My Life Story

This story is half based on my life as a child. As a child I had a hard life, so I'm going to attempt to make a story out of it. It's my first one; please criticize me but be a bit gentle. Also help me on my grammar. :')


2. Child Issues?

          My name is Yanisa Quinones. I was born December 29, 2004 in my hometown, Newark, New Jersey. I had a happy life. I knew, well, I thought my parents had a good relationship and was happy with their lives. But, in reality it was all a lie. My dad left my mom; moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was only me and my mom at the time, but I was happy. I loved my mom and I knew she loved me back... or did she? I will never truly know the answer to this question considering I was very young.

          Let us fast forward to when I was 3 years old, almost 4. It was a peaceful, quiet day; hoping it would stay that way. At about 1:32pm, there was a knock on the door so my mother answered it. Me, as the curis child I am was peeping my head around the corner. To my surprise it was police officers; 5 of them (which is quite a lot). My mother was talking to them and then 3 of them grab her. With her being someone I love, I quickly ran to get her with tears running down my cheeks. The last 2 officers grab me and I started kicking and screaming bloody murder. The 3 officers carried my mother into a police cruiser, she yelled my name the whole time, wanting the officers to let go of both her and me. The officers carrying me put me into a 2nd cruiser. I was terrified and scared...I wanted me and my mother to be free...




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