What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


13. T W E L V E

"I don't wanna" Ashton whined

"Ashton, come on, stop being so stubborn, it's just breakfast" Luke sighed at the boy in front of him, laying on the bed, not wanting to go downstairs.

"If i wore makeup it would be so much easier to hide these bad boys" Ashton said, pointing to the hickeys on his neck, and reluctantly got up from the bed "I don't even have a shirt that can hide it" 

They were dark and fresh, Luke was proud of them, so he didn't see a problem.

"Ashton quit the whining, it's just hickeys" Luke was getting em patient with the older boy

"Fine, let me just wear tank top so they can see them all" Ashton said stubbornly 

"That's not what i meant" Luke sighed again "put on a shirt and let's go eat" 


As they went down stairs, Ashton decided to act like nothing happened, and he wished that nobody would comment on it, but he has an annoying family who sticks their noses in everything. 

"Finally we can eat"  Lauren grumbled, she was always pissed off before she got her breakfast.

They all sat down and Ashton sat beside Luke like always. "Honey, please tell me why your neck is a fucking mess" Anne asked her son casually, looking at him and waiting for an answer.

"Why are you looking at me, i wasn't the one who made them" Ashton said and looked at Luke who's face turned red, he thought he was confident about it, but when all attention was in him, he wasn't. 

Soon the younger ones at the table began laughing at Luke's expression "Your face just made my day bro" Ben snickered.

"It's still weird to think about, that you made those on my brother" Lauren said and scrunched up her nose, sneakily pulling her phone up from under the table "Smile Ash" He turned his head in confusion and he heard the camera go off.

"Lauren, you know if you send that, Julia will be here in 0.2 seconds screaming at me for no reason" Ashton said and tried to grab her phone over the table, but failed.

"She won't yell at you" Lauren said "She just overreacts most of the time, but i think she is cool with everything now" 

There didn't go long before Julia came in the door, went to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and sat down on an empty chair, she took a lot of food on her plate "who are the new guys, they look like older versions of Luke" she said and pointed to the young blond boy "speaking of Luke, are you like a suckermouth catfish thingy, cause it looks like you tried to eat the poor boy" she was so casual, Ben and Jack was dying of laughter, even though  they didn't know who she was they already loved her. 

"Why is Luke and I always the conversation subject?" Ashton groaned and placed his hand on top of his hickeys. 

"Because... Otp"  Lauren said in a 'duh' tone, all females in the room nodding in agreement. 

The conversation died down after that, and everyone was having their own, Julia was talking to Ben and Jack, trying to get some dirt like always. Luke and Ashton was whispering for themselves about Christmas. 

"Ashton we are going Christmas shopping today, so go up and get dressed in something more presentable than that, also you are driving to the mall" Julia said and looked at the boy who stared at her "But Julia, it's like an hour drive, can't we just go to the town,  there are small shops there, I don't even need to go to the mall, go with Jasmin or Michael" Ashton just needed to go down to the town and get his present for Luke, since he got all the other presents the month before. 

"Ash please, you suck at being a friend" Julia grumbled , not satisfied with his answer 

"No Julia, I already got all my presents last month, The last one on my list i can get in the town" 

the bickering went back and forth when Lauren was ready to make an awkward statement "Isn't it kinda awkward that Jack's age is closer to Ashton's than Luke" 

Everyone at the table started laughing except Ashton and Luke "Its one year Lauren, Ashton is two years older than me, and Jack is one year older than Ashton, no one cares about age these days" Luke said, it was kinda weirdly funny but he was the one who was gay and got Ashton.

"Well I'm not gay, so I'm not gonna steal ya man" Jack chuckled and ruffled his little brothers hair, witch caused Luke to grin, witch made Ashton smile fondly. 


Days went by and it was the day of the big Christmas dinner. Anne had decided to invite Julia and her family, Michael and Jasmin. She had planned on inviting Calum too, but he wouldn't be able to go back and forth before Christmas morning. 

Everyone was helping around in the kitchen Ben and Jack, they were playing football in the garden. Luke wasn't really helping much, he was sitting on a bar stool on the kitchen island and looking at Ashton helping. He was currently trying to follow a cookie recipe. 

"Luke please do something, you are just sitting there" Liz said 

"Fine ill do something" Luke answered her, but he had a whole another idea in his mind, he wasn't going to help, so he would bless the whole house with his voice, so he got up and started singing Lane boy by twenty one pilots and doing the dance around the kitchen. 

They say, "stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy"
But we go where we want to
They think this thing is a highway, highway
But will they be alive tomorrow?

"Luke please, what are you doing" Liz asked the boy who was dancing around the kitchen

They think this thing is a highway
If it was our way, we'd have a tempo change every other time change
'Cause our mind's changed on what we think is good
I wasn't raised in the hood
But I know a thing or two about pain and darkness
If it wasn't for this music I don't know how I would have fought this
Regardless, all these songs I'm hearing are so heartless
Don't trust a perfect person and don't trust a song that's flawless, honest
There's a few songs on this record that feel common
I'm in constant confrontation with what I want and what is poppin'
In the industry it seems to me that singles on the radio are currency
My creativity's only free when I'm playing shows


"What do you expect You told him to do 'something' so he started singing" Andrew answered her, Luke was out of contact reach, still dancing and singing round like a maniac, but Ashton enjoyed it 

They say, "stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy"
But we go where we want to
They think this thing is a highway, highway
But will they be alive tomorrow?
They be alive tomorrow?


I'm sorry if that question I asked last
Scared you a bit like a hazmat, in a gas mask if you ask jack
He's my brother, he likes when I rap fast
But let's backtrack
Back to this
Who would you live and die for on that list?
But the problem is, there's another list that exists
And no one really wants to think about this
Forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity, my morality
If you get in between someone I love and me
You're gonna feel the heat of my cavalry
All these songs I'm hearing are so heartless
Don't trust a perfect person and don't trust a song that's flawless


"Babe you can stop now, before my mom whip out her spatula" Ashton grabbed Luke and pushed him down on the chair again "Also you sang it wrong, its Zack not Jack" he chuckled at him 

"I know it's Zack, but since My brother is Jack I always sing Jack" Luke smiled up at him, spinning the chair towards Ashton and spreading his legs so he could pull Ashton between them. Ashton just smiled at the goofy boy in front of him. 

"At least it isn't Ashton going crazy and singing Little Mix" Lauren laughed from the fridge were she was trying to find something to eat. 

"Lauren some things are meant to be secrets" Ashton groaned and hid his face in the crook of Luke's neck "Oh honeey, we need to duet on a Little Mix song, cause queens" Luke said In a feminine voice, he started thinking of a good one. He wasn't even gonna wait for Ashton's answer:

All the girls on the block knocking at my door
Wanna know what it is make the boys want more

Ashton just glared at him, he didn't believe he had a good voice 

"Come on Ash you are great" Lauren motivated him.

Is your lover playing on your side?
Said he loves you
But he ain't got time
Here's the answer
Come and get it
At a knocked down price

Luke was pleased, and continued on;

HeyFull of honey
Just to make him sweet
Crystal balling
Just to help him see
What he's been missing
So come and get it
While you've still got time
HeyGet your boy on his knees
And repeat after me, say


They sang the chorus at the same time, and got up and danced around the kitchen  

Take a sip of my secret potion
I'll make you fall in love
For a spell that can't be broken
One drop should be enough
Boy, you belong to me
I got the recipe
And it's called black magic
And it's called black magic

They ended up making everyone laugh instead of getting annoyed.

"You guys should try and harmonize, cause even when you didn't try it sounded really nice" Liz said sweetly, looking at the exhausted boys now laying on the floor and laughing. 

"Ha, Nice joke Liz, Luke sounds amazing and I'm a dying cat" Ashton laughed 

"You are great yourself Ashton, you can't compare yourself to queen Perrie since she has some sick vocals" Luke said and rolled on top of Ashton, causing him to groan out load at the weight on top of him. 

"Move away from the floor guys will ya" Anne asked lightly kicking them with er foot.

Hey, get your back off the wall
Don't you get comfortable
Looking so hot
I think that I might fall
Feeling like it's my birthday
Like Christmas day came early
Just what I want
So when we move
You move

Luke sang after Anne as she walked out of the kitchen. Ashton could feel Luke was gonna sing the rest of the day, since he had already sung 3 songs in the past half hour. 

Ashton pecked Luke's lips and pushed him off of him "I'm not gonna be the reason my mom gets in a pissy mood, so lets help" He sighed and helped Luke up from the floor. 


"Wow, what happened to your neck bro" Michael Asked as he first laid his eyes on Ashton later that day. 

"They were supposed to fade before Christmas, but Luke thought it would be funny to renew them" Ashton answered and looked over at Luke who was just smiling like the cutie he was.

"You were the one who let him do it" Michael chuckled 

"Yeah, but I'm just a horny teenager, so how am I supposed to be able to stop him" Ashton shot back. 

"You guys need to have sex" Jasmin said from behind Michael as she came in the door, not saying hi, just going straight for the couch and laid down beside Julia. 

"well hello to you too Jasmin, its good to see you again" Ashton yelled after her 

"She likes me better" Julia stuck her tongue out to Ashton 

"You can have her" he shot back witch caused Jasmin to gasp at him 

"How could you just give me to Julia, she sticks her nose in everything, and claims she needs to know everything " Jasmin said and crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Are we talking about Julia, cause she is hella cool, she just walked in the door the other morning and called Luke a suckermouth fishy thing" Ben exclaimed as he and Jack entered the living room and sat down to join the group. 

"Yeah they think I'm cool, I'm gonna leave with them when they go home, since I'm not wanted" Julia said and looked over at the smirking guys, Ashton suspected they liked her, they obviously found her attractive by the way they were staring most of the time. But none of them would be able to handle her, she is a big mouthful.

"Julia, thats not what we meant, we love you just the way you are, but you are fucking bossy" Ashton said and patted her shoulder. 

"Says you mr. bossy bottom" Jasmin laughed and everyone laughed along besides Ashton "Im not bossy" he pouted 

"Just a little" Michael said 

"What even is this subject on" Jack asked, he was a little lost, not really knowing anything about gay stuff. 

"Bossy bottom?" Luke asked him with a raised eyebrow

"Yeah what is that supposed to mean?" he asked dumbfounded 

"Okay so straight couples, the guy is the dominant one. But since gays are both male, there has to be a dominant one... to top, Luke. And the submissive one... to bottom, Ashton" Jasmin explained, she was smart, and she had read a lot of Larry fan fiction.

"Yeah I think I got it now, I really don't wanna imagine my brother having sex, so lets change the subject, I can also see that it's making them uncomfortable" Jack said and looked at the two tomato faces. 

"Why a I always the center of attention" Ashton mumbled into Luke's shirt, he had sat down on top of him. Luke was sneaky and put his hands in Ashton back pockets, witch made the older boy giggle 

"You guys are whipped" Michael Laughed, but everyone in the room was really happy that they found someone to hold, someone to tell their secrets, someone to cuddle at night, someone to love, even if they didn't know it yet. Everyone could see it.  


"I would like to thank everyone for joining us tonight, it means a lot for our little family that we have a lot of good friends to celebrate with, Its been lovely to have the Hemmings stay here of so long, and we are going to miss you a lot when you leave when the holiday ends" Anne finished off, and everyone began eating the lovely food. 

"I want you to try this Luke, my mom makes it every year, it's really healthy and tastes delicious" Ashton said and cut a piece of vegetable pie for Luke who thanked him. Luke couldn't help but feel lucky, Ashton was thinking of how Luke's mindset worked with food, and chose healthy food for him. 

"This tastes so good Anne" Luke said politely to Anne and pointed to the pie on his plate. 

"Thank you! Im so happy you like it Luke" Anne smiled widely, and started talking to Liz and Louise, who was Julia mom. 

"I really can't eat more" Luke whispered, looking down the crust the pie.

"Will you at least some of these? I chopped them" Ashton grinned and handed him some chopped carrots "They are negative calories, you burn more calories by eating them than you get from them" He took one to feed him, trying to be cute, but ended up getting unpleased looks from most of the table.

"Guys, please eat normal" Anne sighed. 

The dinner went on normal for that, Ashton didn't stuff his face like he normally would to spare Luke the sight, he was nice like that. Luke leant over to whisper something to Ashton "Im not gonna wait till the morning to give you my present so you'll get it at midnight.

"But you have to wait till the morning cause I'm all for traditions" Ashton chuckled and leaned against the younger boy, already getting tired of all the people in his house. 

"Mom can we excuse ourselves, and go for a short walk?" Ashton asked his mom who just nodded at him, too caught up in a conversation to care.

Ashton got up from his chair, pulling at Luke to follow him. Outside they decided to go on the fields and see how the horses was doing. 

Saga  and Fjala was itching each other on the field and the others were just eating. 

"I will never get tired of watching them, they are just so peaceful most of the times" Ashton sighed and sat down on the grass, pulling Luke down with him "This is my life Luke, as much as i want to go into he city and study, go to collage and all that, I can't leave this, this is where I belong" looking up at Luke instead of the fields.

"I wouldn't expect you to come my way, I could never get myself to make you choose" Luke said and looked down at him too "lets just enjoy the time we have now" Luke wasn't gonna go all you emotional right now, he had his present for Ashton later that he knew would hit home. 

"Yeah, and If I ever decide to go to collage, I will come as close to you as possible" Ashton promised him, and climbed on his lap, Luke's hands automatically going around him. Ashton put his hand on either side of Luke's face connected his lips to Luke's and was just about to start kissing when he heard the camera go off, he froze in the position and sighed deeply. 

"Julia, go away, not now" He grumbled and pushed Luke down on the ground and connecting their lips again. Kissing him passionately, grinding his hips down, not caring that they were in a field and Julia possibly watching them.

"You're turning me on so bad right now, you bossy bottom" Luke panted, Ashton went down to Luke's neck, it was time for Luke to have a hickey party. 

Ashton was sucking, and biting on Luke's skin that would definitely be bruised. He didn't go easy on him. 

"Boys! there is desert in 5 minutes, come inside again" Anne yelled from the door

"Shit" Ashton cursed and rolled off Luke to lay and catch his breath on the ground

"You are the one saying shit? You just ruined my neck, everyone will notice that didn't have them before and I will be like 'oh yeah I was just having a very heated makeup session with Ashton out on the field'" Luke grumbled, rubbing his face trying to not look so flushed. 

"It will be fine, come on" Ashton laughed and pulled the boy up with him.


"We have cookies and cake that that my kids have been making today, weren't busy doing other stuff" Anne chuckled towards Luke and Ashton, her eyes slightly widening at the sight of Luke's freshly bruised neck. Everyone seemed to see her expression and they all looked at Luke, a gasp from Liz and laughs from the end with the young people in. 

"You are the worst you too, it's crazy how you can't keep your hands off each other" Liz sighed and shaked her head. 

The two boys was blushing like crazy, but they were in it together, it was their thing to give each other hickeys, and they wouldn't stop just cause their family and friends was teasing them.



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