What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


10. N I N E

pleaseChristmas was getting closer, and the rest of the Hemmings household would be coming for a couple of days. Calum had gone home after a 5 days stay. 

Everything was at peace at the moment on the farm. They were all having a good time in the yard; Harry was trying to get Lauren's attention, he wanted to show her some tricks with a ball. Anne and Liz was in the shade, protecting themselves from the heating sun. Luke was trying to tan his pale winter body on one of the sun beds, Since it was a hot summer day. Ashton was on the one next to him but got bored of tanning pretty fast, so he got up and laid himself on top of Luke. 

"Ashton, I'm trying to tan, get off" Luke sighed trying to sound annoyed, but Ashton was so cute when he wanted attention.

"Not until you hug me" Ashton giggled, Luke wrapped his arms around Ashton, honestly he could be in that position all day, but it would fuck up his tan line. 

Ashton sighed contently, cause that was all he needed; Good weather, happy family day in the yard, and Luke of course. 

Soon enough Ashton got bored of hugging and looked around to see what everyone was doing, they were all minding their own business. He took the chance and connected his lips with Luke's witch took the boy by surprise, but slowly started kissing him back.

"PDA!!" Lauren yelled "There are kids here" she pointed towards harry who just shrugged.

Ashton disconnected his lips from Luke's to look up at Lauren "Can you stop ruining the moment" He yelled to her "It's so god damn annoying" 

"You could kiss somewhere else" she yelled back 

He flipped her off and Kissed Luke again, Not caring that they had everyones attention at the moment.

Ashton got way too caught in the moment and started pulling a little on Luke's hair "If you keep doing that I'm gonna get hard" Luke mumbled against Ashton's lips. Ashton pulled away to look at him and giggled at him "You are so awkward"

"Im just being honest" Luke smirked and Ashton just put his head on Luke's chest, closing his eyes and just enjoying the moment. That was until ice cold water hit the two from water balloons and water guns, everyone had some kind of weapon except the two boys on the sun bed.

"Wtf! You guys really know how to ruin a moment. Can't you just let us be for one moment" This time it was Luke's turn to be annoyed, he held Ashton tight, not wanting to get up and defend himself. 

"It's because you are no fun" Harry said and threw a water ballon at the boys, the ballon hit Ashton back, witch caused the boy to get up and take the water gun out of his moms hands "You are dead boy" Ashton yelled while running after him and spraying him with water, he ran past Lauren and gave her a spray too.


Later evening Ashton was just laying in the yard looking up at the sky, not counting the stars cause that is impossible. He was enjoying the beauty of the sky full of stars, a Cloud covering some of them here and there.

He was just thinking, He never imagined a boy would ever like him, Certainly not a city boy from Sydney. The time was passing so fast and his feelings was growing every time Luke smiled at him. They hadn't known each other for a very long time but long enough for Ashton to know that he was a special boy that he wouldn't let go of easily.

"What are you thinking about?" a voice said from behind him, the voice belonged to his Little sister. 

He sat up "A lot of things, Life, Im dreading the day holiday ends and everything will go back to normal everyday. I really don't wanna go back to school" Ashton spoke, his voice cracking at the last sentence, he hated school. He had good grades and all that, but he hated going there.

Lauren sat down right beside him "I know, but you only have one year left, and then you can do whatever you want: Move to Sydney and go to collage to be close to Luke, stay here and train the horses, Train yourself and the horses and set goals for OL. You can do whatever you want Ash, you are smart and talented. You are the coolest brother you could ask for. I know you think you are weak, but you are the strongest person I know " Lauren gave him a long speech that made Ashton cry, he wrapped his arms around Lauren.

"Thank you Lauren, even though you can be annoying you are the best little sister I could ever ask for" 




"So i was thinking we could make a large dinner the 24th and invite Julia, Michael and Jasmin over" Anne suggested white scribbling things down in a note book.

"Andrew, Ben and Jack arrives on 22nd, so I Think that is a great idea, they will have some time to settle in, and then the big dinner" Liz said, she was excited to see her husband and two older sons again.

"Where are they going to sleep?" Luke asked "there is only one guest room, there can mom and dad be, but what about Jack and Ben" 

"Well, I was thinking either kicking Harry out of his room and they could be there, or another mattress on Ashton's floor, since you don't use it" Anne smirked and both the boys blushed.

"We will ask them when they arrive" Liz said 

"No please let them be in Harrys, they are gonna choose Ashton's just to annoy me" Luke whined, he knew as soon as the brothers saw the little affection Luke had towards Ashton, they would choose to be in the same room as them just to annoy him.

"Not discussing it, they are guests and they get to choose themselves" Anne said

"You just wanna be alone so you can frickle frackle" Lauren laughed

"No, it's not that, it's just weird to sleep in the bed with another boy when your brothers are keeping an eye on you" Luke cringed at the thought, he would hate to share room with them while cuddling Ashton, and they would go all over protective on him and ask Ashton a thousand questions.

"It's gonna be fine Luke" Ashton said and came up behind him, where he was sitting on the bar stool, kissed his shoulder and rapped his arms around him.

"They are gonna want to leave anyway" Ashton whispered seductively in Luke's ear and bit his earlobe. The comment made Luke shift awkwardly in his seat.

"Ew I heard that!" Lauren said disgusted, and moved her stool a little further away from Luke's

Both of the boys blushed again.

"Heard what Lauren?" Anne asked seriously, Ashton was staring at Lauren begging with eyes, to not tell their mom about the dirty comment.

"Ashton is just sexually frustrated" Lauren said casually, Her words made Luke Laugh out loud "You are not even better yourself Luke, everyone saw that hickey on Ashton's neck, I get all the feedback from Julia" she got close to Luke's ear "I hear you are loud" she began laughing at the way his face paled in embarrassment. 

"Lauren stop gossiping about Luke and I with Julia, will ya?" Ashton asked her, the two grownups were confused but decided to keep out of it, since that would just make everything worse

"Fine, by the way she told me to tell you she would come by sometime today" 

"All right, we will go and make-out on my bed now" Ashton said, pulling Luke out of the kitchen, up the stairs, into his room and closing the door after him. 

Something took over Ashton cause he never knew he could be like this, he pushed Luke down on the bed and the young boy was rather confused. Ashton climbed on top of him so he was straddling him, he leaned down and connected their lips, Luke kissing back eagerly and his hand finding their way down to Ashton's butt. He squeezed it a little witch caused Ashton to moan into his mouth.

Ashton's hands went in a different direction and found Luke's hair and started tucking at the roots of it. His mind was foggy from the heat and decided to take it a step further and started pulling at the hem of Luke's T-shirt.

Luke quickly catched on and disconnected their lips to sit up and take his shirt off, not feeling self conscious when he was with Ashton. He pulled Ashton's shirt off of him and turned them around so Ashton was underneath him.

He quickly scanned his body with lust full eyes and licking his lips witch made Ashton giggle at him, Luke's lips went to Ashton's neck, going further down till he found his sweet spot. Ashton's hands automatically went to likes hair again.

Ashton was trying to suppress a moan when the door flung open and there was Julia and Lauren standing with wide eyes, Luke awkwardly climbed off Ashton and they put their shirts back on again.

"Oh my god, I don't think you were serious" Lauren said with horror "If we hadn't come in would you have frickle frackled?" 

"No Lauren ew, not when you guys are in the house, and definitely not with an unlocked door" Ashton scrunched up his nose at the thought of having sex with his mom and siblings in the house.

Lauren left and Julia jumped on the bed in the middle of them, witch didn't please any of the boys "Lets watch a movie shall we" Both of the boys made an unpleased sound but soon agreed to it anyway.


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