What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


8. S E V E N

(can be triggering at the end. idk what triggers, but I'm just telling ya now) 

"And the winner of this years summer cup, horse class is... Ashton Irwin and Shadow" one of the judges announced and Luke never cheered so loud in his whole life. Ashton looked at the ground embarrassed of the loud boy in the crowd. 

Ashton got his rosette and shook hands with all the judge, bowing and went of get his picture taken with Shadow. 

"Im so proud of you my little boy, i knew you would win cause it runs in the blood to be a champ" Anne said out load and ran to hug her son, Ashton hugged her back tightly. Without her he wouldn't have  been able to go. 

Ashton hugged all of them and when it was Luke's turn, he ran towards him and yelled"Catch mee!" before jumping in his arms and slung his legs around. Luke was fast to grasp him so he didn't fall. 

Ashton may be two years older than Luke, but he was just a small bean. Luke was at almost a head taller than him. 

Ashton was enjoying the moment, he put his chin over Luke's shoulder and hugged him while still in his arms. Luke didn't even have to hold his legs up cause Ashton had a lot of thigh muscles and was kind of killing Luke with them but he didn't say anything to it, he just hugged Ashton tightly. 

Ashton heard someone clear their throat, he opened his eyes to see the two girls from earlier looking at the scene. He wiggled a little to let Luke know he was jumping off him, he just pouted but let go of him.

"So what do you want now?" Ashton sighed at them, they just rolled their eyes 

"We wanted to say congratulations, but we don't talk to fags so we'll just leave agin" one of them snickered and looked from Ashton to Luke disgusted. 

"What the fuck did you just call him?" Luke sneered and went all the up to her face, he was a lot taller than her so he looked down at her 

"Luke, leave it alone, it's not worth it come on"  Ashton said not wanting to deal with them again 

"No Ashton im not just gonna leave it alone" Luke said "You two should be ashamed of yourself, you are just jealous that he won and you weren't even close to beating him. learn some respect, you dont go and call people names, its rude and its gonna bite you in the ass some day" Luke scoffed and turned around to go to the car, leaving them speechless, he took Ashton's hand in his and speed walked towards the car were the family had all the things packed and was ready to go. 

When he was about to open the car door Ashton stopped him and turned him around "Hey don't be so mad, it's okay, it doesn't bother me anymore" he said and looked at the ground, Lying a little, it did bother him but he didn't want Luke to be pissed the rest of the day. 

"Ash, I'm not blind, I can see that it bothers you, It's not okay for them to call you names" Luke said and pulled him into a hug and kissed his forehead.


"So what are we gonna do for the rest of the afternoon" Liz Asked them all at the late lunch table, Ashton looked over at Luke and smirked "Im gonna give Luke a riding lesson"(ew that sound so dirty(it's not)) 

That sounds like a good idea, Luke could train some balance" Liz laughed with Ashton 

Luke was excited for the lesson, he wanted to learn some basics and have a good time with Ashton. 


"No Luke, I said stop at A not H" Ashton said loud for Luke to hear him

"Can I just give up? This is really fucking hard and this horse hates me, look at his ears, they are always turned back. He. Hates. me" Luke said and rubbed his head in frustration

"I think this is enough for today, and he doesn't hate you, he is just annoyed with having a noob on him" Ashton laughed and helped Luke down from the horse "maybe you should stick to your skateboard, or maybe become a model, you have the legs for it" He smirked. 

"I wouldn't be able to keep it up back in Sydney anyway" Luke sighed "Model sounds cool, you think I'm pretty enough?" he asked and blinked fast with his eyes to look adorable, and Ashton thought he very well succeeded.

"Yeah, you are decent looking" Ashton said casually but couldn't help but giggle, he thought Luke was gorgeous, he couldn't see why Luke liked him. But honestly Ashton was fucking hot in Luke's eyes.


The next day Luke woke up alone in Ashton's bed, He hadn't even been using the mattress he got, he had cuddling with Ashton all week even though they just met he felt a special connection to the boy. 

He heard a lot of talking downstairs so he decided to dress up before going downstairs. He wore black skinny jeans as usual and a 'YOU COMPLETE MEss' tank top, he cuddled his hair so it didn't look too messy and went down the stairs just the be greeted by his favorite kiwi boy.

"Luukeeyyy!" Calum yelled and tackled Luke to the ground to hug him "I missed you so much, Im all alone in Sydney and you are here on this dope farm thing that stinks but its fine and I've missed you" he railed on and on while hugging Luke tightly.

"All right Cal, I've missed you too bro" Luke smiled and patted his back

"I'm getting jealous over here" Ashton pouted and everyone chuckled at him but not Calum, he didn't know anything and he just looked around totally confused.

"You get hugs all the time" Luke laughed at him 

"Yeah well... but I want more" 

"All right, Cal get off me" Luke said and pushed Calum off not patient enough to wait for him to get off.

When Calum was off, get got up and went over to Ashton who was sitting on the back of the sofa, so he took the chance and pushed him so he fell back, and jumped on top of him to hug him.

"You guys are all over each other all the time i swear, oh Calum sweet summer child, i have stories for you" Lauren said and patted the spot beside her on the other couch

"So I think they made out in the barn or something ones cause they were all flustered when they came  back inside. I also busted them making out in the kitchen and that was a lot cause Julia was over here in matter of seconds. They were all cutely on the couch when we did movie night. And they were also hugging adorably after Summer Cup for like ten minutes or something" Lauren was rambling on about all of the stories and Calum seemed chocked but enjoyed getting filled in on everything. 

Luke was hiding his face in Ashton's neck out of embarrassment, you best friend should know things, but every detail is not necessary. "okay Lauren you can stop know or Luke is gonna end up dying of embarrassment" Ashton said and ran his hand through Luke hair.

"I don't even think we have even kissed after the traumatizing incident in the kitchen" Luke wondered out load "You guys are crazy here" he giggled and nuzzled his nose on Ashton's.

"How old are you Ashton?" Calum asked seriously all of a suddenly 

"18 why?" 

"are you gonna treat him well, cause if you don't i will kick your ass" 

"Yeah ill treat him well, why wouldn't I? he is one of the few people that likes me" Ashton said and tried to lighten the mood a little with his joke but Luke just looked at him sadly, he didn't think it was funny, he knew Ashton got bullied at school

"Don't look at me like that, I hate it, stop" Ashton whined and covered Luke's face with his hands

"Im sorry" Luke mumbled and licked on Ashton's large hands and earned a disgusted look from Ashton 

"You are so disgusting, you don't even know where my hands have been" Ashton said in scrunched up his nose.

"Nah I don't care" Luke laughed and got up and left the room.

"Wow it's so weird to see that side of Luke, he's never really liked anyone besides Louis Tomlinson and thats just an unrealistic love for a singer in a boyband" Calum said.

before Ashton could answer Lauren was faster "Wait Luke likes One Direction? i thought he was all emo bands, there another guilty pleasure for breadstick boy" 

"Well he likes some of the music but i think he just loves Louis"

"why would you tell them about my crush on Louis" Luke yelled from the kitchen

"Sorry bro" Calum yelled back 


At the dinner table the conversation was mostly with Calum and his life cause he was the guest, Luke didn't really pay attention, he knew all the answers and getting Ashton's attention boy putting his hands on his thigh. That surely got the older boys attention but he just placed his hand on top of Luke's and slides it down a little feeling it was a little to close to the danger zone

Luke was just eating his salat when Liz turned her attention to him "Honey, you have to eat more than just the salat, it's not enough" she sighed 

"But I'm not that hungry" Luke answered and removed his hand from Ashton's thigh when he felt his heartbeat go faster

"I don't care, you have to eat some more" she said sternly not wanting to discuss it. So Luke took some pieces of meat and stated eating them fast, he didn't see the concerned looks he got from Calum who sat opposite of him. 

After some time of Luke eating a lot of food actually he tried to excuse himself from the table but Liz said "No, you know the rules, they count here too" 

Ashton was beyond confused to all of this, but when he saw Luke's eyes turning glossy he got concerned. 

"I' sorry I just can't, Im sorry i have to" Luke said with a shaky voice and got up anyway and speed walked to the bathroom, everyone was silent when they hear the lock to the bathroom and Liz sighed and rubbed her face 

"It's okay Liz, It's not your fault" Calum tried to comfort her a little seeing she was upset about Luke leaving the table "yes Calum it is actually my fault, I said he should eat more-" and that all Ashton heard before he left the table too. 

He sat down against the door to the bathroom, he heard the gagging noises but he wasn't disgusted like most people would be, he was just sad, heartbroken that Luke would do that to himself. 

When everything got quiet in there and the toilet flushed he expected Luke to come out but he didn't. Instead he heard the quiet sobs, and he couldn't take it anymore so he knocked on the door and everything stopped "It's just me, open up Luke please" he said quietly. After a couple seconds the lock clicked and Ashton got up to open the door himself.

"Please don't hate me" Luke chocked out with a sob quietly 

"No sweetheart i could never hate you" Ashton buried and closed the door again and went over to hug Luke so tightly he could.

They just hugged for a couple minutes when Ashton pulled away and sat down in the dry bathtub but his legs swung over the edge, he patted the spot beside him for Luke to sit there. They just sat their in comfortable silence when Luke started talking.

"I did stop, I just relapsed cause of the over eating at dinner. I was diagnosed with Bulimia and anorexia when I was 13, I got bullied a lot when I was a kid, I got called fat everyday. I loved food too much to stop eating it at all even though I felt like it. I felt guilty every time I ate and I made myself throw it up time after time. Some periods of time iI didn't even eat, and that made me lie a lot to my family and Calum for that matter.                                                                                                       My mom found out after 8 months of hiding it, but she could see I was loosing a lot of weight. She took me to the doctor and yeah she was scared and went crazy with rules and schedules and made me see a therapist. Some days I still don't really feel like eating but I make myself eat a little cause Its necessary. This is the first time 6 months I've relapsed and I'm so sorry you had to witness it" Luke explained it all to Ashton who was crying at this point, It just broke his heart so much to hear that look had a hard time with the body that Ashton loves the way it is. 

"Im so sorry you had to go though all of that. While we are at the honest round i'll show you this" Ashton said and pulled his socks down to reveal all of the scars he had on his ankles "When i was 16 the bulling was really bad, when my friend wasn't around everyone at my school picked at me, telling me to kill myself, hang myself in the barn, called me a faggot. it started with me just itching my ankles from where the socks had been tight but then i scratched deeper and deeper until i was ruing my skin and it started bleeding and i wasn't crying cause it hurt i was crying from how good it felt to get a release. after a while the scratching wasn't enough and i started cutting. it got really bad at one point and i ended up doing it every day after school" Ashton told him 

 And at this point his hand was squeezing Luke's hand that had been in his the whole time so hard that his nails was digging in Luke's skin "Auch, you nails are in my skin Ash" Luke said quietly and Ashton let fully go of his hand to examine it "Oh no I'm so sorry Luke, I didn't even realize I was doing that" He said and kissed his hand. 

And that was how they ended up cuddling in the bathtub until Calum came in and thought they were having sex in the tub, how classic.


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