Lizzy And Danny

Elizabeth's father is the Head Master of an all boys boarding school for delinquents. It's the late 1950s and Lizzy is bored and tired of being treated as property. When the new boy Danny, shows up he shows her a whole new world. He's got his own tricks up his sleeve and might just save Lizzy from her inevitable fate.


Author's note

I rewrote the original because it was going no where! Please tell me what you think!

6. Piano Symphony

I sit happily talking to Tommy, catching up on old times, when my father walks in. I refuse to meet his gaze but Tommy stand up and shakes his hand with a strong grip.

"Thanks again Mr Walters for letting me stay while my parents are away." Tommy smiles, sitting back down.

"No problem Tommy. Maybe you'll be able to tame my wild daughter." He chuckles.

"Wait you're staying!" I exclaim excitedly, gripping his forearm.

"Yeah, my parents have gone to England for a few months." He chuckles.

"Father you have to let us go out and celebrate!" I smile excitedly, forgetting the tension between us.

"Only if you promise not to be too late." He says after debating it for  while.

"That's fine, I'll have her back home before midnight." Tommy grins.

"Oh this is going to be fantastic! Meet me down stairs at 6 okay?" I shout running off to my chambers.  I run past a few of the boys and they all laugh and shout after me. When I get to my chambers, I shower and change into my new party outfit. I'd chosen a white strapless skater skirt dress with light grey heels. The skirt went out at the waist and had multiple layers so when I walked it did a slight bounce. My hair was in dark brown barrel curls and had a necklace with rubies on it.

At ten to six I start walking down and when I see Danny I stop in my tracks. He stares, eyes wide and mouth open, as he slowly starts walking towards me.

"You look... Wow." He breathes as he stands inches away from me.

"Thanks Danny." I smile, feeling my cheeks heat up.

"Why are you all dressed up?" He says, eye brows furrowed.

"I'm going to a party with... Tommy." I cringe when I see the hurt on his face.

"Hey don't worry, you're still my guy." I smile, giving him a hug.

"One day I'll be taking you out and you'll be on my arm, not someone else's." He says determinedly.

"And when that day happens, I'll be the happiest girl on Earth." I grin.

"Come here." He chuckles placing a hand on my lower back and pulling me towards him. I giggle as he plants a soft kiss on my lips. His tongue skims my lower lip, as if asking for entrance. I slowly open my mouth a little bit and his tongue swoops in, demanding dominance. We move in sink as my hands tangle themselves in his hair and I feel him slowly pick me up. I wrap my legs around his waist as he walks over to a wall, pushing me onto it. Instinctively, I push my pelvis against his with makes him lightly moan. A small laugh escapes my lips each time we share a kiss as I can feel the sexual frustration off of him. We quickly break away when footsteps escalate up the stairs.

"Have a great night." He whispers with a smile on his face.

"Thank you." I whisper back as he slips into the shadows.

"Lizzy there you are!" My father sighs full of relief.

"How do I look?" I smile giving him a small twirl.

"Beautiful, just like your mother." He smiles as I walk towards him.

"I know I haven't been the best dad but...But I'm going to try harder. I'm so sorry Elizabeth."

"Don't be, I know I push your buttons much." I say with a small chuckle.

"Come on, don't keep Tommy waiting." He winks giving me a gentle push.

With an excited smile I hurry down the stairs to see Tommy in a white shirt and black dress pants. He looked totally gorgeous, just not Danny Hunter's gorgeous.

"You look beautiful Elizabeth." Tommy smiles giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Not to bad your self Tommy boy." I laugh.

"Shall we?" He smirks handing out a bended arm.

"We shall." I grin, wrapping my arm around his. Together we walked down the marbles steps and to his red  Buick Road master. I squeal with excitement and jump into the passenger seat.


"Ready." I smile as he accelerates and goes 50 miles an hour towards the gates.


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