Her wolf

Lost together, together forever. Luna was abandoned on the side of the road when she was just 3 years old. She was taken in by a pack of strange wolves. Luna is now 16 and want to find what's out there, but hunters come and kill off all but one never of the pack, smoke. Will Luna find what she is looking for, or will she be lost In the forest with smoke forever.


2. Luna

I saw a big red mettle shiny thing moving away from me. I was crying and didn't know why. I then walked away from the black ground and into the grassy green that was dimmed by the darkness of night.

I woke up abruptly, feeling wet drops on my face. I had seen images in my sleep again. It had been seven sunsets sense everyone in the pack was killed, other than smoke. Looking at my hand, there was a blue glow around the outside. Smoke must have noticed me awake, and emotional, so she woke up and licked my face. I had calmed down, but I wondered what the blue glow was. "Could it be an aurora?" I wondered to myself. I then fell back asleep, to the sound of wind in the trees.

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