Lost |Thomas - The Scorch Trials|

The maze was Audrey’s home.

She understood nothing besides being sent in that hell-hole.

She didn’t understand why she was there.

She couldn't remember from she was from

Audrey was entirely oblivious to the idea regarding it.

It wasn’t till she discovered the way out, she began to understand the vulnerability of the world.

And encountering Thomas happened to be one of them.


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Numbers of hands tied Audrey down, adhesive strands limiting her from breaking loose, similarly to locking a prisoner. Each movement she twists and turns, only cause adhesive burning to her pale, but delicate skin, leaving marks, showing her scars. She did anything to be heard, scream and bellowed, but no one dared to object, too afraid to defy Ava's order.


Audrey was infuriated, resembling a bonfire that was recently ignited up and never evaporated.


Her lengthy legs, roughly hauled against the sand as she voluntarily let them take her away.


The maze was approaching. The Afterlife Isabella diminished within. Audrey wanted to possess a sense of nostalgia, but she couldn't, she ached to be free, to freely sprint around in the field, and paddle in the blue sea, or the touch of waterfall washing above.


Her vivid images may appear delusional to others. Since, individual who existed had their memories vanquished, like her, but sometimes, she dreams of it, like a picture she had once re-lived. 


She couldn't explain it, but she recognizes those visions was her's. The love ones, she once had, was somewhere out there, presumably anticipating for her. 


Especially Thomas. 


Even though in her thoughts he was blurry, she couldn't overlook the sweet and husky voice that would whisper loving words in her ears and the way he had his heavily-built arms wrapped around her tiny waist. Despite her memories being foggy, and how she hasn't been about to see Thomas for the last two year, she still couldn't forget him, she could've never lost a piece of him.


The blurred face of the five-foot-nine male was the only motivation why she stood up repeatedly, and why the brunette endured all of the misery. Thomas had inspired her to keep moving and seek him, like his closing statements in her reminiscences, before they seized her off, "I love you, Audrey,"




Armed hands pressed her to the ground as Audrey glanced up with droplets gushing under her sapphire ores, "Please!" She repeatedly vociferation, till her voice hoarse, "Thomas!"


The foggy Thomas in her memories tried sought to outreach the brunette, resisting being dragged apart, delaying his trip towards the maze, while their distances become greater as time flies, "Audrey!"


Despite the wailings of their pleading, it did nothing as Thomas was continually being drawn quickly within the chamber of no escape. 


The bellow of his beloved name was the last thing Audrey overheard as she furiously shakes her head, "Please! Don't do this!"


The mechanical door bolted as the clank of a fiend woman's footwear stood undeviatingly right in her display. Audrey persistently solicits, "I  beg of you!" She seized the ankle of the malicious blonde locks, "Consider me in his placement! I'll do anything!"


Her blurry feature was all Audrey could observe as she senses the cooling, but the sharp sting in her arms, injecting the relaxing fluid as her lids slowly grew heavier and heavier, "Remember Audrey, wicked is good," 


Audrey trounced down on the ground as the amount of dose had knocked her out, filling up her vision with darkness, but whatever awaits her was horrid of the beginning of her misery life.


The cries of the newlywed couple were withdrawn, replaced with the liquid overtaking them, kept till it was the opportunity for them to see each other again.




Similarly to her oath to Isabella, She's going to keep her commitment to Thomas. 


Ava held up her hand upward, signaling the pushing and jostling to halt, as Audrey reached the front of The Afterlife. Isabella's research paper delivered directly on the palm of her hand by the newcomer named Jennetta. Out of each of the girls here she was the most pleasant and considerate one, it's a pity to see her wither here similar to the rest.


Audrey gave everyone once final pleading to accompany her, but each person looked away or down, avoiding the warning she had them.


The sound of the entrance to The Afterlife open as the rumbling of ground frightened everyone near, and suddenly a pushed, by none other than Ava as Audrey alighted on the dense ground of sandstone, "Leave,"


Audrey sighed as her heart quicken. She was terrified, she couldn't deny the argument, but she had obliged to locate the loophole. She had a commitment to fulfill and an in search of another life she once had, and the lover whose anticipating for her coming.


Without anything holding Audrey back, she ran, running for life, and out of the frightening place, the other people called home. She couldn't grasp the explanation, but she was content.


Audrey had considerable enthusiasm, she once known in a long time. 


The touch of sand brushing past her delicate skin was unbearable delightful, and the warmth of the sun glistening on Audrey's pale surface was in doubt, an undefined, but astonishing impression.


The newly fresh scent of fire engulfed her nose, in taking it as much as she can. It was oddly addicting, way different from the smell of rain, and she inexplicably enjoyed it.


It wasn't long before the distance from the place others called home disappeared from her sight, she was now welcome into the new world, the world of liberty.


Audrey merriment and joy of scream could be heard everywhere in the labyrinth, even catching the manufacturing scorpion that was haunting towards her way.


The sound of a clanking of the monstrous six-legged beast shortly could be heard a great distance. Without thinking, Audrey's lengthy legs took off, never hesitating once to gasped her breath, only running from the mechanism scorpion that possibly ends her life right on the spot,


In the end, the beast was right behind her, almost catching up, only a few meters away, and prepared for future consequences, she was fast enough to match the direction Isabella once followed.


Audrey didn't know where was heading but knew there was an exit. From what she recalled, Isabella had once told her about following the star, it was odd, but it was the answer. The only problem was seeking for The North Star.


The deadly and horrific roar of the android made her fasten at an inhuman pace, petrified of being gobbled up, almost getting away, till she met a dead end.


The only route out happened to have two perilous options she could go, under or over. Alternative one gambles her life by mounting the top of the creature and let its programmed piercing tips get her, or she could take the jeopardy of sliding beneath the fifty feet giant to scan for a different way out.


It stood right in front of her, green gooey fluid dripping down its destructive opening and its tailpiece keen as a needle, ready to prickle anybody in its direction. It was a horrendous and sickening view to gaze within a creature who swallowed more than fifty people, "Shit,"


"Shit!" That's when it leaped, the mechanical scorpion plummeted so high she neglected to consult with herself for a second, she held no judgment, but to glide underneath the constructing scorpion to escaped its wicked's hold, "Shit,"


Audrey made it, her back stumblingly came in connection with the sandstone, skimming in, praying for her precious experiences to spare her.


Suddenly, she noticed something that caught her attention, a star, underneath the creature, the one Isabella was talking about, the key to her way to the other side. 


It was The North Star, of course, the sun is considered a star, and assumingly, these creatures would always head north like it's chasing the sun. It was completely understandable, Audrey took the blue stone that was labeled as The North Star as quickly as possible as she skidded underneath the monstrosity.


Luckily, she got out on time, or it could've collapsed on top of her, squashing her entirely like how it left a gigantic hole in the sandstone.


Everything shut down, each block of sandstone nearly as tall as the wall crumbled, causing a thunderous sound to spread all around with the ground shaking as hard as an earthquake, and along the way, crushing the androids making it way towards her. The opening of The Afterlife was the only portion of the evidence that held on strong, not even once sinking and breaking into millions of pieces.


On this day, Audrey had finally done it. She completed the promise, and she was finally getting out of this place. 


She could finally see Thomas.


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