What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


2. O N E


It was the last day of school for Ashton for junior year of high school, next year he would be a senior and then he can choose to do whatever he wants cause he knows his mom will support him no matter what. 

Ashton entered the school for the last time this semester and was really excited. The exams were overwith and this day was just for saying goodbye and giving books back. 

"Look where you are going fag" a guy named Dylan told Ashton and pushed him into the lockers like he does most days, Ashton tries to ignore it but it does hurt him, why is it a bad thing to be gay? And that is why he doesn't tell anyone he is gay, cause he is afraid of their reaction. 

He was so scared to tell his mom and started crying but she was so sweet and told him not to be ashamed and that there is nothing wrong with liking the same gender. His sister was happy about it cause apparently teenage girls love when guys are gay cause they think its cute, his little brother was fine with it and didn't really care, he was still the same Ashton to him.

After some more walking with a sore shoulder from the push he finally found his group of friends witch consisted of Michael, Julia and Jasmin. Julia was his neighbor and came over most days to go for a ride on the horses with Ashton, it was hard to get Michael and jasmin to join but there was days were they joined. They were all good at riding but Ashton and Julia was definitely the most passionate about it. 

"Do you guys wanna come to my place after school, we can chill or go for a ride?" Ashton asked his friends and hoping for the second option cause it's been a while since they have all been out riding together "i will do whatever you guys want im up for both" Julia answered while Jasmin and Michael shared a look that had so much conversation in it. "yeah we can go to your place, we will go for a ride if i get to ride Fjala" Jasmin said and Micheal nodded in agreement 

"Okay you can ride Fjala" Ashton chuckled at her, she only wants to join if she can ride Fjala, maybe its cause she only has 4 gaits witch is easier to work with than 5. 

Ashton's family breeds Icelandic horses, they are not so popular in Australia but they saved up enough money to get some transported from Iceland and some from New Zealand, they have other breeds but mainly Icelandic. 

His mom fell head over heels for the breed on a trip to Iceland, small fluffy horses with 5 gaits instead of 3. Some of the horses only have 4, it depends on the breed. Their colors are amazing and there is so many different ones. Ashton would like to have one of each color one day but that would be a lot of work and a lot of horses. 

the day was over in no time and they were headed home to Ashton, Michael has a car so they put Ashton's and Julia's bike in the trunk.

"mom im home with friends and we are gonna take 4 horses out" Ashton yelled in the house and waited for an answer 

"Lauren is already out there, can you take her with you? She really ants to go on the trail she is tired of her stubborn horse not wanting to go further than were our fields end" Mama Irwin answered and left for the kitchen again to continue preparing the dinner.

"fiiinneee" Ashton said and lead this friends out to the stables, found 4 halters and three one at each of his friends "go and find your horses" he laughed. he was happy that all of his friends wanted to ride with him, it was one of his favorite things in the world to share his hobby with his friends.


In the end of the day they were all back home on the Irwin farm and ready for dinner, nobody cared that they all smelled of horse, it was normal to smell like horse and weird to not smell like horse. 

"i have exciting news kids, now that its holiday i have invited my old friend Liz Hemmings and she will probably bring her son Luke along , i dont know about the older boys and her husband yet, she says they need some time away from the city" mama Irwin said while putting the rest of the food on the table 

"The hemmings? I haven't seen them since i was 8 or something, what was Luke then 6? He probably can't remember me anyway" Ashton answered not really remembering Luke himself but they wold probably not have anything in common. Ashton is a teased farm boy and Luke is probably a popular city kid who get all the girls

"Well he will after this summer when they come live here for the most of it they will also spend Christmas here" mama Irwin said, she looked so excited, Liz was her best friend for many years before Liz moved to Sydney with her husband. 

"Im happy for you mom, I know how much you've missed Liz and I will make the best out of it with this Luke guy I don't know a thing about other than he has fantastic mom" Ashton said and smiled over to his mom, he loved her a lot and knew this meant a lot to her.

After dinner the teenagers decided to go to Ashton's room and chill, they had a lot to talk about and plan what they should do for the summer "this Luke guy, do you think he is hot?" Jasmin asked out of nowhere "i dont know Jasmin i haven't seen him since we were kids, he was a pretty child, find him on facebook or something" Ashton said and 2 seconds after she had already found him and gaped 

"is he 16 with a lip piercing? and damn that face is gorgeous" 

"look at his legs they are so long! how is he only 16"  Julia said 

"He is actually kinda hot and that comes from me, im a straight guy" Micheal said, and yes he was straight at least what he knew of, but he has had a lot of girl friends through the years they have been friends. 

"let me see... oh wow that is a pretty face" Ashton said and yes Luke was gorgeous he had quaffed blond hair styles tall and perfect and his nose was also perfect and really cute. he had a lip piercing witch was really hot. They all looked at Ashton while he was staring at the picture of Luke.

"Stop drooling over him" Julia said and Ashton laughed at her comment, he wasn't going to fall for Luke, it was stupid to even think about it cause first of all he lives in Sydney and Ashton is almost certain he is straight.  

"Why would you drool over him anyway, are you gay?" Michael chuckled but Ashton didn't think it was funny at all he could feel the tears in his eyes and now he had 3 pairs of eyes on him "wait are you?" Julia asked in a serious tone and Ashton let the tears fall "please don't hate me" he whispered and hugged his knees to he's chest wishing for the best but expecting the worst.

"Ashton we could never ever hate you cause of your sexuality, that doesn't define you and that isn't why we are friends" Michael said and jumped over to Ashton to give him a ginormous hug soon both Julia and Jasmin joined in on the hug "we love you" jasmin said 

"always" Julia chimed in with 


I hope you are enjoying this, I don't really check for mistakes cause I'm lazy AF 

Peace out ponies 

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