Lost |Thomas - The Scorch Trials|

The maze was Audrey’s home.

She understood nothing besides being sent in that hell-hole.

She didn’t understand why she was there.

She couldn't remember from she was from

Audrey was entirely oblivious to the idea regarding it.

It wasn’t till she discovered the way out, she began to understand the vulnerability of the world.

And encountering Thomas happened to be one of them.


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The maze was all Audrey could comprehend.


She understood everything in this place to the edge and the corner.


She knew what was outside the towering and gloomy defense and what could result if you were naive enough to assume you could survive in that suicide puzzle. It was hazardous to even spend a full night in there if you were gallant enough to believe you could breathe on and discover an escape hole.


It was like a labyrinth beyond there, and what lies insides was something you would wish you could never interact or witness.


If it catches a glimpse, you'll be next, like the rest who perished attempting to pursue help.

The continual complex of demise became what Audrey acknowledged as The Afterlife.


It's something yourself wouldn't desire to miss. The petrifying mechanisms that scan for fresh human flesh to stings. The spidery, but keen braces that would cross you within instants or the deadly needle that would pierce through your skin and released poisonous liquid that could turn you into a mindless flesh-eating monstrosity.


If confined within the horrendous sand-like maze, you'll want to wish you'll be lifeless instead.


There would be a specific hour the door binds together, shutting it, keeping the machine-like-scorpion away from where we were, a place where we were all brought by a metal box. But when the clock clicks, so will the entrance of suicide desert. And the repeated pattern starts all over again.


Every day, depending on the hour, there would be a section that rotates, sealed, and cracks. Within an hour inside The Afterlife, a division will rearrange. As per hour progressed, so will the division, it was like a numerical system, giving us a trace.


The only complication is conjecturing the code. 5,8,2,1,7,4,6,3 was the systematic code of each district that converts.


We could've never apprehended a particular purpose for why the numeral changes and why the maze was organized primarily for us, the Tuaregs, but we ought to figure out why.









It was taciturnity, except the din of the flame crackling, burning the midnight away, for one of our cherished friend who was just like us, the brave and the one who desired to know the way out of here.



Her lifeless frame laid on the handcrafted casket, created particularly for her generosity with beautifully carved letters of our farewell on it. While the blaze worked its spell, carrying her to a different place. So she could escape the life she had previously.


Nobody could bear to look up, but instead, most of us had our head hanged low, reluctant to attend at the lifeless figure that rescued a fellow companion.



The golden locks that were once tied up flawlessly in a ponytail were now deliberately converting into ashes allowing the slight breeze to blow it up to paradise, a place where she truly deserves.  The ocean eyes that used to comfort us when we needed a helping hand was now closed in a peaceful demeanor. It was unbearable to witness the heat engulfed her slowly, as each one of us tried to hold the sorrow within us.



Isabella was always so reckless, so inquisitive in the maze, and so unselfish when it came to friends. She was the perfect victim of this horrible world.



All of this could have been prevented, from occurring, If I had only hindered her from being so passionate about the numerical system, she would've still been here, instead of us surrounding the campfire, agonizing over her loss. If only she held on tighter to Ava's hand, she could've been here to tell us she was doing okay.



But Isabella was in a safer place now, far away from this hell-hole.








Naming the qualities of a commander could be a variety of vocabulary to describe them. Trustworthy, honest, reliable, and they knew what was right even if it's indecisive. That was the opposite of Ava. She was a liar, manipulative, and corrupted person.


Nobody could stand up to her, and tell her what she was doing was wrong besides Isabella, the perfect quality of a leader.


Now that she's gone, everybody was too afraid to stand for themselves.


Ava selected as a captain was a mystified reason, but nobody was willing to become the authority figure.  The newcomers were too oblivious to the foreign place, and the very few first people to arrived there had also met the same fate as Isabella. They were so much like her, an inquisitive mind, but because of it, they also were taken away by death itself.


“Silence!” The turbulent slam collides with the oak table, silencing the murmurs wandering around the gathering.


The marquee was packed with people, to be more specific the newcomers. Everybody had their small assemblage, however for Audrey's case, she stood abandoned again, ever since Isabella passes away.


Ava glanced up, studying each one of the apprentice appearances, with no disturbance.  She was the very five people who arrived in the supply box, the one who lived this dreadful landscape for three years.


And a month later after Ava, Isabella appeared, the sixth to be there.


Her brunette locks fell elegantly down her perfectly sculpted features, as her emerald-intruding eyes looked up with command enduring the affliction, and she sighs and furrow, "Not long ago, we lost a comrade," Ava took a pause contemplation, "That's why we have to get one thing straight today!"


She stood up immediately as she glared, almost like she demands it, at us to obey the order. "Nobody steps a foot in The Tuaregs!" Her arms swung back, holding it like she the general.


The rain poured profoundly, for a day that wasn't so perfect. Ava's fatuous belief made it evidential. Being imprison in this hell-hole for two years, you'll start realizing how lonely it is and how suffocating to breathe the air of heavy rain every day. Especially when you have to deal with Ava's thick-witted's mind, she was out of her mind with imprudence. Isabella didn't perish for this! She didn't jeopardize her life to leave us here to disintegrate!


Within instants, without considering, Audrey stood up abruptly grabbing the crowd's attention, "That's absurd!"


"Excuse me?!" Taken back by my outburst, the brunette spontaneously attained right in front of me, face inches apart, her nose flared up, ready for the next sandstorm "Speak up! I dare you too!" She took one more step as if she dared me to question her method.


"The entire idea" The jet-black wavy locks sharply gazed back as she initiated her direction towards the front, "Isabella wasn't willing to go within that hell-hole to die! She went in to find an explanation, an exit. Just to save our sorry ass, to save us all!"


"If us lingering here, rotting our lives away, we'll only be going against Isabella's wished!" Audrey glance around the room, hoping to win a single vote, but as always, nobody was brave enough to stick up against Ava.


In an instance, Audrey was shoved down, "Do you consider going to that scorpion's lair could free us?!" She glared at her, "You witnessed what happened-"


Audrey's hand instantly went around her white clench knuckles, gripping it, to attest she wasn't as spineless, "Her mistake shouldn't be accountability for the only possibility we have out of here,"


Her grimace got close, her emerald eyes didn't show mercy, "Isabella took her opportunity, a ridiculous judgment, to find an exit. And do you know where that got her?! She wasted herself in the maze, and now she's gone!"


She acknowledged that too well. Audrey agreed if she'd took her chance, She'll be just like Isabella, but She esteemed her. Even Isabella knew everything could result if she made one wrong move, but she had confidence, she apprehended the passage out. In her heart, she believes, as long as she was still breathing, still moving, She'll end everything Isabella started.


Not frightened of spending a night in The Afterlife, Audrey articulated like how Izzy coveted, "She was onto something!" she pushed Ava's hooks apart from her shirt including a scowl, standing up, dusting off the crud off, "She knew where the exit is! If all of us traced back her step to where she was last located, we might find the way out!" Audrey had her thin limb up in the air, attempting to convince the others again, but to no avail, no one agreed.


The ones she expected to participate with her, stared away, earning her a mistrust and enraged feeling. For one last time, Audrey gave them a pleading look, but it wasn't long before she glared at them with disbelief.


Ava's eyes trailed the sapphire eyes direction, and she knew she succeeded. Knowingly, nobody was going to take Audrey's side. Ava seized the opportunity to think of the reasonable punishment. Ava smirked as she had her fist grasped upon the hems of her shirt, hoisting her up among their faces inches apart, "Fine if you desire to help Isabella that bad, you can follow her,"


Ava's released the petite figure, while she alighted on the sand with a resounding thud, "Girls! Force her into The Afterlife," She sauntered off, but not without presenting her one last glimpse of victory.


I'll find a way to escape. I promise you, Isabella.


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