What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


5. F O U R

Ashton woke up in Luke's arms, it was a really weird feeling for him to cuddle with anybody while sleeping, but he realized how comfortable and how safe you feel. He was starting to see Luke as possibly becoming more than a friend but he was scared that the distance would ruin it.

Ashton had never had feelings for anyone other than some small crushes on boys in school and celebrity crushes, He had only been with Luke for a few days but he was really growing on him, He would really miss him when they went back to Sydney at the end of the holiday. 

"Wake up sunshine I think dinner is about to be ready" Ashton said and moved slightly to make Luke wake up, but he was stubborn and wanted to sleep more, holding tighter on to Ashton

"no, I'm not hungry" Luke mumbled into the pillow not in the mood to get upend eat at all

"come on Luke my mom won't let you not eat anyway, so its better if you just come down with me now" Ashton sighed, his mom won't let anyone in the house skip a meal, cause she wants to make sure everyone was healthy 

"just tell them I'm sleeping and didn't want to wake me up" Luke mumbled 

"Luke come on, you have to eat just a little" 

"I'm not feeling like doing that" 

"Why not?" 

"I just don't, stop pushing it!" Luke snapped 

"I'm sorry, ill tell them you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you cause you looked cute" Ashton said and tried to lighten the mood a little and Luke gave him smile in return, Ashton winked at him and went downstairs, a little confused how Luke couldn't be hungry Ashton is always really hungry for dinner and eats a lot. 

"Hey Ashton were is Luke?" Liz asked him when he got to the kitchen

"He is sleeping and I didn't want to wake him cause he looked so cute" Ashton smiled at her But Liz frowned and wasn't happy about Luke not coming down to eat dinner.

"He can eat some left overs when he wakes up and is hungry, it's not that big of a deal I guess, but if it is you have to wake him yourself" 

"Its fine, you are right Ashton" 


"Dinner was great you missed out on Chicken with fries" Ashton said and smiled when he came back in the room were Luke was wide awake and on his phone "Yeah i guess i did" Luke answered but Ashton saw him cringe when he mentioned the chicken 

"Are you okay? Is there something wrong? You don't have to tell me, but i won't judge you" 

"I don't wanna talk about it, can we just do something fun" Luke asked not wanting to talk serious, changing the subject and hoping Ashton would just drop it. 

"Fine, what do you wanna do? i don't have energy for any of my friends today so we aren't inviting them over" Ashton laughed, he loved his friends but they take a lot of patience and Ashton doesn't have that right now. 

"Can we go out to the stables a wanna see how your pig is doing" Luke asked missing the pig and wanting to rub her belly, he was growing fond of the animal.

"Yeah we can do that, I think the weather is gonna get bad tonight so we should put the horses in their stalls, will you help me with that? We can ask Lauren to help too, then its faster done and we can chill with the pig" Ashton said and went to get Lauren and ask her to help


"That took its time" Luke sighed, threw himself in the Hay not to long after Ashton threw himself on top of him and they laughed out loud that, Luke took some of the Hay in his hands and threw it all over Ashton's hair "that was mean, now I'm all hayry" Ashton laughed at the joke but Luke just looked at him like he was crazy "Hayry.. hay? instead og hairy I'm hayry" Ashton laughed again still finding his dumb humor really funny, Luke thought it was kinda funny but he wouldn't let Ashton know that so he just kept his confused pokerface on.

"You are no fun prince Luke" Ashton said 

"I can be fun" Luke challenged and threw some more hay in Ashton face 

"Yeah what can you say or do that is funner than me?" 

"I can do this" Luke said quietly and rolled on top of Ashton, looking in his eyes before slowly leaning down and connecting their lips. 

Ashton was taken back by the kiss but slowly kissing back not sure if he was doing it right, he was a noob when it came to romance stuff, he had kissed before but it was at parties and with girls, that was also how he found out he was gay. A girl was dared to turn him on and nothing happened other than everyone laughing at the girl for not turning Ashton on, it's not Ashton's fault he likes boys. 

The kiss was turning into a make-out session, Luke hadn't thought their first kiss would be that heated but he thought Ashton looked really hot covered in hay, smiling and giggling over his stupid jokes. 

"I. can't. breathe." Ashton said muffled in Luke's lips but Luke go the idea of what he was saying and pulled back "sorry" he said quietly 

"No don't apologies, its fine" Ashton blushed, he was scared he would make something awkward, he was good at that "I guess you can be fun then" He said, stood up to get all of the hay of him 

"We should probably get inside, my mom said something about movie night" Ashton said, wanting to go inside, it was getting a little chilly at the stables. 

"Yes my Lord" Luke laughed 

before they went inside Ashton went over to Saga to say goodnight 

"Goodnight girl, sleep tight, see you in the morning" he gave her a kiss, took Luke hand and went to the door, turned the light off and went outside.

"You know, you threw a lot of hay all over me and i will get my revenge" Ashton laughed, Luke tried and look innocent but that didn't stop Ashton from pushing him in the dung heap full of horse poop, Ashton Didn't think is was so bad to be pushed down there, most of the poop was dry and he had been there a lot of times when playing with Julia as kids. 

"You are dick you know that? Now I smell like horse shit" Luke grumbled, he wasn't really mad but it he thought it was disgusting to be in the dung heap. 

"you are what you eat" Ashton winked at him, Luke blushed madly at that, he was bad at hiding it cause Ashton started laughing at him but helped him up. 


"What took you guys so long? You know to be in early on movie night Ash" Mama Irwin asked when they came in the door, Ashton was all chill but Luke blushed again, mama Irwin saw that and smirked but didn't say anything. 

"Also why are you guys covered in hay, and horse poop?" Liz asked coming up behind mama Irwin. 

"I was just showing Luke how to have fun" Ashton laughed 

"Biatch i was showing you how to have fun" This time it was Luke's turn to wink at Ashton and it made him blush. 

"Go and shower, you stink both of you. we will watch a movie afterwords" Mama Irwin laughed.


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