What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


1. Prolugue

Ashton is a 18 year old boy, he lives with his mom and 2 siblings on a farm 20 miles away from  Adelaide. There is a school for him a couple miles away were he bikes every day, most of the students in the school are from small towns, and Ashton isn't a popular guy. He gets teased for being a farmer and riding horses cause apparently they think it's "a girl thing" witch it's not at all  and a lot of competition riders are men.

 He doesn't let it get to him, he is proud of loving horses and waking up earlier to take care of them and go home to them everyday. 

The girls thinks its cute that he loves horses, but they care too much about how fine their horse is and how good it is and winning comepetitions witch Ashton doesn't like, he likes being in the free with his horses and not driving miles with them to compete with others. 

Ashton is closeted gay and doesn't want anyone to know except his family 


Luke is a 16 year old boy from Sydney, he lives with his parents and his two bothers. He lives close to the school and skate there everyday on his skateboard. Luke is known at the school but he doesn't play any sports cause he is too clumsy, it's a luck he can stay on his skateboard. The girls think he is hot and wants to be with him. 

 Luke doesn't like girls and is openly gay, everyone knows and nobody really cares, sometimes he gets called a fag or other bad words but he doesn't let it get to him cause he cant and won't change for them. 

He is a real city boy 

And Ashton is a real country boy 


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