What If

so this is my original story from wattpad, but i decided to post it here too

Were Ashton's family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Luke's family from Sydney comes to visit after many years.

Luke and Ashton know Nothing about each other and really didn't except what they got. What will happen when the secrets are spilled?


9. E I G H T

That night Luke and Ashton cuddled extra much, Calum was awkwardly 3rd wheeling on the floor on Luke mattress that he didn't use. 

Ashton was relieved to get his secret out, all of his friends knew he was bullied but only Julia knew about the self harming. He would tell his other friends, but he didn't want them to worry and right now he was clean, so it didn't matter to him. 

The morning came around and both Luke and Ashton was awake only waiting for Calum who was still snoring on the floor.

"You think we should wake him?" Ashton asked softly with his head on Luke's chest with His arms rapped around him "Nah, he is gonna wake up himself by his snoring, it's a common thing" Luke said and nuzzled his face in Ashton's untamable curly hair, making the older boy laugh.

"You guys are disgustingly cute and it's making me sick, and i also wanna know what happened in the bathroom yesterday" Calum said groggily from the floor

"Thats for us only and you to never know, you curious poop head" Luke answered him and childishly stuck his tongue out.

"I can guess until your reaction is different and ill know when i got it right" 

"No, don't do that, it's non of your business" 

"But i wanna knooooww" 

"You can't, live with it" 

"But Luke" 

"No Calum, give up already" 

"Okay you guys stop this arguing it doesn't matter what happened in the bathroom" Ashton said sternly 

"Okay, but did you have sex?" Calum asked and wiggled his eyebrows

"NOOO!" both of the boys on the bed yelled at the same time witch made Calum laugh

"Boys!! Breakfast in 5 minutes!" Mama Irwin yelled from downstairs and they all got up and went downstairs 


"So did you have a threesome?" Lauren asked casually and Ashton franticly covered Harrys ears with his hands "Lauren wtf is that kind of a question, Do you ever realize that you are ruing Harrys innocent mind" Ashton said and stared directly at her 

"You are the one making out with boys in the kitchen for everyone to walk in on" She shot back at him "since you didn't deny it i will assume it is a yes, and that you did have a threesome" 

"Someone take me out of my misery already" Ashton sighed 

"Can you not say that Ash?" Luke whispered, taking some fruit and a pancake on his plate, taking small bites of it. 

"I'm sorry"  He whipped back and intertwined their hands under the table 

"What are you two now whispering about?" the kiwi boy asked with his mouth full of pancakes 

"Stop being so curious goddammit bro" Luke sighed and shook his head at the boy. 


The sound of the door smacking turned everyones attention towards it and in came Julia yelling "Have you guys been under a rock or something I haven't heard from you in days!!" 

"Well hello sweetie, wanna join the breakfast?" Anne asked her and went into the kitchen to get her a plate, already knowing the answer to the question. 

"Yeah I am fucking hungry, and who is this guy?" she pointed to Calum "And have you fucked yet?" The last sentence made Calum choke on his pancakes, and it was not a pretty sight. 

When he was done with choking he introduced himself "hello, Im Calum, I'm Luke's best friend. And you are?" 

"Julia, the neighbor, Ash's best friend, and favorite person in the world who should know everything" She scowled at Ashton at the last part 

"Are we still talking about this? get over it will ya" Ashton sighed

"Fine then, Calum is just my best friend now, sorry honey" Julia smirked and sat down beside Calum and took some food, started eating, not just eating she was eating a lot. Luke just stared at her in horror 

"How can you eat that much and still have a perfect body?" He asked her, she just shrugged "I don't know man, high metabolism or something, and riding horses does good things for your body, and the same with stable working "why do you care anyway?" she was so casual with it.

"I don't" Luke said hurriedly

"Then why did you ask?"  

"I think we should just let that be, and talk about something else" Ashton stated but didn't miss the way Julia was staring suspiciously at Luke. She definitely knew something was up but Ashton didn't want her to know. It wasn't necessary and if Luke wanted her to know he would tell her himself, witch Ashton doubts he will.

"I just wanna know what happened in the bathroom" Calum sighed and acted like he was crying. At this point everyone had left the table excepts Ashton, Luke, Calum and Julia.

"What?" Julia asked confused, she wasn't there so she didn't know what happened. 

"They locked themselves in the bathroom for at least an hour, and i know they didn't have sex, but i just wanna know what you talked about" Calum sighed again, he was so desperate to know 

"I wanna know too" Julia said 

Luke and Ashton just looked at each other they like they were having a conversation with their eyes. 

"All right, since you guys are our best friends you will each get half the story" Ashton said and looked at from Julia to Calum "I told Luke my story and Luke told me his, so since Calum knows Luke and Julia knows mine, you know half of the story.. Happy now?" 

"Oh" they both said in sync. The subject got changed quickly again and they decided to invite Jamin and Michael over for a fun day in the yard.


Luke was sitting against a tree and watched all of his friends could he call them friends, he did anyway , soon enough Ashton got bored of kicking the ball around,  plopped down between Luke legs and leaned back to Luke's chest "You having a good time?" Ashton Asked Luke sweetly, watching his friends arguing over the ball "Yeah, couldn't ask for anything better" Luke said truthfully, He really loved it there on the country and being with the Irwin's. 

Luke decided to tease Ashton to a little, he breathed hot air on Ashton's neck and started kissing the space between his neck and shoulder "Luke, don't do that" Ashton whimpered but honestly he really didn't want him to stop.

Luke didn't listen, he just starting sucking lightly on the spot witch caused a small moan to leave Ashton's mouth. Ashton quickly covered his mouth with his hand in embarrassment. 

It didn't stop Luke though, he bit the spot where he definitely left a mark. It made Ashton shift and Luke knew what that meant and that he had succeeded. 

"You are such a tease Luke, you can't just do that. Is there a mark?! I will murder you if there is, what if my mom sees it! What if Lauren sees it! Everyone will see it and I can't say i got hurt cause everyone can tell the difference" Ashton was rambling on and on about. 

"What if they don't? They won't care Ashton, they may tease us but it doesn't matter" Luke said and tried to calm the boy down, he was overthinking and he needed to chill. 

"Okay, you are right. But it will only be fair if i give you one too" Ashton said and smirked at Luke who just nodded. 

So Ashton turned around, straddling Luke's lab. Trailing kisses down from behind Luke's ear till he found a spot that sent chills down Luke's arms Bingo he thought to himself, He started sucking lightly on the spot, when not getting the reaction he wanted he sucked a little harder at tucked a little on Luke's hair on the back of this head. That caused Luke to moan a little too load and it got everyones attention.

"Are you guys fucking or something cause it sure sounds like you are" Michael yelled and both their heads snapped up.

"Ehhh, nah, not fucking, I'm just returning a gesture" Ashton yelled back at them and Looked down at the pretty mark he made on Luke.

They all walked towards the tree and Jasmin asked "So if you're not, why is sex on legs moaning?" Luke blushed fiercely at the name she gave him, he wasn't sex on legs in his mind, he didn't think he was that good looking. He though Ashton was sex on legs.

Calum saw Luke's neck and began laughing out loud "he was getting a hickey, aw bro, you like that?" everyone was laughing at them, so Ashton decided that the only thing that would make them shut up was to do the unexpected. 

Ashton Looked deep in Luke's eyes like asking for permission when he connected their lips and everything went silent from there, they didn't go full on make-out sessions cause that is kinda inappropriate when 4 of your friends is starring at you. 

Julia threw herself at the ground dramatically "Help me Jesus, my baby boy Ashton is growing so fast, soon enough he will get pregnant and have babies" 

"How would you know he would bottom" Luke asked her, ruing her moment totally.

"I know things alright mister. and you don't look like a guy who would bottom so" Julia answered his question and went back to talking to Jesus on the ground

"How do you look like a bottom anyway?" Michael asked 

"Controlling in the streets, submissive in the sheets" Luke said and wiggled his eyebrows to Ashton who just blushed. He wouldn't call himself controlling but he liked being in charge in his everyday life.

"Aww ash is blushing, he's probably hella submissive" Jasmin Laughed at him 

"Am not" Ashton protested 

"There is only one way to find out, Luke will you please make love to Ashton and give us feedback?" Jasmin asked casually, the topic of sex was never awkward in their group but right now it was embarrassing for Ashton 

"Can we stop talking how I am in bed, it's not for you guys to know anyways" Ashton and sighed for the 10th time today. 

"Yeah okay, we should all go for a ride, Cal have you ever ridden?" Michael asked 

"Well my mom made me take riding lessons when  I was 7, I continued for 3 years so I'm not totally lost when it comes to horses" Calum smiled.

They all went for a ride that afternoon, maybe Calum had forgotten a lot of things and maybe Ashton challenged them all to race back to the stables, and maybe he let Luke win this time since their horses were the most fit and had more stamina so they were far faster than the others. 


"I wooon!" Luke yelled when they all entered the house again after their ride. 

"What are you even capable of winning?" Liz asked him witch made Luke pout "Im kidding sweetie, now tell me what you won" and that made Luke smile so wide and Ashton thought it was adorable how much he loved his moms attention.

"I won the race back here" He exclaimed happily.

"Are you sure Ashton didn't just let you win? He does that with Harry all the time" Lauren said from the couch 

"Cant you just keep your mouth shut for once Lauren?" Ashton asked her angrily 

"Ash? Did you really let me win?" 


"You are so lying you ass"

"I just wanted you to know what it feels like to win okay, I saw how happy it made you" 

"I really thought I won, but I actually didn't, you just let me, to see me happy? Ashton there is so many other ways you can make me happy" 

"I-I Know, I wasn't thinking"

"Im going to shower" Luke said and left to the bathroom but Ashton stopped him, and pressed him against the door.

"Please don't be mad, Im sorry okay, I will make it up to you" He begged with his eyes and it was hard for Luke to not give in to those stunning Hazel eyes Ashton ran around with. 

"Im not" Luke whispered and Ashton crashed his lips against Luke's, their lips moving in sync and Ashton tucking on Luke's hair witch just turned Luke on even more. Ashton slid his tongue against Luke bottom lip, asking for entrance. Luke parted his lips and their tongues were eagerly fighting for dominance. Ashton wasn't gonna be submissive just yet. 

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