What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


3. T W O

Today is the day that Luke and Liz are coming to visit Ashton and his family, They are staying most of the holiday and Ashton is excited to make a new friends and show him his horses and maybe teach him about them if he want to. He hopes for the best but for the most part he expects the worst so he won't get disappointed if Luke doesn't give two shits about him and his horses. 

Ashton leaves his room, grabs an apple and leaves for the stables. He takes the big horses out of their stall and out on the fields for the day, gets some curry combs and give all the horses a quick groom out on the fields before the guest arrive. The last one is his own horse, she is red like fire and when her mane blows in the wind it looks like flames, she is an Icelandic mare and she is called Saga. Ashton would never let any of his friends ride her, it may sound selfish but Ashton is afraid they will ruin her. 

One time he let Julia try and she got kicked of, guess she only wants Ashton to ride her anyway.

"Why does Saga always get the longest quick groom?" it sounded from Ashton's mom behind him, when he turned around his whole family was there with Liz and Luke. he quickly put the curry combs down and went over to them "Im sorry i forgot the time" he apologized, he would have showered before they arrived but now its too late.

"Don't worry about it honey, i get why you forget the time with all those beautiful horses you have" Liz said to him and walked over to the horses and Fjala was the first one to come over and say hi

Ashton turned to Luke who looked around him and seemed lost at what to do "hi Im Ashton" he stuck his hand out for Luke to shake it "yeah i know, but anyway im Luke, and you smell like horse" Luke said and scrunched up his nose, Ashton thought he looked rather cute doing that but he kept it together "well yeah that happens when you are surrounded by them, and you get used to the smell" Ashton said and went back over to his mom and Liz who was talking about the horses

"Im guessing yours is the red one, Saga was it?" Liz asked Ashton and he gave her a proud smile cause he was very proud o be the owner of Saga "Yeah she is mine, i got her for my 10th birthday, then she was only 4 and ready to start training, Mom helped me in the beginning but i was quick to take over by myself" he said and went over to Saga to pat her.

After a while Luke came over beside Ashton getting bored of being alone."Sooo you have your own horse? Thats pretty cool, I mean my only pet has been a family dog but you so many different animals and it's so different from in the city where I live. there a girls at my school who has those giant competition horses and has people to take care of their horses and they only ride them, and that made me think horse people were snobby, but you and you family is so caring for the animals and thats how it should be" Luke rambled on and on and Ashton was stunned just staring at him while he was talking. 

"Yeah there are girls on my school like that too and I dont like it or do competitions, i would do Icelandic competitions but there is non near by, and did you know you ramble a lot, nothing against it I just didn't expect it" Ashton answered him and walked into the stable and giving signal for Luke to follow him "what did you expect then?" Luke asked him confused 

"I dont know since your from the city i did expect you to not care about the animals cause even people from the small towns near by dont even care so idk, im sorry i generalized you" Ashton said truthfully he did hope for Luke to be like this but he didn't expect it at all

"And I am sorry for generalising horse people when there is so much difference between you all" Luke Answered. 

"Now can we stop apologizing and I will show you the mini pig" Ashton said and grinned when he saw Luke's face when he said mini pig, Ashton showed the way to the stall where the mini pig was with a little goat. 

Luke was close to dying in awe when the pig came over to them and begged for a pat and food.

"Can I go in there to pet her?" Luke asked 

"Yeah of course you can, rub her belly, she will love that" Ashton smiled at the two bonding and it was adorable. Luke wanted to take her inside and chill on the couch with her but Ashton didn't allow that.


"Mom can we get a mini pig when we get home?" Luke asked under dinner and Ashton was laughing for himself cause he knew it was his fault Luke wanted a pig cause he showed him their pig "I would love to have a mini pig Luke, but do you even realize what it takes to have pig and responsibility, its hard work to have animals, you can't even get your ass up to walk the dog" Liz said and took a sip of her wine, Luke leaned back in his chair and pouted. Lauren was staring at Luke and Ashton was certain she had a crush on him. 

later that night they were all together in the living room, talking and playing card games "Okay guys we only have one guest room but with two beds in, Luke can choose if he wants to sleep in the guest room with Liz or have a madras on the floor in Ashton's room, you can always switch if you would rather sleep in the other room after some time" mama Irwin said and everyone turned their attention to Luke Who Looked at Ashton for approval, Ashton nodded and Luke answered "I would like to be in Ashton's room" 

both moms looked at each other and nodded and looked at their sons and said "but no sex" and they looked at each other again and laughed hysterically while both Luke and Ashton was dying of shame on both ends of the couch

"Enough of this, im going to set up Luke's bed while you to get yourself together" Ashton said and pointed at the two moms who was slowly coming t themselves again. 

"Alright captain" Mama Irwin answered and they both started laughing hysterically again 

"I will help him do that" Luke said and followed Ashton up to his room, when they both got inside Ashton closed the door and sighed "I hate my mom" they said in sync and started laughing hysterically themselves.

The door opened to the room and Lauren's head popped in "Like mother like son" and left again, she was right they were all really good at laughing and wasn't ashamed to do it.


"Bam and master Ashton has made a luksus bed for you" Ashton laughed and jumped on his own bed Luke was very pleased with the way his madres looked like a low bed beside Ashton's giant and Jumped on it, but couldn't see Ashton's face, got up and jumped on Ashton's bed instead.

"Are you not satisfied Prince Luke HemHem?" Ashton laughed at him but Luke just pouted and said "no i am but it's boring down there when we can do fun stuff up here like watch a movie or play video games" 

"yeah my bed is much funner than yours, it's only 8 o'clock we can call my neighbor and ask if she wants to watch a movie with us, if you wan't to, i know she wants to meet you, she thinks you are hot by the way" Ashton rambled and Luke didn't even look shocked or anything "i will only witch a movie with you and her if i can sit next to you" Luke said stubbornly with crossed arms over his chest. "All right prince Luke, as you wish" Ashton didn't even get his phone he just went over to the window opened it and yelled at Julias window "Julia! Get your ass over here we are gonna watch a movie with Luke!!"

It wasn't long till the door to his bedroom flung open and Julia came in out of breath and exhausted "hello guys, you having sex yet?" she asked casually "why does everyone think that we are gonna have sex?" Ashton and Luke said at the same time and Julia started laughing who meow than me thinks that "our moms" Luke said with a sigh" 

"Anyway can we watch a movie now? You guys can choose" Ashton said being tired of the sex talk cause he wasn't going to have sex with anyone. at leat not right now

"all right i wanna watch mean girl cause that my favorite movie" Luke said and Julia laughed at him like it was a joke but after seeing likes face she knew he was serious

"well mean girls it is" Ashton said and put it on the tv and plopped himself down in the middle "oh boy i always sit in the middle that my spot" Julia Complained 

"well sad life Luke won't watch the movie unless i sit here" 

"Am I that disgusting?" no answer "fine" she sat down beside Ashton and started the movie 

All through the movie Luke was laughing a giggle that Ashton thought was really cute and stared at him a lot and getting caught once or twice but Luke just smiled at him and went back to watching the movie. Ashton had seen the movie man times and was bored and really sleepy he considered leaning on Julia but she would push him off so his head fell to the other side where Luke was. Luke froze for a second but relaxed at the sound of Ashton's light snoring, he looked over at Julia who was half asleep half watching the movie so he lightly ran his hand through Ashton's curly hair and gained a satisfactory sigh from Ashton who nuzzled his hed into his shoulder. 


Ashton woke up that morning in someones arms and oh how it was comfortable in those arms. He never wanted to get up but when he realized it was Luke arms he was fast to get up, but not so he waked him. He went downstairs were Julia was in the kitchen with mama Irwin and Liz, Probably talking about Luke and Ashton.

"What are you guys whispering about?" Ashton asked wanting to be a part of it

"Lashton" they all said at the same time and Ashton was confused and was about to say something when Luke comes in and asks "what in the world is a Lashton?"

no answer they all just started laughing Luke was very confused but Ashton quickly put the pieces together "you guys are too much" Ashton said and stomped up the stairs back to his room, he was about to close the door when Luke back in "what is a Lashton?" he asked again and Ashton just sighed being awkward with it "Lashton, L Ashton you get it yet?" 

"ohhh ship name, all the girl at my school does it with harry styles and Louis Tomlinson" Luke said not feeling awkward about being shipped with Ashton 

"well yeah Larry is everything" Ashton laughed shipping them himself

"Anyway what do you wanna do today?" Luke asked being excited for being on the country side instead og the city .

"Do you know how to ride? We can take the horses out on a ride to the forest" Ashton Asked Luke hoping he would say yes 

"i do not know how to ride, and i think my legs are too long for those small horses" 

"thats no problem at all, you can just ride one of the big ones, they are more easy going than the smaller ones anyway"

"yeah okay we can go for a ride then" 

"I'm going to find some riding pants you can fit in, i think i have a pair that is long on me" Ashton said and went in his horse side og the clothes witch was the large part, he found a pair and threw them at Luke who went to the bathroom to change.

"my ass looks great in these pants" Luke said while walking out of the bathroom like catwalk model and showing his booty off at the end of his walk. 

"okay mr. ShowMyAssOff lets get going"


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