The Unknown Princess

My name is Maeve Rudra Coleman and I'm 16 years old. I've always been kept close to the king and queen because I'm their daughter. Of course no one knows that I'm their daughter except for them, not even my older brother. I'm kept a secret because the people think that I'm a curse to our kingdom. Now enough about that stuff, I'm from the kingdom Domino. It has always been warm here. Also, the world is separated into 11 different kingdoms. The kingdoms are: Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, Angels, Demons, Witches, Nekos, Dragon Riders Humans, and The Outcasts. You may be thinking, "How are there outcasts when there are mermaids?" well you see, the outcasts are like bugs in the human world. They're hated by everybody, I'd be in the Outcast kingdom if it wasn't for my parents because the civilians HATE me more than they hate the nekos and that's saying something.


3. Chapter 2- The Intruder

I glare at her then she looks over at me and says, "Come here Maeve." My eyes widen and I stumble back a bit as she says my name. I quickly regain my composure and I stand my ground. When she realizes that I'm not going to move she mumbles, "Ugh, this girl would be dead if it she could die." I look at her and I say, "What do you mean, 'If I could die?' I'd die if someone tried to kill me." She laughs and says, "Oh Maeve, your guardians haven't explained anything to you. Have they?" I tilt my head to the side in confusion and she says, "I'm talking about the king and queen or as they tell you they're your parents. They're not really your parents, their your guardians. They were to keep you safe by order of your real parents since you looked more like an elf than any other part of you." I growl and I tell her, "Stop lying to me." I look at my parents for reassurance but I realize they're looking away from me. I go from angry to hurt and I walk over to her and the king says, "Maeve get away from her, she's dangerous!!!" I turn towards them and I say, "Well who else am I supposed to go to that'll explain who I really am? It's not like I can trust y'all anymore cause you two didn't tell me this." Carlos steps in front of his parents and says, "That's cause your parents told them not to tell you until your 17th birthday." I walk over to him and I ask, "What do you mean?" He smirks and puts his hand on my cheek and he tells me, "Cause that's the year when you'd marry me, I am your betrothed." I start laughing as I say, "You? I'm supposed to marry you, is this a joke? You HATE me more than anybody else." He looks down and says, "Yeah, about that... My parents told me I had to act like that." I sigh and I roll my eyes as I say, "Yeah well, good luck finding a new betrothed." I turn and I walk back over to the intruder and she says, "Allow me to introduce myself Maeve, my name is Xalia. You're a hybrid, the daughter of the sun god and moon goddess. I'm your worst nightmare, I'm the reason your parents hid you." Anger suddenly takes over and my hands light on fire. I growl at her as I say, "You'll leave me, my friends, and my family alone or I will murder you." My eyes are a blood red and she laughs, "Is that supposed to scare me little girl? Because if so, you're doing a terrible job." That breaks something inside me and I feel a pain in all my limbs, I fall to the ground and I start to shift. I turn into a wolf and she gasps in horror and she whispers, "That can't be, you couldn't have transformed that fast...."  (Wolf form below)

I growl and I walk towards her, she backs away from me. I turn and I walk towards the royal family and I say, "Let's get y'all out of here your highnesses." They're about to say something about my form but I turn into a human and I walk away with them following me. We get to a brick wall and Carlos says, "This is a dead end, we're going to die!!!" I roll my eyes and I kick a brick. A tunnel appears and I usher them into the tunnel. When they're in I join them and I close the tunnel back, I pick up a torch and I lead them down the tunnel. The tunnel opens up at the end and I tell them, "This leads to the village, I found it when I was younger." We exit the tunnel and I give them cloaks so nobody will know it's them. I push them into the bookshop and I show the owner a few hand signs and he starts explaining things to them as I leave. I leave and I walk into the dark forest.

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