The End

My memories are foggy.. All I can remember is it being so cold.. So very cold.. Then nothingness. Empty darkness. Nothing.


Author's note

2. Light

"Yuki, good morning."

When I woke up that morning, everything was the same as every other day. Mom made breakfast and put it out on the table. Dad wasn't around. He was rarely home due to his job. Seiji was late waking up. As always, mom sent me up to wake him up. I'd never actually seen him. Truthfully, the only way I knew him was through pictures from when he was younger. Since I was born, he'd never once appeared in front of me. Of course, it made me a little sad, but not knowing him in the first place made it easier to live without him.

It was the day of my first day of first grade. I'd skipped kindergarten due to my intelligence. At five years old, I was able to think like an older person. My mom was proud of me. Of course, I knew that Seiji held the greater intelligence in the family. Just like dad, he had trophies and awards lined up in a trophy case. I admired him for it and wanted to be like him.

"Yuki, you're a mess." Mom grabbed a napkin and wiped my mouth. She laughed as she did and got up and left the room. I was alone at the table. I stared at my breakfast and ate the last of my eggs in silence. I felt something tingle in my spine. My heart started racing and my vision blurred for a moment. My head felt light and a sting resonated in my chest.

"Yuki, your backpack." I looked up and saw mom's smile. The pain immediately stopped and everything was calm again. I stood up from my chair and walked hesitantly towards her. She helped me get the backpack on and I felt a tremble from her. I looked at her and saw tears in her eyes.

"Mom..?" I reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Have a good day, sweetie. I'm so proud of you." My arms shook a little as I wrapped my arms around her barely fitting. I felt tears in my eyes. The room had grown really quiet and everything seemed to be lagging.

"I'm off..." I walked out of the house and the sky grew dark and heavy. The atmosphere grew heavy and threatening. Thunder roared and lightning flashed. A flash of light shone and my head started hurting. I screamed and clutched my head in agony. I curled up on the ground crying and screaming. I felt mom holding me, but I couldn't stop shaking. My head felt like it was splitting open. My entire body felt hot and cold at the same time. Everything was hurting. My eyes widened as I looked at mom trying to calm down.

"Mommy.. It's hot.. It's hot, mommy.." My breathing grew heavy. My vision blurred. I felt like my body was being burned alive. Then I heard his voice. It was then that everything stopped. Everything went blank and dark.

My body felt heavy, but strangely, I felt like I was moving through a stream of light. I felt warm and safe.

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