What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


7. S I X

Luke was so fascinated by Ashton riding that he was watching every time he was training in awe, he thought Ashton looked amazing on Shadow, He looked good on Saga but she was small, on Shadow he looked fantastic. Shadow was a big gelding, he was a black Arabian, they looked majestic together and Luke was sure they would win it all cause Ashton was amazing at jumping when he just got back into it.

"You are doing amazing honey" mama Irwin yelled "wait till they get dressed up for the competition, if you think that is good, you are gonna love the competition" she said to Luke who was standing next to her. 

"I can't wait, and I can't believe its tomorrow. It's already been a week of hard training for him" Luke said, the time flew by in seconds. Luke was really excited to see Ashton compete and being all dressed up for it. 

When Ashton was done with his training he jumped of the horse and walked over to Luke "you wanna try and sit on a pro horse?" Ashton asked him, He wasn't gonna let go of the horse, Luke would never be able to keep control over shadow after only having rode Fjala a couple times

"I mean I would ruin him or something, but I could try" Luke said unsure, Shadow was a lot more to handle than Fjala "but don't you dare let go" he said sternly 

"I promise i won't let go, just get up" Ashton said

Luke got up on Shadow who was pretty tall, Ashton just walked around the riding ground with him, also to get shadow to calm down a little after the hard work 

"Hold on tight babe" Ashton said out of nowhere but Luke got the warning and squeezed with his legs to stay on, Ashton started running and Shadow started trotting, Ashton ran for a jump and Shadow jumped easily over the small one and Luke was happy he got to try it. 

"That was fun, I see why you enjoy it so much"  Luke said,  smiled down at Ashton and got down from shadow 

"Yeah Shadow is a fantastic jumper, and he has an amazing personality, but Saga will always be my number one even if she is a bit sometimes" Ashton laughed and looked over at Saga who seemed pissed that Ashton was riding Shadow. She was a one man horse and didn't like sharing Ashton with other horses. 

"Well Saga looks pissed so maybe you should take her for a ride" Luke said and laughed a little "I don't think she likes Shadow or me for that sake" he said a little more serious

"Why wouldn't she like you?" Ashton asked genuinely confused, He didn't see why she would hate Luke

"Its obvious, every time you are training on Shadow she stands over there looking pissed, she doesn't want to share you with Shadow or me" Luke said "Cause she is selfish!" he said a little louder for Saga to hear him, Ashton just laughed at him and went over to Saga 

"You are fine with Luke right girl? None of them are taking me away from you, I promise" he said and hugged her neck, not being able to kiss her cause it was rare she let him do that. She wasn't the kissing type and Ashton was fine with it, If she didn't like it he wouldn't make her.


Competition was getting closer, Ashton had got really early up to take care of the animals, get shadow ready and himself, He was only a little nervous, only because it had been several years since he had competed. He wanted to show all those girls from school what he could do, since they don't believe him when he says he was a good rider. It's not like he is bragging, Its cause he is standing up for himself. They call him out for being 'all talk'. Not all of the girls were mean to him, some thought it was cute he enjoyed riding. 

Ashton was back in his room getting ready in front of his mirror when he caught Luke staring at him through the mirror "How the fuck are you able to get up so early?" Luke asked, Ashton turned around to look at Luke "I don't know actually, its just an everyday thing for me so it has become a habit of mine" He smiled him "What do you think, my mom got it for me a couple a weeks ago without me knowing, she had this planned, sneaky woman"  

"I think you look fantastic mr. Irwin, you could win just by showing up like that" Luke winked at him, he is such a flirt sometimes. 

Ashton blushed a little at his words "how look is only a small part of it" He said and went over to the bed and sat down beside Luke who was snapchatting someone, Ashton had the app but he didn't use it often, maybe to send stupid pictures to his friends here and there. 

"Who are you snapping?" Ashton asked and popped his head in the picture with a stupid face, Luke chuckled at him but took the picture "My best friends Calum, he's clingy and misses me, he says he will go insane if he doesn't see me soon, but I can't leave from here so thats that" Luke sighed, Ashton could see Luke also missed Calum a lot, He listened to some dorky stories from when Luke and Calum was just kids and doing stupid things that got them in a lot of trouble. 

"You know, Calum sounds like a really cool guy, He's lucky to have you as his best friends" Ashton said sweetly and kissed him on the cheek, got up to the mirror again. He put his hair in a little bun, it had gotten really long over the last few months so now he could have a man bun. "we should probably get going soon, you need to get ready, see ya down stairs" he said and left the room to go downstairs. 

"Would you look at that Liz, see that is what a real winner looks like" mama Irwin said excitedly she went over to Ashton and gave him a big hug and kissed his forehead, Ashton just laughed a little and went into the kitchen to get an apple. 

"Luke is getting ready, we can get going when he is ready" Ashton said loud from the kitchen so they could hear him. Ashton was the planner of the family, he was good at timing things, and it annoyed him when people was slow when he knew it could go a little faster. Some people were generally slow, and Luke was one of those people, but Ashton was coping with it. 

"Luke you are so god damn slow, are you ready? we need to load the horses and get going" Liz yelled up the stairs to get Luke to hurry up, at least Ashton didn't have to do it he thought to himself with a smirk playing on his face, he hated yelling at people but sometimes it just snapped or him, and it could get a little out of hand what he said. It wasn't his fault he had a little temper, but he was able to control it. 

Luke came running down the stairs and did jazz arms at the bottom "I am finally ready" he laughed, Ashton thought he looked great, he had black skinny jeans on, as always, even though it was summer outside with a Nirvana tank top and his old worn out black converse, his hair was perfectly quiffed, it was quit tall since his hair was getting long. 

"You look hot" Lauren said casually from the couch, she was dressed up as well cause she was competing too, but on one of the ponies called Starlight. The family had a lot of horses, buts that what they did, they bred and trained horses, But they also sold a lot. Anne didn't have a job, her job was breeding horses and training them, sometimes she was teaching kids how to ride to get a little extra money.

Ashton was shooting daggers at Lauren and missed the smirk on Luke face. They all got up and ready to leave "you two go and get your horses, Harry, Luke you go wait in the car so we don't forget you" Mama Irwin said, not to be mean, but cause those two boys could be confused and had an attention span of a squirrel, if they found something interesting they would be gone in 5 seconds. 

Starlight and Shadow was easy to load and ready to go, they were lucky the family car had 8 seats, or they wouldn't have been able to be in just one car. Ashton sat on the window seat with Luke beside him and then Lauren, Harry was behind them and playing on his Nintendo. He was just staring out the window to get his mind together and trying to block out everyone in the car witch was hard since Luke obviously wanted his attention "not to be mean or anything but can you guys just shut up I'm trying to concentrate, and it's really hard when everyone has their own conversation in this car" Ashton grumbled, everyone shut up and found something to do for themselves. Luke sat and looked guilty, he didn't know what it felt like to go and compete, Ashton saw that and grabbed his hand witch made Luke smile so bright it looked like he just got a puppy for Christmas. 

After ten more minutes of driving they were there and getting the horses ready. Starlight had a blue theme and Shadow had red. Luke was walking around and looking at the different things and horses. He felt really out of place cause everyone was fancy dressed up in their competition clothes and Luke was just punking around in his all black clothes. He felt stared at and judged so he went back to find Harry cause he was his buddy right now, he wasn't going to compete so he guessed they could hang out a little. 

"Hey buddy, you and i need to stick together cause everyone here is judging the hell outa me cause I'm not 'horsey looking'" He said and looked down at the 10 year old boy who was lot smaller than him since Luke was a giant. 

"Yeah okay, we should just go and find a good place to sit, with a good view" Harry suggested, Luke just nodded and they went along to find a good place to sit. They found some great ones on 5th row, it wasn't to close and wasn't to far way. Perfect view over it all.


Ashton was not only freaking out a little but the girls from his school was coming his way and he didn't want to deal with it "so Ashton, what are you doing here, this is a high class competition not pony games, where is that pony you keep calling a horse? Saga? Isn't that her name?" one of them said, and laughing with her friend at what she said "Oh Saga? Yeah she is at home where she belongs. She isn't a competition horse. I'm here with Shadow, my Arabian Gelding" He said cheekily and pointed at the beautiful horse that was tied up beside Starlight "He is good looking,  it's a shame you are riding him, pony boy" they laughed and turned around to leave with he last word but Lauren came along and yelled at them "at least he is not so full of himself to care for his horses, yeah it's so nice to be ale to sleep that extra 2 hours when your parents take care of the horses for you" she seemed so mad and Ashton was surprised by her outbreak.

The girls flipped them off and kept walking away, not even bothering to keep arguing "Lauren what was that? I didn't know you could flip out like that" Ashton chuckled at her and gave her a hug "I don't know, I'm just so tired of hearing you being picked on all the time, It breaks my little sister heart, Cause you are my brother and i look up to you, you don't deserve it all" She mumbled into Ashton's chest being a lot smaller than him, Ashton let a little tear run down his chin cause it was rare to have moments like this for him and it meant a lot to him

 "I'm sorry I can't be that cool brother Lauren, Im weak and let people pick on me" Ashton said weakly and he felt Lauren tighten her grip on him before pulling away to look him in the eye "You are a cool brother, you are a fucking great rider and take a lot of responsibility everyday, it's not your fault that people around you are some assholes that don't know when to shut up, they don't have anything better to do, so they pick on you cause you are different. You should never be ashamed og that though" she said seriously, tired of peoples bullshit 

"Thank you sis, I love you, don't be a wimp like me and ever let people pick on you" Ashton said and kissed his sisters forehead and motioned for them to get going.


Luke was over excited to see people ride, there was a lot of different classes and levels and all that and look a lot of time, Ashton's class was the next one. Lauren had done an amazing round on Starlight in her class, Luke was sure she would win cause she was definitely the best in his mind. Luke was in his own mind when someone was called and a bright red horse with a girl on its back rode in on the riding ground and ready to give it her best shot. He saw that she was giving someone a look and he looked in the direction her eyes were, there sat Ashton who looked pissed off. 

Luke usually nice but he secretly flipped her of, Harry noticed and laughed him. Luke didn't really pay attention other than she tore down a jump and received 4 fails. Luke was confused to why she got four when she only tore down one. The other riders were doing pretty good in Luke's mind. He was like a hypnotized boy when Ashton was called and he rode out, He trotted around a little before twitching easily to canter and  going over the jumps like child food, Shadow was looking really good under Ashton, Ashton looked concentrated as he controlled Shadow around the ground and maybe it turned Luke on a little but nobody had to know that

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