What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


6. F I V E

Luke and Ashton came down from their showers into the living room where they were all gonna watch a movie. The love seat was left for them to share and nobody complained about that. 

Liz had chosen a movie since she was the guest and Luke wasn't there when they chose.

Ashton thought it was an extremely boring action movie, so he watched Luke watching it with excitement, Luke liked action movies but had a guilty pleasure for chick flicks. Ashton was more the typical horse guy, liking movies about horses and pointing out all of the fails and things they did wrong. 

Ashton was getting tired of the movie and just wanted to go to bed, but no-one was allowed to leave movie night before the movie was over, it was okay to fall asleep but Mama Irwin was insistent about keeping the tradition alive. He decided he would sleep cause he wouldn't be able to catch up on the movie anyway and Luke had busted him in staring way to any times and it was getting embarrassing for him. So he laid down, put a pillow in Luke's lap and put his head on top of that cause that would be the most comfortable. 

Luke wasn't even surprised, he knew Ashton didn't like the move so he just caressed his curly hair, that made Ashton even more sleepy so he fell asleep really quick. Luke totally forgot he was in the same room as his mom and the mom of the boys in his lap, he looked up at them and they hadn't even noticed. They just watched the movie, but secretly sending each other smirks. no one shipped lashton more than the Hemwin moms. Julia had made all the names cause she shipped the hard enough to get in second place. 

"Do i have to look at that all summer? It's so cute it's sickening" Lauren said and scrunched up her nose in fake discomfort, she was happy that Ashton was happy but she did have a little baby crush on likes fine face, but she was getting over it, no pain in having a crush on a gay guy anyway. 

"Yes, in fact you do" Luke laughed, Harry started making gagging noises for fun and soon enough everyone was laughing, no one was paying attention to the movie and all the noise woke Ashton up "Can you please just shut the fuck up? I'm trying to sleep here" he mumbled down in the pillow, moving around to get a comfier position. 

"Sorry honey, also, what is this movie? Is this what you guys always watch? Were are the fun? Meaning the horses" Mama Irwin asked around, she always watched horsy movies with her kids and action movies were never a hit with them. 

"It's what we always watch on movie night, with three sons and a husband it's hard to get them to watch other things than that. 

"What do you mean Liz? Luke watched chick flick with Ashton and Julia the other day, he seemed to enjoy it" Lauren asked, looking over at Luke who was a tomato head "whoops, was that a guilty pleasure" she laughed and looked at Liz who was confused. 

"Have I watched action movies with you for 16 years when you liked chick flicks?" Liz asked, she wasn't mad, she just wanted to watch good movies, she thought Luke didn't like other kinds of movies. 

"I'm sorry okay?" Luke said quietly afraid she was mad at him. the conversation continued, but suddenly Luke could feel and her Ashton giggling in the pillow  

"Ash, are you awake? Luke asked him quietly 

"Oh no sweetheart he is giggling in his sleep, he has always done it" Mama Irwin said and watched as Luke was still playing with his hair, Ashton cuddling in deeper for more comfort, waking up a little and caressing Luke's Knee with his hand. 


The next morning Ashton woke up in his own bed but in Luke's arms, again, he was getting used to cuddling with Luke and it would be hard for him when Luke leaves again, but he was thinking on the bright side that Luke would still be there for over a month. 

"Morning sunshine" Luke said as he was waking up slowly, Yawning and trying to stretch his arms but it was a struggle since he was cuddling with Ashton still "Morning" Ashton mumbled, still tired and just wanting to be in bed all day, but thats wasn't a choice. 

"Im hungry" Luke said, also wanting to stay in bed, but also really wanting to eat.

"I'm glad you are" Ashton smiled up at him, he looked at his phone to see what the time was. "It's only 7:00 AM, we could sleep some more or we could make breakfast for everyone" 

"Breakfast, I can't sleep again now that I'm Awake anyway" Luke said, he gave Ashton a little peck on the lips and got up to go to the bathroom.


"I was thinking we could make some pancakes and some eggs with bacon" Ashton suggested when Luke came into the kitchen "I don't know how to make anything but I guess you can teach me" Luke said probably not gonna help, he sat up on the counter beside the stove giving a big innocent smile to Ashton.

"You are not learning how to do it if you are just gonna sit there" Ashton said and walked in between his legs, staring up on his tip toes to reach the same height as Luke and giving him a kiss witch Luke gladly returned, it wasn't full on making out as their first kiss turned out to be and was sweet and loving 

"Im so sending this to Julia" Lauren laughed from behind them were she was standing with her phone in her hand, going to snapchat Julia a true picture of 'Lashton'

"Lauren! Don't! She will kill me come on delete it please" Ashton begged her, He really didn't want her to click send "If you send it she'll come over here in 5 minutes and chop of my head or something" 

"Why would she kill you?" Luke asked confused as always 

"Because I promised her she would be the first one to know if i got gay action, and well i haven't told her yet" Ashton explained to Luke who was still a little confused to why it was important for Julia to know but then remembering what the sentence she spoke to him was witch was about sex. 

"I don't care if you are gonna get murdered, I already sent it anyway, and 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.." Lauren said and the door flew open and Julia running into the kitchen and tackling Ashton to the floor 

"Biatch what the fuck?? Why didn't you tell me" Julia play yelled, she wasn't even mad , she knew Ashton would forget to tell her so she made Lauren have an eye out for them. 

"Why are you even awake at this time, you sleep all fucking day, and I'm sorry all right? I would have told you, I didn't know Lauren was taking pictures" Ashton said in a rush afraid that she would murder him. 

"Oh the Lauren thing, she is my spy" 

"You made my little sister spy on me? Biatch" Ashton said and turned the tackle around so Julia was the one lying on the floor and Ashton holding her down

"You were the one doing gay shit without telling me" 

"I was gonna tell you today but your spy got to it first" 

"How long have you been doing that?" Julia turned her attention to Luke instead cause he was just sitting there awkwardly on the counter 

"Ehm doing what?" Luke said acting like he didn't know what she was talking about

"kissing you dumb blond" Julia sighed

"Hey he's not dumb" Ashton said and smiled up at Luke who gladly returned it 

"Okay we kissed yesterday and cuddled not the couch and in bed, this morning I pecked him on the lips, we were gonna make breakfast and it took a turn and then we go busted og spy Lauren and 5 minutes later you come storming to Tackle Ashton" Luke answered Julia's question and looked at Ashton who had pulled himself off of the floor to hide his face on Luke's shoulder

Luke wrapped his arms around Ashton and rested his chin on top of Ashton's read "this is so awkward, why does Lauren have to be here for all of this?" Ashton mumbled into Luke's shoulder 

"I'll go then, and Julia you one me 5 bucks" Lauren said and left the room but not without teasing Ashton one last time that morning "MOOOOM! Ash is having sex in the kitchen!!" she yelled up the stairs and went to the bathroom.

Ashton turned around, still between Luke's leg "Lauren you stupid Hoe, stop being so annoying" he yelled after her, 2 seconds later both mama Irwin and Liz was in the kitchen and Julia was dying of laughter on the floor 

"We aren't having sex so you can leave again and let us make the breakfast we were rudely interrupted making" Ashton said 

"Yeah cause that was what got interrupted" Julia said, she got herself off of the floor "I think i will stay for breakfast then, since you are making it" 

"Guys what were you doing?" Liz asked looking from boy to boy 

"Why does it matter so much, leave us alone, get out of the kitchen or we won't make breakfast for you" Ashton said annoyed with having 6 eyes on him constantly wanting to know what he is doing. 

"I's sorry honey, we'll leave just don't have sex in the kitchen" Mama Irwin said and left the kitchen with Julia and Liz again. 

"You are so cute when you get annoyed" Luke whispered in Ashton's ear 

Ashton turned around to give him a quick kiss and then he walked away to start cooking


"This tastes amazing boys, are gonna make us breakfast everyday?" Liz asked and took another bite of her pancake. Luke and Ashton looked at another once and said "hell no" in sync 

"Im never going through that agin, it was traumatic, well the making food was okay but before we got to that, you country people are crazy" Luke said 

"We said sorry can you stop overreacting overthrew city kid" Julia said eating her 10th pancake, she was a heavy breakfast eater, most days coming over to steal Ashton's food "What are we gonna do today, It'g gonna be sunny after all the rain last night, can we go for a ride or something?" 

"Well I for once have something exciting to say, there is gonna be a competition in the neighbor city and I want you to try with Shadow, he is our best jumper and if you start trying now you will have great shot, I know competitions Isn't really your thing, but i thought it would be fun to try" Mama Irwin said, she really wanted Ashton to try something new, she knew he could win if he trained with Shadow.

"Do it Ash you gotta beat all those snoopy bitches from the school" Julia laughed

"I could try, It's been a while since I have jumped but I will train with Shadow and trust him" Ashton said, competitions wasn't really his thing but he wanted to show people what he could do and how having a stronger bond with the horse can help you win. Ashton did some pony competitions when he was younger but lost interest fast and moved on to racing down the trails with Julia.

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