The Unknown Princess

My name is Maeve Rudra Coleman and I'm 16 years old. I've always been kept close to the king and queen because I'm their daughter. Of course no one knows that I'm their daughter except for them, not even my older brother. I'm kept a secret because the people think that I'm a curse to our kingdom. Now enough about that stuff, I'm from the kingdom Domino. It has always been warm here. Also, the world is separated into 11 different kingdoms. The kingdoms are: Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, Angels, Demons, Witches, Nekos, Dragon Riders Humans, and The Outcasts. You may be thinking, "How are there outcasts when there are mermaids?" well you see, the outcasts are like bugs in the human world. They're hated by everybody, I'd be in the Outcast kingdom if it wasn't for my parents because the civilians HATE me more than they hate the nekos and that's saying something.


2. Chapter 1- The Party

I'm walking around the castle doing my morning lookout when the queen comes running up to me. When she shouts, "Maeve, I need you now!!!"

I look at her and I ask politely, "What is it your majesty?! What's wrong?"

She catches her breath before she tells me, "Nothing's wrong, but don't you remember that the Prince Carlos' birthday party today?" 

I nod my head while saying, "Yes, I know his party is today ma'am."

"Well shouldn't you be getting ready?" 

I look at her with a weird expression then I look away quickly and she says, "You don't have anything to wear but your warrior clothes! Come with me then." Before I can tell her anything she grabs my hand and drags me into the castle. She let's go of my hand and we continue walking through the hallways. We pass by the prince and I look away from him as he stops to talk to our mom.

"Mom, where are you going with that girl?"

I wince at his words and mother tells him, "I'm taking her to my closet to find her a dress for your party tonight. I'm going to make Maeve look pretty tonight!!" He sneers and says, "You're going to make HER look pretty? Ha, we'll see about that." I roll my eyes and I start to walk back outside to my post. Mom tells me, "Maeve, come back here please." I turn and I tell her, "With all due respect your majesty, I can't be around him." She clears her throat and I sigh and I walk back over to them. Mom grabs my hand and walks me to her room. I sit on her bed and she goes through clothes in her closet. She walks over to me and says, "Here you go sweetie, try this on." I nod my head and I take my warrior clothes off and I put the dress on. She squeals and I look in the mirror and I tell her, "Mom, are you sure about this?" She nods her head and turns me around, she pushes me back into a chair and starts to do my makeup and styles my hair. I look in the mirror and my bangs are clipped back, I pull the clip out my hair and my bangs fall back down into my face. She groans and I smile as I say, "This is much better." She laughs and shakes her head as she says, "You always have your own style dear." She pulls me into a hug and I hug her back. She starts to get dressed and ready for the party. I hum a song and I close my eyes as I fidget with my dragon necklace. (necklace below)

She looks at me worried and I give her a reassuring smile. She finishes getting ready and walks over to me as she says, "The party started a little bit ago, come on." I nod my head and I stand up, she walks out her room and I follow after her. I keep quiet as we walk down the hallway, we stop a little bit away from the stairs and she walks up to the announcer and he announces, "The queen Sandra and her guardian Maeve." She slowly walks down the stairs elegantly. I hesitate but I follow her down the stairs, people gasp when they see me in the dress. 

I look down at the stairs and I hear people whisper about me. When I reach the bottom of the stairs I walk off to a corner and I stand there away from everybody else. The king walks over to me and says, "I think it's about time I tell you who you really are." I look at him curiously and before he can say anything there's a cackling sound from across the room. I turn my head over there quickly and I see a dark elf standing there. I pull my sword out as she says, "Where is the girl?" 

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