Her wolf

Lost together, together forever. Luna was abandoned on the side of the road when she was just 3 years old. She was taken in by a pack of strange wolves. Luna is now 16 and want to find what's out there, but hunters come and kill off all but one never of the pack, smoke. Will Luna find what she is looking for, or will she be lost In the forest with smoke forever.


1. Prolog

Luna was sleeping soundly at the base of the tree, that she had hallowed out years ago. She hears a very loud bang come from the west part of the forest, than another. Quickly she jolts awake. She hears the leader if the pack, wind, howling. Luna then rushes through the thick brush of the forest, hearing more loud banging sounds, she is getting closer. All of a suden she comes to a clearing that the pack go hunting in all the time. There all the wolves in the pack are laying on the ground. Blood is all over there body. Luna rushes around to see help all of the wolfs. Well almost all are there, smoke Is not there. "Smoke!" She calls out. She try's to spot the black wolf through all of her tears. She then feels berth on her neck. Looking up she states strait into smoke's eyes. "There all gone" she says hugging the wolfs neck. Now she knows it's just her and smoke, all alone.

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