Lizzy And Danny

Elizabeth's father is the Head Master of an all boys boarding school for delinquents. It's the late 1950s and Lizzy is bored and tired of being treated as property. When the new boy Danny, shows up he shows her a whole new world. He's got his own tricks up his sleeve and might just save Lizzy from her inevitable fate.


Author's note

I rewrote the original because it was going no where! Please tell me what you think!

3. Alone again

 Elizabeth's POV:

I walk through the brown oak doors and into the library. It was dark in here and where the suns rays bled through the windows, dust particles danced. The walls were high and from the ceiling to the floor books covered the walls. We had everything from Charles Dickens to the French revolution to Physics books. My hands traced the spines of the old decaying books as I walked a lap of the antique library. It was a giant room and always reminded me of something from a fairy tale.

Little tables were scattered around but I never used them. Every so often a massive circular window was doted on the wall and had the best view of the French village and grassy hills. I always climbed up the book shelves and sat in the highest window ledge in the library. As much as it stressed my dad out he couldn't stop me. This was one space that was mine and only mine. I climb up the sliding ladder and then onto one of the shelf's ledges. Carefully, I climbed up the shelves and onto the window ledge. It had just the right amount of room for me to get on. One of my legs draped down while the over was pulled to my chest. For hours I sat up there and read my book until the suns rays no longer supplied sufficient light. I rest my head on the window as I folded the page of my book.

"Lizzy?" Violet's familiar voice asks as he small figure comes into sight.

"Up here V." I respond as I climb down.

"Daddy says dinners ready." She smiles as I take her hand in mine.

"Lets go then." I chuckle and walk with her to the dinning hall.

When we arrive at the dinning hall I attempt to hide my alarm when I see Danny and Baby face. They had massive bruises up their faces and arms. I take Violet to my father and give him a deathly glare. Before he can react I turn on my heels and take a seat at my lonely table. I look across to where Danny is staring at me.

"What happened?" I mouth.

"Paper. Fight." He smirks. I smirk at his cockiness. I eat my soup and am about to start eating my main when I erupt in pure laughter. I'd been listening to Baby Face's and Danny's conversation and was struggling to contain my laugh.

Danny's POV:

Elizabeth erupted in laughter after hearing me and Baby Face's bickering. I'm telling you it was the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard! She was clutching her stomach and crying with happiness. Her father, our headmaster, looked furious as she started to compose her self.

"GET OUT ELIZABETH!" He shouts angrily.

"But I'm not finished yet." She chuckles as she takes in heavy deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

"GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT!" He screams as he slams his hands down onto the wooden table. Anger ignites in his eyes as fear lights in Lizzy's. Her fragile freckly face goes white as a sheet and her eyes are wide with fear. Shakily, she walks towards the door with her head down. All happiness that once was now replaced with pure terror. She looked like an infant again. Violet and Rose were crying as two blonde maids took them out the dinning hall and all us lads were deathly silent. As she passes her father he sends her a deathly glare and she shrinks even further into herself.

"Everyone to their dorms now!" He snaps as he marches after Lizzy. All of us have guilty and concerned looks on our faces. As far as I know, everyone is rather fond of Elizabeth as she always treated the boys with kindness and mutual respect.

"Shit." Baby Face mumbles as we are lead to our dorm.

"That man is the devil." I spat with venom. I'm getting her out of here one day and when I do, I was never going to let anyone hurt her again.

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