What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


4. T H R E E

"Why is this so ridiculously heavy" Luke asked as he carried out the saddle for the horse, Ashton convinced him that one of the small one would be fine, cause they can carry a lot of weight and Fjala isn't that small, she is quite a big Icelandic horse, Saga is only a little smaller. 

"Don't ask me i didn't make them, but please don't drop it these saddles are expensive" Ashton said in a quite a serious tone, and the saddles were not cheap. 

"I will never get this on her, it's so damn heavy" Luke complained a lot but Ashton coped with it

"Or maybe you're just weak, my sister can carry that saddle and put it on a horse" Ashton said sassily and laughed as the younger boy pouted for the millionth time. 

"Squeeze me, I don't have farmer arms like all of you" Luke huffed and went back to putting on the saddle witch he got on but didn't understand how it worked with girth and the stirrups. 

"why does the stirrups have to be so long anyway? i thought they would be shorter" Luke asked confused again

"first of all you have long ass legs and second of all its cause its different with these horses, you stirrups are longer to make it easier to tölt and pace"  

"what in the world is a tölt?" 

"It's a gait... "

"Well, how would i know i only know the three main ones and now you telling me there is 2 more? How do you even know the difference?"

"you can feel it, and see it when you look at others, its pretty easy to tell apart, tölt is comfortable and nice and Pace is a little more bumpy and uncomfortable" 

"All right mr. knowAllAboutHorses can we get to the fun part now?"

"yeah ill help you get up, put one foot in the stirrup.. no not that foot if you wanna end up sitting backwards, and just swing your leg over but gentle or you will scare her" 

Luke got up in the saddle, Ashton was surprised that he didn't fall down the other side. Ashton told him all about the basic stuff and gave him a knock on the helmet before getting on Saga and making the way towards the forest. 

"Can it go faster?" Luke asked already tired of just walking 

"yeah you can give her a little kick and make her trot" and thats what he did and there Luke was trotting down the trail bumping up and down 

"is.. this.. supposed.. to.. be.. comfortable..?" he yelled back at Ashton, He made Saga speed up a little to catch up with them but it wasn't enough cause soon enough something took over Fjala and she started galloping down the trail "Luke learn back and pull at the rein" Ashton yelled, he knew it was gonna end bad. 

He galloped as fast as he could to catch up to Fjala and Luke, rode in front of them to make them stop up again, Fjala did a little jump and Luke was on the ground

"Was that fast enough Prince Luke?" Ashton asked and laughed a little at him.

"Well not really.. i totally knew what I was doing, Fjala is a race horse and i am sure she is faster than your horse" Luke sounded so sure but he didn't know Ashton was very competitive when racing horses "the game is on, get back on and well race back, you don't have to know the way Fjala knows the way, you just have to stay on cause it not fun falling of while in high speed" Ashton said and handed Luke back Fjala's rein 

Luke was ready for the race, he was actually good at staying on the horse when galloping. "we are ready when you are" Luke challanged "on go, 3! 2! 1! go!" Ashton yelled and  Luke was fast to get Fjala to gallop fast but  Ashton was quick to get Saga to outpace him on full speed. Luke didn't realize some horses are faster than other like humans and really thought he could win, but Saga was the fastest and was the winner of todays race.

"congrats Ash, even though your horse is smaller she is aa fast bean" Luke had a big smile planted on his face, he really liked the feeling of racing with Ashton. 



"Did you guys have fun?" Liz asked the boys when they came into the kitchen were the moms were making lunch. 

"Yeah it was fun, i fell of in the forest but then we raced back and i was close to winning but Saga was faster than Fjala" Luke said excitedly and sat down 

"you should both take a shower" mama Irwin said from the other end of the kitchen "you can invite your friends over after lunch if you want, you will fit in great Luke" 

"all right, i will text them after i have showered" Ashton said and went up stairs with Luke "you can use the guest shower, its connected to the guest room" 

Luke left and Ashton went to find something to wear, he found some black skinny jeans and a band t-shirt and went to take a shower in his own bathroom

He washed his hair with strawberry shampoo and was done quickly, he hated long showers and spilling water when he was already clean. when he came out He could hear the water running from the other room and figured Luke was one who showered for a long time. he laid down on his bed and texted his friends in the group chat 


Ashton: you guys wanna come over later, Luke and I are bored :))

Micheal: sure man, i wanna meet your boyfriend ;-)))

Jasmin: Wait are you guys dating? That was fast.

Ashton: no were not dating... what did Julia tell you?

Julia: hey I'm here you know, and i didn't say much

Michael: much? lol ahaha what a lie, you told me they were all over each other last night while you were there

Ashton: come on Julia that did not happen, i know you wanted it to happen but it didn't

Jasmin: you lyin' hoe Julia, not cool girl

Michael: you serious Julia? i was excited to tease them about it 

Julia: I'm sorry i just want some gay action, I'm a teenage girl what do you expect?

Ashton: it's all right Julia I will tell you when i get gay action 

Julia: whoop whoop 

Ashton: i'm gonna go eat lunch now, see ya later guys 

Ashton was finishing writing the message when Luke came back in the room with tight black skinny jeans a band shirt, what a coincidence  Ashton thought. Luke stopped in his tracks looked down at himself and then at Ashton "guess we are twinning the rest of the day" Luke chuckled and got his phone out and sat next to Ashton "who are you texting" he asked

"Group chat with my friends, they are just as annoying as everyone else" Ashton said and smiled a little cause he has 3 dorks of friends but he loves them. 

"Do they wanna know if we are having sex?" Luke asked with a raised eyebrow at Ashton 

"yes they do and Julia told them lies so they actually thought we were having sex" 

Luke was laughing hysterically and Ashton joined him cause it was quite funny and it was weird that they didn't find it awkward that everyone thought they had sex, but they thought it was funny, there was no time for being awkward right now anyway, they were getting along really well and were fast to become good friends.

"Boys get you asses down her and eat with us!" Mama Irwin yelled and for the second time cause non of the boys heard her the first time

"We better get down stairs before she gets mad"  Ashton said, he didn't want his mom mad at them. 

Downstairs everyone was already at the table and waiting for them "why are you guys so red in your faces? What did you do?" Liz asked them chuckling at them "Ashton friends are perverts and thought we were doing something dirty" Luke said and started laughing again and Ashton joining him "wait you aren't doing something dirty? Julia said you were? Lauren asked and Ashton face palmed "I will kick her ass, no we are not doing anything dirty" Ashton sighed and took a some food on his plate.

"Yet" mama Irwin whispered to Liz, Ashton could clearly hear her and rolled his eyes at them. 

"You guys are so annoying why can't you just let us be, you can clearly see that it's annoying Ashton" Luke said also quite annoyed now, he thought it was funny to begin with, but just keeping repeating the same joke makes it lame. 

"Im sorry boys, we will stop" Liz said almost truthfully she knew they would still gossip about it when they were alone but the boys didn't need took that.


"The rest of the squad is here!" Michael yelled in the front door for the whole house t hear him 

"Michael shut up or will kick your ass" mama Irwin warned him, she loved all Ashton's friends but Michael could be really annoying and loud. 

They all went up to find Luke and Ashton asleep on Ashton's bed, Luke's head was on Ashton's stomach and they were both snoring quietly "aw hope adorable I'm gonna take a picture" Julia said and got her phone out, after she had taken the picture Michael jumped on the bed and yelled "the king is here! Wake the fuck up sleepy heads!" 

only Luke woke up and hit Michaels leg "shhh boy we are sleeping" he said and went to koala hug Ashton for comfort but michael started jumping on the bed to make it impossible to sleep on it Ashton groaned and got out of Luke's grasp and tackled Michael down from the bed and down on Luke's madras "I give up, aaaah! stop tickling me or I'm gonna kick you in your balls" and with that Ashton just let completely go

"Aww look at that boy, he is adorable the he is sleeping" Jasmin said and they all turned their attention to Luke who was hugging all of Ashton pillows to replace Ashton "I'm not sleeping cause you are too damn loud" Luke mumbled into the pillows.

"you gotta get up"Ashton said and before Luke could even say anything Ashton jumped on him, then Michael on top of Ashton and the girls on top of him 

"if you don't want to break me you should probably get of me" Luke said out of breath and everyone got of him except Ashton, he was koala hugging Luke and didn't want to let go "you too Ash" he eventually got up with a pout on his lips.

"Anyway why are you wearing matching clothes?" Michael asked as he got a real look at both boys they just looked at each other and shrugged. 

"it was a coincidence" Ashton spoke up "after we had showered we were wearing almost the same clothes" he didn't realize what he said could be misunderstood but when they all started laughing except little innocent Luke he realized they thought they showered together

 "You guys a re too much, just like our moms, it's getting old you know" Ashton was tired of the joke now he has laughed enough at it and now he is done with it.

"I'm sorry if it bothers you so much well stop" Jasmin said and meaning it, they didn't mean to piss him off, and after lunch it just pissed him off a lot more.


After chilling in Ashton's room for while playing some video games Julia started laughing at her phone, she showed the screen to Jasmin and they started laughing even more 

"What is so funny, show me!" 

"I remember taking this! you look like a Lesbian farmer" Julia laughed even more when she saw Ashton cringing at the photo 

"Well you are a gay farmer anyway" Michael laughed but didn't realize that Luke didn't know Ashton was gay and he was afraid that Luke would stop being friends with him now and ignore him the rest of the summer holiday 

"I didn't know you were gay, is that why your mom is teasing you about having sex with me?" Luke smiled at him with no judgement at all, Ashton was happy that Luke didn't hate him

"Yeah i guess, I'm glad you don't hate me" he gave him a little smile 

"Are you serious? Did you think I would hate you if I found out you were gay? There is no way I could hate you just cause of your sexuality, and if were on it I'm openly gay, I'm surprised your mom didn't tell you those women gossip a hell of a lot, I bet they tell each other everything" Luke was rambling again, but it was cute, he was like a little kid getting lost in his sentences

Ashton was just looking at him and smiling.

Lauren stuck her head in the door "Are you serious Luke? Are you gay? Why are all the hot ones gay?" everyone laughed at her, Ashton figured she had a baby crush on him.

"This is great now we can get some gay action!!!" Julia yelled so the whole damn house could hear her, she was doing a happy dance on the bed started twerking a little and giving it all she had 

"Julia can you stop being gay obsessed please"  Ashton asked her, she didn't act on the question she just kept dancing and shaking her ass Jasmin joined her on the bed, she was a lot better at shaking her butt than Julia 

"did anyone say there was gay action" mama Irwin yelled and the two moms stormed in the door "i heard gay action but this looks a lot more like lesbian action" Liz laughed 

"Well those guys found out they were both gay, and I was happy cause I hoped I could get some gay action but they refuse to have face sex in front of me or any kind of gay action, they are boring and just want to sleep and cuddle" Julia explained and got a little carried away.

"Are you guys cuddling? Since when are you guys cuddling? Why did nobody tell us they were cuddling?" Liz asked serious looking back and fort at all the people.

"we are not cuddling, and if we were it wouldn't be any of your business anyway" Luke said sassily back at his mom but she gave him a look "okay we cuddled once and was koala hugging this afternoon, can you stop giving me that look it creeps me out" 

"We'll leave you guys alone now, you guys have to go home before it gets dark" Mama Irwin said and the moms left the room. 

"Your moms are awful, they just wanna know anything just like Julia and Jasmin, gossip whores" Michael said and smirked at them 

"And that comes from you mr. TellMeAll, you wanna know everything, you can be a gossip whore yourself Clifford"

"This is getting weird, you should probably go home I'm tired and would like a nap before dinner" Ashton gaped and they all nodded their heads all ready to go home.

"See ya guys, it was nice to meet you Luke" Jasmin smiled at them and they all left out of Ashton room not needing to get followed to the door. 

Ashton jumped on his bed already so sleepy, he padded the spot beside him and waited for Luke to lay beside him, Luke wasn't really tired he put his arm around Ashton and that made Ashton nuzzle his head in Luke's shirt. 

Luke was just playing with Ashton's curly hair that he liked so much, Ashton rarely styled it and it was almost always tangled. After a while of doing that Luke got sleepy himself and cuddled himself into Ashton and tried to get a nap himself. 


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