I get you.

She sits there crying, and he just looks at her from a far, until he makes a move that will forever change his life.


2. nebula

I still cried in the middle if the school field. I then felt a tap on my shoulder I looked up to see a boy. He looked about my age, wearing his basketball sweatshirt he looked like someone who would bully me more. But something deep down told me he wouldn't.

"What's up?" He asked like he knew me, inviting himself to sit on the green grass next to me. I then looked down shedding a few more tears. He then tilted my head up so he could see my face, he then whipped the tears off my cheeks. His finger was so soft, and calmed me a bit.

"I'm Noah," he said putting his hand out so I could shake it, " what's your name?"

"Nebula." I said looking down again.

"That's a very beautiful name." He said making me smile a bit and blush.

"Thanks," I said "nice to meet you Noah, you are very kind."

"Why thank you," he said "would you uh..." He stuttered.

I wonder why he is even talking to me. "Would you like to hang out with me during lunch tomarrow?" He asked.

"Sure, why not." I said having something to look forward to.

"Here's my number." he said giving me a little pice of paper.

"Thank you." I said, he then stood, smiled at me, then walked away. Something about him made me feel happy inside, I just didn't know what it was. But he was a little light in my day.

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