What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


15. F O U R T E E N

As the trip was taking forever Liz decided to call Andrew to make sure everyone in the house was all right, and that he should fill them in on what happened "Yeah we are on the way to the hospital.... will you tell them please... ill call you we we know how long we are gonna wait there... yeah love you too... bye" Liz ended the call and looked behind her to see her son, both scared and sad at the same time. 

"Im gonna call Julia on the car speaker" Anne said and started tabbing on buttons "She needs to know"

"Merry Christmas Anne" Julia yelled into the phone, her happy voice filling the cars sad era. 

"Merry Christmas Jules" Ashton mumbled.

"Ash is that you? Am I like on speaker or something?" Julia was getting confused 

"You are on the car speaker hun, we are on the way to the hospital" Anne chocked out, she was so scared for her little boy.

"What!? Why!? Im coming too! ?" you could hear her pacing around her house trying to find stuff.

"I don't know what happened, he came back from a ride with a snakebite on his leg" Anne sniffled, everything went silent on the other end, the only thing you could hear was the quiet sniffling Julia made. 

"He's gonna be okay" Luke said loud enough for the microphone to catch it, he had set his mind on that he would be fine. 

"Luke he is poisoned, He has to get his blood cleaned or something to get all the venom out" Julia  answered "We live out in nowhere, The school teaches us all about the poisonous snakes and the crazy birds. Snakes out here is fucking dangerous" 

"Julia you are not helping sweetie" Liz said sweetly and looked in the rear mirror were Luke was starting to not hold back his tears. He was panicking but he wouldn't admit it "he is gonna be fine" Luke whispered only for everyone to hear and himself to believe.

"Don't cry babe, I'm gonna be fine" Ashton whispered the best he could and held tightly onto Luke's hand instead of playing with it. Luke squeezed it tightly and kissed his forehead.


Ashton was taking to the emergency room as soon as they heard he was poisoned, the doctors asked the family and friends to wait in the waiting room. So they could have all the focus on Ashton. 

Luke was sitting in his chair, hugging his knees to his chest and pulling at his hair. He was stressing out since he couldn't be with Ashton. And that was all he wanted to do. 

"I got you a granola bar from the machine" Anne said, sitting down in the chair next to Luke, but he declined it by shaking his head. 

"Luke we are not discussing it, take the bar and eat at least half of it, you didn't eat breakfast" Liz said and looked sternly at the boy "I know you are stressing out, but If Ashton was in this room he would tell you to eat it, and you would do it" 

"Fine" Luke mumbled and took the bar. He opened it and took a bite, chewing a little on it, but he couldn't get himself to swallow it so he spit it out in the trashcan beside him "Im sorry Anne, That was so rude of me, I just can't right now" 

"It's okay sweetie" Anne answered and rubbed his back.

"Anyone here for Ashton Irwin" a nurse called and Luke was the first to get up from his chair and speed walk over to her "so the doctors are 95% sure that everything will be fine if everything goes as planned, he is in room 303"

As soon as Luke heard the news he was headed towards the room with Liz and Anne walking a little slower behind him. 

When he reached the room he entered slowly, and saw Ashton on the bed half awake, with tubes in him "Hello Princess" Ashton mumbled

"hi" Luke said and sat down on the chair beside him witch made Ashton chuckle at him "There is room for 2 on the bed" 



Luke laid down beside Ashton, and The older boy was fast to wrap himself around the long boy "Can we FaceTime Lauren? I'm sure Julia is at my house" Ashton asked, Luke just pulled his phone out and made Ashton dial the number since he didn't have it. 

It didn't take long for Lauren to answer the FaceTime "Why am I even answering a strangers FaceTime?" She asked but when she saw the two boys faces the smile on her face was priceless 

"Ashyyyyyy! Im so glad to see your face! Julia! Boys! Ash is on the FaceTime" she yelled out in the big house, and soon the whole household was in the frame.

"Im so glad you didn't die" Julia said and smiled at the two boys in the hospital beds reaction

"Thanks Jules, anyway i think we will be able to go home later to day but I'm not sure yet" Ashton said and cuddled more into Luke's side. 

The two moms decided it was time to enter the room, they went over to the bed to be on the FaceTime too "hey guys, the doctor said they would check up on the cleansing process every hour and we should be able to leave in the afternoon, But if it takes too long they might want to keep Ash here till tomorrow" Anne said witch made Luke pout.

"If Ash is staying I'm staying" Luke protested 

"Luke you can't" Liz said

"Yes I can, If I need to sleep in the waiting room I will" Luke answered and gripped tighter around Ashton who was smiling at Luke. 

"The nurses love me, so ill sweet talk them if necessary" Ashton said and nuzzled his nose on Luke's jaw.

"Even when Ashton almost dies you are still disgustingly cute" they heard Lauren voice call from the phone, Ashton almost forgot they were still on the FaceTime with the ones at home. 

"Lauren? Will you check on Saga? Make sure she is not acting weird" Anne asked from one of the chairs that was close to the bed. 

"I already checked on her when I heard what happened, she is standing at the fence looking towards the driveway, and she has been there since you left" Lauren said smiling, she knew Saga was waiting for Ashton to come home to her. 

"Aw thats so cute" Luke cooed "Your horse is more romantic than me" he pouted 

"No, she is not, You are the one who would sleep in the waiting room" Ashton chuckled, Luke was thinking about what he had said "If saga could she would too, but she is back at home waiting for you" Luke finally said witch caused Ashton smile.

Ashton loved Saga so much, and he knew she had tried her best to protect him, but he couldn't help but feel a little anxious, to go for rides again. 


Later that day the nurses and doctors had decided to keep Ashton the night and see if he was better the next day, Luke had been on the bed with him all day and they had had a lot of fun. 

They were playing stupid games on Luke's phone and kissing when no one was there.

Liz and Anne had went home to the rest of the family, deciding that the boys could be alone when it was a hospital. 

The nurses had agreed to let Luke stay the night, they said he should use the empty bed beside Ashton but he wouldn't leave Ashton's, so they gave up on trying. 

"You guys are the cutest thing ever" Nancy, a nurse who checked up on Ashton every hour, said as she walked in the door. 

The two boys was cuddling and laughing at something on Luke's phone. They looked up and blushed at her comment.

"You are the first person who have said we were cute without telling us to have sex" Luke chuckled and Ashton was blushing madly and hiding his face in Luke's chest "Luke, shut up" he mumbled into his shirt. Nancy just laughed at the dorky boys.

"Are you dating?" Nancy asked while fumbling with some stuff Ashton didn't know what did.

Both boys looked at each other and shrugged "I don't know, Kinda, I guess" Ashton answered

"Let's just say we are significant others" Luke said and smiled.

"Sure" Nancy laughed "Are you guys  hungry, the cafeteria is still open another hour" 

"Im not hungry" Luke said fast

"Yes you are" Ashton answered and frowned at the boy who hands eaten anything the whole day "Is it possible to order pizza to a hospital?" he asked Nancy, she nodded at him. 

Ashton found Luke's phone since he didn't have his with him. Called the nearest pizzeria and ordered a pepperoni pizza. 

"You will go and get the pizza since Im the hospitalized one" Ashton said and pecked the blonde on the lips.

"Yeah, I have to go and something else too" Luke grinned and got up from the bed " I will be back" and he left the room without another word, leaving the curly haired boy confused and alone.

 Luke left Ashton with his phone, so he went on instagram, took a cute selfie and posted it with a cute caption like it was Luke who wrote it, he knew Luke was openly gay so he didn't have to be careful.

'My boy is so cute'

Ashton chuckled and went to the next social media platform. That happened to be Snapchat, Sending the snap to all of his friends on bis best friends list.

((he has longer hair than that in the story but this is the best i could find))

He went on Facebook next, he had a lot of spam post's that Ashton didn't care about, so he just went to change the cover picture from Luke skateboarding to a selfie og Himself and Luke that they took several night ago. 

He captioned it "Luke likes me better than you" as a joke, but it got some comments from people from his school telling him to fuck off. He didn't care, he knew it was the truth, would he sleep in a waiting room for them? He didn't think so. 

He didn't find anything else that was interesting to hack so he just changed the lock screen to a dorky selfie of the two. 

"Hey sweetie, Im back" Luke yelled when he opened the door, he had a guitar and a pizza with him "We are having a pizza date on your hospital bed, and I'm not taking no for an answer" he giggled and sat down on the foot end of the bed instead of beside Ashton were he were before.

"Okay" Ashton giggled "If you give me a kiss" he pouted his lips and leaned forward where Luke kissed him sweetly. 

"Where did you get the guitar from anyway?" Ashton asked confused

"Nancy told me the entertainment room had instruments, so went there and borrowed the guitar" Luke smiled widely and picked up the guitar and started strumming 

Sorrow hides under the water
Sorrow is my only friend
Sorrow stands beside the doorway
And sorrow needs a helping hand

He started singing and Ashton was just starring intensely at him. 

boy in a glass box dressed in white
Happy enough to commit suicide
he said that silver's meant to burn forever

Ashton knew the song, It was a mashup of two songs but he loved it, he did notice that Luke changed it from she to he 

Sleeping forever in a bubble of blue
Would you like to see his point of view?
He said silver's meant to burn forever... forever

I dream of dreaming dreams of him
In twilight he's a constant blur
The picture is clear
And I'm still fact, he's fiction
I seem to miss the missing part
He's still my favourite work of art
The picture is clear
And I'm still fact, he's fiction

Say my name silverflame, take control
Of my heart, of my mind, and of my soul
What a shame silverflame, she could burn forever
Say my name silverflame, take control
Of my heart, of my mind, and of my soul
What a shame silverflame, she could burn forever, oh

Luke stopped strumming even though the song wasn't finished, he just chose to stop so they could eat the pizza before the pizza would get cold.

"You amaze me overtime you start singing" Ashton whispered, placing the pizza box on the table instead of between them, so he could crawl closer to Luke. Ashton took the guitar and placed it behind him and sat on Luke's lap.

Luke's hands automatically went to Ashton's bum as Ashton started kissing him, Ashton tucking lightly as the ends of Luke's hair, causing him to moan quietly into Ashton's mouth.

 Luke leaned forward trying to lay Ashton down so he was in control, but of causer the guitar made an awful sound and Ashton giggled "Such a mood killer" Luke grumbled and placed the guitar down on the floor, going back ton piton Ashton's lap.

"Doesn't have to be" Ashton giggled again and pulled Luke towards him and started kissing again, not wanting to let the stupid guitar ruin his make out time. 

The kissing was getting heated really fast and making both the boys pant when they pulled away to breath for couple a seconds, but getting back to making out quickly, missing the warmth of each other.

Soon enough Nancy came in the door, Laughing as she saw the two boys making out on the bed "Oh my god, this is the joke of the day, they told me to come check on you cause your pulse had gone up by a lot, but i see why now" She wiggled her eyebrows at the two now really red faced boys

"Im just gonna check this and I will see you in the morning" She said and went to check on all the things.

"Stupid machines" Ashton grumbled and pulled Luke down again to lay on his chest so he could hug him "can I go home tomorrow?" he asked Nancy who was finished checking the things. 

"I'm not sure but I think so" she smiled at the cuddly boys "but I will miss you when you go home again, then i won't have to check on the awkward lover boys every hour, Im growing fond of you, its not good" she shaked her head and walked out the door. 

When she was out both boys started laughing "We forgot about the stupid pizza" Ashton giggled "but i like cold pizza better so it doesn't matter" 

"What? Why is it better cold?" Luke asked and got the pizza from the table and placed it down on Ashton's chest, not wanting to get off of his spot on top of Ashton. 

"You will eat at least two slices since you haven't eaten today" Ashton said and pointed to the blond boy "What about you? You haven't eaten either" Luke protested, not seeing why it was a big deal. 

"I will eat all of the pizza that you don't eat, even if you dot eat the crust i will eat it for you" Ashton giggled and took a piece and started eating. 

They were having a goof time just eating and laughing, Ashton's favorite activity at the moment. 

They fell asleep an hour later in each others arms, tight grips got loose as sleep took over their bodies, Ashton was first to fall asleep and started snoring, it made Luke wake up a little from his slumber state.

As Luke was watching Ashton sleep, he was thinking about everything 

"I think I love you Ashton Irwin, but I can't tell you yet since we haven't even been together like this for a month, everyone tells me it takes time to know who you love. But i know that i wanna spend all my life in your company, I think you can Love someone after a couple weeks. I think you will know when you do. And i know that I'm falling so hard for you" Luke whispered at the snoring boy, he kissed his forehead. 

I didn't take more than 5 minutes before Luke was asleep too 

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