get out of here. I'll speak to you later. As for you!" He shouts at Danny and drags him by the ear to his office. I watch as he's dragged into his office and a series of shouts and slaps echo from the office. Shuddering, I walk to the music room. For hours I practice all the fine arts pieces like Mozart and Chopin but I begin to get bored of the dull tunes. When I'm sure no one is around I start playing Rosemary Clooney's song 'Don't take your love away from me.' This is one of my favourites to play! My hands fly over the keys and when I finish I smile proudly. My fathers voice interrupts me from playing another.

"Very good Liz." He says as he slowly walks over to me. From the way he move and spoke  could tell he was very angry. He never lets me play songs that aren't preformed from the classics.

"Oh um Thank you papa." I blush.

"You're welcome, now off to bed." He responds as I gather my sheet music. As I walk past him he grabs my face, squishing my cheeks aggressively.

"Don't let me catch you playing that shit again. Got it?" He snaps. Little bits of spit hit my face as he grins his teeth together. Fear laces my eyes and I start panicking.

"Okay papa." I say desperately and with one final look of disgust he lets me go. I gasp for breath and scuttle out the room. I hate that man. Ever since Mama died he became so aggressive towards me. It wasn't even my fault!

A few stray tears escape my eyes as I walk to the North Wing. This is where me and my family live. The boys are forbidden to enter unless given permission which is extremely rare. I take my earrings and necklace off as I enter my room, placing them on a little jewellery stand. My room had a four posted double bed, mounted with pillows and heavy duvets. The windows were paired with floor length dark coloured curtains and the floor was a carpet a shade off of black. I had a little dresser, three chested draw and then a big oak wardrobe. I put my shoes on the little rack my wardrobe and slip out my dress. My skinny figure is exposed as I attempt to find my night dress. When I find it I pull it on and then put my hair in a messy bun.

As soon as I hit the mattress I fall into a coma like sleep.

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