The Unknown Princess

My name is Maeve Rudra Coleman and I'm 16 years old. I've always been kept close to the king and queen because I'm their daughter. Of course no one knows that I'm their daughter except for them, not even my older brother. I'm kept a secret because the people think that I'm a curse to our kingdom. Now enough about that stuff, I'm from the kingdom Domino. It has always been warm here. Also, the world is separated into 11 different kingdoms. The kingdoms are: Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, Angels, Demons, Witches, Nekos, Dragon Riders Humans, and The Outcasts. You may be thinking, "How are there outcasts when there are mermaids?" well you see, the outcasts are like bugs in the human world. They're hated by everybody, I'd be in the Outcast kingdom if it wasn't for my parents because the civilians HATE me more than they hate the nekos and that's saying something.


5. Chapter 3- The Vampires

I walk deeper into the dark forest. I suddenly stop because I hear people talking, I grip my sword as I turn into my vampire form. I peek around the tree that I'm hiding behind and I see someone standing right on the other side. I quickly cover my mouth with my free hand so I don't make a sound. I put my sword away slowly and I take my dagger out. I quickly put my dagger on the stranger's throat as I say, "Don't move or I'll slit your throat." He starts laughing and flips me over onto my back. I grunt as he steps on my throat. He looks down at me as he says, "Now you don't move or I'll squash your throat." I smirk as I grab his ankle and I twist it. He screams in pain as he removes his foot from my neck. I stand up as I brush my clothes off. The other guy who I thought was long gone lunges at me. I jump up in a tree as I say, "Silly fools. Do you know who I am?" The guy who's ankle I twisted starts laughing as he says, "Little girl, do you know who I am?" When I don't say anything he continues, "I am the vampire prince Archer and this is my best friend Chris." My expression doesn't change as I say, "I'd say it's nice to meet you, but I'd be lying. Anyways, I'm the hybrid princess Maeve daughter of the Sun God and Moon Goddess." Their eyes widen then they bow down to me. I feel weirded out by this and I say, "Please don't bow to me, it seems weird." They stand up and Archer says, "I'm sorry that I had my foot on your throat." I shrug my shoulders as I say, "It's cool, happened all the time while I was training." He nods his head and Chris says, "We have to go your highness." Archer nods his head and turns to me as he says, "Would you like to come with us?" I slowly nod my head and he smiles at me. They walk off and I follow behind. My bracelet-com starts ringing and I answer it, "Hello, who is it?" I hear whispering then Carlos says, "Maeve, where are you?" I sigh but I answer, "I'm in the dark forest on my way to the vampire kingdom." He gasps then I hang up and as soon as I look up, I run into Archer's back and I lose my footing. He catches me by my waist and looks into my eyes. Chris clears his throat and Archer let's me go. I stand up and I straighten my clothes out. I look down as I mumble under my breath, "Thanks for catching me." He nods his head and we continue walking until we get to his kingdom. I braid my hair to the side and a little crown appears. I groan and I try to take it out but it doesn't budge. I sigh and I notice that Chris and Archer are both staring at my clothes. I look down at my clothes and my eyes widen as I see that I have on a completely different outfit from before. (outfit below)

Archer looks down at me as he says, "How'd you do that?" I shrug my shoulders and I say, "I don't know, all I did was braid my hair. Must've changed my outfit cause I'm the hybrid princess." Archer nods his head and Chris says, "Archer your parents want to see you... And her." He nods his head and leads me into the throne room. When we get in there I see two older people that I assume are Archer's parents. I make eye contact with his dad and when I don't move he tells me, "Bow!!!" I growl at him and instead of my fangs coming out my canine teeth come out and my eyes harden as I tell him, "Don't yell at me!!!" All their eyes widen and the queen says, "Maeve? Is that you?" My eyes soften as I say, "Isabella?" She smiles and nods her head as she gets up she walks over and gives me a hug as she says, "The last time I saw you was when you and Archer had play dates when you were little." I smile at the memory, then some bad memories pop into my head. I stumble back some and I fall to the ground. I hit my head on the floor and I feel someone shaking me before I lose consciousness. 

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