The End

My memories are foggy.. All I can remember is it being so cold.. So very cold.. Then nothingness. Empty darkness. Nothing.


Author's note

1. Birth

It's so cold... Mommy.. Daddy.. It's cold. I can't feel my hands.. I can't feel anything.. Mommy.. Daddy.. It's so cold..

Darkness fell upon my eyes as all the voices grew faint and disappeared. My thoughts felt clouded. My body was heavy. Everything felt out of place.

Then, there was a light. An extremely blinding light that hurt my eyes to where I had to close them. Then everything was still. A cry echoed in the night. The warmth of a mother's love. The gentle touch of a father's care. It was all so familiar. But I couldn't remember. What was this?

"It's a baby boy. My goodness Seiji, come look at your new baby brother."

Seiji.. That name kept echoing in my head. Seiji. Seiji.

Time passed and the smell of medicine disappeared. I was sleeping. Warmly snugged up in a crib. I could hear everything. Then there was crying.

"Seiji, could you look after Yuki?"

"Hmph! I'm going out. I promised the guys at school that I'd play with them. Bye!"

"Wait, Seiji!" But there came no answer. "That Seiji.. Ever since Yuu-chan came along, he's been acting really weird."

"Maybe he's jealous." A deeper voice said. It woke me up. At the same time, I was picked up. I finally saw her. A beautiful woman with majestic blonde hair and blue eyes. Beside her stood a gorgeous man with jet black hair and green eyes. My eyes widened looking at them.

"Yuki-chan. Good morning, sweetie."

For the next year, I spent my days growing and being with them. Sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was sad. Seiji was always away and never really wanted anything to do with me. It was a hard time.

"Happy Birthday, Yuki-chan."

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