Lizzy And Danny

Elizabeth's father is the Head Master of an all boys boarding school for delinquents. It's the late 1950s and Lizzy is bored and tired of being treated as property. When the new boy Danny, shows up he shows her a whole new world. He's got his own tricks up his sleeve and might just save Lizzy from her inevitable fate.


Author's note

I rewrote the original because it was going no where! Please tell me what you think!

2. Paper fights

I wake up praying that today would be better. Everyday, I'm scolded viciously if I step out of line. My father likes to brag about me and the twins a lot. I'm the beautiful and desired Claudia and the twins are the perfect blonde haired and bright blue eyed identical twins. He thinks I'm some sort of dog he can control and it's so annoying!

I put a grey tweed butterick skirt on that went just past my knees and a white blouse tucked in. I paired it with dark grey 5inch heals and start to tame my hair. Rose and Violet run in when I'm about to leave my room.

"Lizzy!" Rose cheers as she dives onto my just made bed.

"Morning twinnies." I smile, kissing Violet on the head.

"Daddy said you have to take us to breakfast today." Violet giggles.

"Come on then." I say and take one of their hands each.

Together we walk down the corridors and stairs talking and laughing. We walk past Angel face who winks at me, making me smirk.

"Daddy wont like that!" Rose teases as Violet giggles. I wink at her and then we walk through the dark oak doors. A few boys urn around but most carry on scoffing the oat meal in front of them. The twins take their seats an I say good morning to the teaches.

"Can I have some tea, Jess?" I smile as she comes to take my empty bowl way.

"Yes Ma'am." She smiles back.

"Call me Liz." I chuckle and she nods. My father walks in with Danny beside him. He's pushed into a chair and given a slap around the head for good luck. I catch his eye and smile which he gladly returns.

Danny's POV:

The head master drags me into the dinning hall where I'm thrown into a chair and given a quick slap. Last night I was introduced to all the boys and they all seem decent enough. The pretty brunette by the window smiles at me which I gladly return.

"I saw that." A boy called Ollie says looking at me.

"What?" I smirk.

"You'll be playing with fire Danny. Elizabeth is untouchable" Ollie warns. I roll my eyes and start demolishing the food in front of me. After 10 minutes we're all bustled out the hall and taken to class. My first class today was math and then I had the bore of learning French.

"Turn to page 27 and complete the questions." An old grey man, Mr Ranchin, orders slowly. Like robots we all do it and begin the work. The teacher looks half asleep and before long he's snoring. When I complete half the work I pull out a cigarette. Everyone either looks at me alarmed or start laughing. After taking a few long drags I kick my feet up, leaning back into the chair. I close my eyes for a few seconds and then there's a knock on the door.

"Excuse me Sir?" Elizabeth says politely and walks towards the desk. The teacher jolts awake and starts acting busy.

"Yes, Elizabeth?" he smiles.

"My father wanted me to bring you these. The math papers?" Everyone dramatically groans which cause her to stifle a laugh.

"Ah right. Thank you Lizzy." He smiles and then she leaves the room.

"Elizabeth Walters is so freaking hot." Someone mumbles and a few boys laugh in agreement.

"If I could, I'd tap that." Another boy chuckles.

"If you have a death wish that would be genius." I say sarcastically as I take another drag from my cigarette.

"Too right." Angel face smirks. We're the eldest kids in the boarding house,: 17. He takes my ciggy and has a drag.

"What are you boys doing?" The teacher snaps.

"We're fucking ostriches. What does it look like we're doing?" I reply sarcastically. The boys start laughing while the teacher is fuming.

"See how much you're laughing when the Head gets here Hunters!" The teacher shouts and storms out the room. As soon as he get out the room, I jump up on my table and declare war on the other side. Everyone starts screaming at each other and chucking scrunched up paper and anything they could find.

"For Scotland!" I scream at Angel Face who's leading the opposite side.

"For England!" He screams back and then we both jump down off the tables we're standing on and wrestle each other. The room is filled with shouting and screaming but most of all laughter- it's deafening.

"Enough!" The Head screams as he attempts to pull me and Angel Face off each other. We wrestle each other until three of the bulkiest teachers are able to ply us off each other.

"Okay, okay. We're calm." I laugh.

"Yes we were only playing." Angel Face sniggers.

"Both of you are going to get a good thrashing!" The Head screams and drags us to his office.

"Get back in your seats now!" Mr Ranchin barks as the door closes. I catch Angel Face's eye and we both grin. This was so worth getting a few slaps.



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