Lizzy And Danny

Elizabeth's father is the Head Master of an all boys boarding school for delinquents. It's the late 1950s and Lizzy is bored and tired of being treated as property. When the new boy Danny, shows up he shows her a whole new world. He's got his own tricks up his sleeve and might just save Lizzy from her inevitable fate.


Author's note

I rewrote the original because it was going no where! Please tell me what you think!

5. Reckless fantasy

The sun splashes against my skin as I lie back onto the grass. The distant aggressive shouts from the radical teachers fades away and I'm left with the sound of the brook and tree whispers. I should feel anxious about the punishment and consequences I'll face after my cursing and disrespect against my dad, instead I felt wild and free.

"Oi Lizzy!" A familiar voice calls from behind me. Lazily I sit up and turn around to see Baby Face, Danny and a few over boys trot towards me. It was funny because these boys were all older and a lot worse behaved yet I felt completely comfortable with them.

"Look what the cat dragged out." I smirk as I lie back down; I hear them all slump to the grass around me.

"It isn't okay to be this bloody hot." Danny groans, flapping his shirt to let cool air touch his skin.

"Screw it, Lizzy my sincere apologies for what your about to see." Baby Face laughs as he rips his white shirt off and pegs it towards the lake opposite us.

"Yeah soz Liz." Chris shouts as he runs after him. They both dive into the water laughing and play fighting. I start laughing and cheering as Danny, Albert and Parker join them, showing off their fighting and diving skills. I run to after them but stop by the little sandy bay and cheer them on. I find myself staring at Danny as he splashes about. He has a ripped body including the wash board abs and veiny biceps.

"Take a picture it'll last longer!" Danny teases.

"It's a new lee and you might break it." I tease back.

"Why you little..." He smirks and runs out the water towards me. I scream as he grabs me, trying to pull me into the freezing water.

"No Danny...Danny don't please...I'm sorry...Danny!" I scream as he finally manages to throw me over his shoulder. In seconds the freezing water in surrounding me and when I resurface he's crying with laughter and so is all the others.

"I hate you so much Danny Hunters." I grin as I wipe water from my eyes.

"Nah you don't. Wanna know what I think?" He smirks as he closes the distance between us. Baby Face and the rest have slowly moved away from us and are minding their own business splashing and fighting each other.

"Not really." I reply sarcastically. His face is inches from mine and I can smell his minty breath hitting my cheek.

"I think you fancy me." He whisper.

"As if I'd ever lie..." He interrupts my defensive comeback by slamming his lips on mine. We move in sink with each, tongues intertwined. My hands tangle in his hair while he has one on my waist and another on the back of my head. For a moment time stands still and all feel is his lips on mine. I pull away breathless while Danny has a cheeky grin on his face.

"Come on you two, we better get back before they notice we're gone." Baby Face chuckles as him and the guys start to pile out.

"Come on Princess." Danny winks, taking my hand and leading me out of the lake. My heart fluttered when he called me Princess and I felt my cheeks heat up instantly.


I quickly shower and change into a navy blue skater skirt that went past my knees and matched it with a white blouse and a pair of white pumps. My damp hair was in a top not and I had a pearl necklace and earing on. A smile firmly set on my face and refused to leave as I walked to the dinning hall, ready for lunch.

"Lizzy!" Violet squeals running up to me. I lift her up so she sits on my hip and is level with my face.

"How's my pretty girl?" I smile. She giggles and then Rose comes bundling down the stairs in a red play suit.

"Come on then, lets go eat shall we?" I laugh as I grab Rose's small hand in mine. Together we walk into the busy hall where sandwiches and crisps are being handed out. I sit the twins up at the table and then walk to mine. I catch Danny's eye and smirk.

"You look beautiful." Danny mouths. I blush and take my seat.

"What would you like today Lizzy?" Jess, my usual server, smiles as she puts a pot of tea and a dainty tea cup in front of me.

"Cheese and tomato please. Oh and some of your homemade short bread would be amazing!" I laugh.

"As you wish." She chuckles and then walks away. I hear my father walk in and take his place but I don't bother to look up. If he wont acknowledge my existence then why should I his?

Jess delivers my food and then I hungrily tuck in. I feel someone tap my arm lightly and as I turn around my heart stops and I become paralysed.

"Hey old friend." The familiar boy in army uniform says smugly.

"Tommy!" I squeal jumping from my seat and into his arms.

"I thought you were still in Germany? How did you get here? Oh I've missed you so bloody much!" I exclaim excitedly giving him another hug. Danny stares daggers at us and a few boys watch the display of two friends seeing each other again after 4 years.

"Slow down Lizzy." Tom chuckles.

"Come, walk with me I want to know everything!" I smile eagerly as I drape my arm in his and drag him out the hall.

"How's life been since I left?" Tom asks as we walk arm in arm through the gardens.

"We aren't here to talk about me. How have you been?" I say avoiding his question.

"I'm much better now I've seen your okay. You know, you were the only thing that kept me going Lizzy." He sighs, avoiding eye contact.

"Well I'm glad your back." I smile giving his muscular arm a light squeeze.

We walk for a few more minutes catching up until we decide to go and have some tea. When we walk through the doors Danny's jaw is locked and his whole body tenses. Why was he acting like this? Baby Face's eyes widened as if he was trying to tell me something but I didn't understand.

"I'll meet you in the sun room, okay? I just have to sort a few things out." I smile at top and he sceptically nods and walks away. Before I talk to the boys I look put for any teachers. Thankfully there's non so I quickly walk over to them.

"What's wrong?" I ask in a light voice. Danny dismisses me and starts to ignore me.

"Baby Face what did I do?" I stress.

"He's jealous of Tommy. We tried to explain but he thinks you guys were and are still a thing." Baby Face says boredly; He's obviously got bored of trying to explain it to Danny. I roll my eyes and smile as I walk back over to him.

"Well if you want talk to me, I'll just have to get Tommy to help me then." I tease, trying to make him react. His vivid green eyes shoot up as he glares at me.

"I guess Tommy'll have to satisfy my needs then." I shrug and go to walk away but Danny grips my forearm.

"You aren't funny." He snaps.

"On the contrary, I'm a comedian." I grin and kiss his soft lips. Both my hands hold his cheeks while he firmly plants his on my waist.

"Stop being a little boy Danny. After all, I only date men." I wink and walk away leaving Danny speechless and Baby Face and the 'crew' laughing and mocking Danny.

As I walk into the Sun room a huge smile plasters on my face. Danny got jealous over another guy because of me?! Urgh I could feel myself falling and I don't know if I want to carry on or fly...

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