Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


7. Unwelcome Guests

Blake walks throughout narrow passageways, mafia members, until he reaches a luxurious wooden door with two familiar GFC members guarding it. Jacob Silverthorne and Gerald Rivershield. They’re one of Blake’s friends. Jacob is a wolf with brown fur and Gerald is an arctic fox.

Jacob: Well who do we have here?

Gerald: Our fellow partner, Blake!

Blake: It’s nice to see you again, guys.

Blake handshakes with the two…

Jacob: Are you okay? You look nervous….

Blake:  I am fine. May I pass?

Gerald: Sure! But what’s up with the hurrying?

Jacob: Yeah! We just saw a group of men rush outside with Raphael….is everything okay?!

Blake: Guys, it’s none of your concern….

Gerald: Something certainly happened Blake, you look devastated. Did something unusual happen outside? Something that we should be aware of? We are not allowed to leave our positions right now so the only way we can know what’s happening outside is by asking people questions….

Blake sighs in grief….

Blake: Fine, if you really want to know then listen up. There were a few misunderstandings and an unnecessary argument which cost one life. Gregory stopped me and demanded my weapons to be given away before I could enter the hideout, apparently Raphael has set new strict rules for the lesser members of this organization including all criminals. They are all forced to surrender their weapons before they can enter the hideout, which sucks! It’s a waste of time! According to Raphael, I am an exception, how wonderful, but yeah everything was going well until Logan showed up. Thanks to Greg and that confounded ferret, Logan, I got slowed down and abused, again. They were confused and didn’t know that I was allowed to enter the hideout with my weapons. We argued and argued until Raphael and his men showed up saving my ass, I guess.

Jacob: Now that’s a compelling story you just told us brother. Do you have more?

Blake sighs in anger…

Blake:  Idiot…. See? This is why I don’t want to talk about it. You think this is a joke but it’s not. It’s the cruel reality.

Gerald: Yeah! Quit being a lighthearted son of a bitch, Jacob.

Jacob: Hey, chill! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to make fun of it.

Blake:  This is some serious shit….

Gerald: You said this cost one life? Whose?

Blake: Logan’s….

Both Gerald and Jacob high five….

Jacob: That’s some REALLY GREAT news! I hope you don’t mind us being cheerful about Logan’s death but everyone hated that miserable ferret except Greg!

Blake: Of course not!  His death is gratifying!

Gerald: It sure is! Hey, Blake, where are you heading right now?

Blake: To the boss’s office. I would’ve already been there if you guys didn’t stop me. Anyway, have you guys heard of this appointment Raphael is holding? 

Jacob: Oh yeah, I heard he is organizing an appointment but we don't know any specific details about it yet. Let's hope we are involved in it as well, cuz I am sick of standing here for hours. He had a call with an anonymous caller yesterday and ever since then he seems uneasy.....he might be up to something, time will tell what.

Gerald: That's damn right! Anyways good luck Blake! You may pass...

Blake: Weird...

Gerald opens the door for him and lets Blake pass…. The room behind the wooden door is a huge hall, a complete rowdy casino full of mobsters and criminals with music playing everywhere. This is the hideout of all the criminals of Zootopia. It has been built under the supervision of Raphael to provide all the bloodthirsty criminals a safe place where they can live, heal when they get injured, and have various meetings. It is divided into several sections and offers many services. It has a shooting range, gym, tavern, armory, cafeteria, saunas, swimming pools and many more! The GFC mafia, serves as the police force here. Every criminal is loyal to each other. The complex is a heavily guarded place, well-secured and hidden from the ZPD. Blake walks past several people and takes a few turns until he reaches a district full of the GFC mafia. There are many path walks and offices in this district and it serves as the HQ of the GFC mafia. The mafia is aware of the new regulations and the exceptions and lets Blake pass. No criminal is allowed to walk beyond this point. He walks through a long hallway with a golden door at the end of it. The door has a golden fang and Raphael’s name carved into it. Blake opens the door and enters Raphael’s office. There’s a big table in the middle of the room, a variety of expensive decorations on the walls and a huge portrait of Raphael hung on the wall at the end of the room. Blake notices an arctic vixen wrapped around a chair, beaten up and bloody. He walks up to her with curiosity….

Blake: Well, hello there! What….happened to you, young lady?

She responds with a low voice full of fear…

Nicole: Did you come to kill me?

Blake: No? I am just wondering what the hell are you doing here restrained in Raphael’s room? I was told to come here.

Nicole: You’re not one of them, aren’t you?

Blake: Me? What are you talking about?  Look, I didn’t come here to help you or talk to you. I don’t even know you. I have never seen you around here, who the hell are you?

Nicole: My name is Nicole.....but don’t bother remembering because I’ll be dead in a few minutes if you don’t set me free! Please! Help me sir!

Blake:  What?! I am not touching you! Raphael and his men should be back in any minute now…

Nicole begins to beg and sob quietly….

Nicole: Please sir! For the love of god, release me! I didn’t do anything wrong! I have no idea where I am at all nor who this Raphael guy is.

Blake: Stop! First of all, why are you beaten up and wrapped around the chair I should be sitting on for fuck’s sake?

Nicole: There’s no time for questions and answers!

Blake: I swear if you keep refusing answering my questions I WILL personally kill you right now without even caring about what your purpose of being here actually is…

Nicole quiets down as Blake sits next to her on another chair….

Blake:  Speak…

Nicole: I won’t! Who are YOU?! You don’t look like one of them mafia dudes…

Blake sighs in annoyance….

Blake:  I am not. I am just a hired hitman who does the bidding of his boss, Raphael. This is my horrendous job. That’s it. I don’t really belong here.

Nicole: Then I suppose it wouldn’t be a big deal if you cut the cord around me and set me free!

Blake: Don’t even think about it! I am loyal to this organization and I am one of the most favored hitmen here. I am not here to betray anyone and most importantly, I am not here to save lives and such. You must’ve done something that made you end up like this.  

Nicole:  Fine, I will explain. They killed all of my friends!!!! I told them we should avoid venturing into this weird looking underground metropolis but they wouldn’t listen! They followed some weird looking mammals who were heading towards the entrance of this underground. I’ve got no other choices other than follow my friends and see what they were up to. Once we entered this hellhole, we saw many magnificent statues in a hallway we shouldn’t have entered at all. My friends decided to spray and draw some obscene objects on them. We didn’t notice the cameras and the fact that we have all been watched the whole time. Minutes later, a group of weasels dressed in pitch black clothes or some sort of ninja suits with various sharp knives, daggers and swords stormed in the hallway. We were forced to get on the ground and hold still. Lastly, this….tyrannical…..damned lynx came in and began questioning us all…..my friends…..seemingly committed a crime and he said they didn’t deserve forgiveness so he stabbed each one of them with one of his many daggers and then he literally cut off each of my friends’ heads with his swords, he fucking decapitated them all!!!!!

Nicole tries not to break down….

Nicole: I don’t know why….but he spared me….and told me that he will….deal with me later. I was taken to this room afterwards. I kept being resistant so they beat me up along the way…

Blake: Interesting….why would Kyle spare a feminine arctic fox?

Nicole: Kyle?

Blake: Yeah. Our cold-blooded, bloodthirsty assassin and executioner. He has his own little group of “minions” who do what he desires for. You’re lucky girl. Very lucky tonight. You’re going to have your head chopped off as well.

Nicole: Please tell me you’re joking! I just want to go home! Please let me free sir! I didn’t mean to damage anything here. I was just following my friends and trying to convince them to return back to the surface.

Blake: Look, this is going to be sorted out in a few minutes. This is absolutely none of my business. You were still involved. You shouldn’t have come here at all. Why would you follow your impish friends all the way down here?

Nicole: I didn’t want to stay outside alone....but look! Have you ever done something good in your life? Have you ever made someone happy and pleased by doing a good deed?

Blake remains silent and emotionless….

Nicole: How about your family? Do they know that you are involved in a series of crimes you all violent criminals commit every single day down here and all around this beautiful city?

Blake: ENOUGH! My family is dead and I wish they were alive. Their death made me a nobody, can’t you see the pain in my eyes?

Both Blake and Nicole stare into their eyes….

Nicole: I….I am sorry to hear that….but….but ask yourself, would your wife or kids ever want to see you in such a state like this? Would you ever make them proud?

Blake almost breaks down, leans against the chair and stairs at the ceiling….

Blake: No…. I know they’re up there. In heaven. Watching over me and crying. Kids...missing their daddy....wife missing her husband..... They are waiting for me to join them and start a new life somewhere safe, somewhere beautiful. I believe in afterlife and I promised my dying wife and kids that I would stay strong and keep going until the end. I just….I just wish I could die right now. But I keep my promises. My journey doesn’t end here and I know they don’t want me dead. I shall join them one day when the right time….comes which I hope is soon….

Blake wipes his tears….

Nicole: Are you…are you crying?

Blake:  Yes I mean….no. My eyes are just….being itchy…

Blake walks around the room to alleviate the emotional strain….

Nicole: I don’t know what to say. I am extremely sorry about that. I wish it never happened to you. I have a loving family waiting for me too, at home. I can feel how eagerly my sister is waiting for my return. I can smell the fresh smell of the meal my mom is cooking for lunch. The only thing that really makes me anxious is the fact that I won’t….see…them anymore.

At that moment, Blake pulls out his combat knife walks up to Nicole, and cuts the cord around her, freeing her.

Blake: There. You’re free. Go home, be with your family while you can. Show them how much you love them….live your life in….magnificence….

Nicole stands up and hugs Blake making him astounded by that unexpected hug, then he rubs her back…

Nicole: Thank you! Could you please lead me out? I don’t know which way is the exit…

Blake:  No problem. Frankly, I don’t think you deserve to be punished. You shall be free and yes I can lead you outside but we gotta hurry up, and if you get caught, that’s gonna be the end for you.  Follow me!

Blake and Nicole walk up to the door only to hear footsteps behind it…

Blake:  Hold up! Shit! They’re coming!

Nicole: Oh no! What are we going to do now?

Blake: Sit back on your chair and stay put, okay?

Nicole: This is NOT gonna end well, goddammit.

Blake: Remain calm and sit down already!

Nicole sits back on her chair. Blake opens the door and notices Raphael walking towards him. He enters his office as Blake holds the door open for him, then he closes it. He notices Nicole sitting on her chair….

Raphael: Blake, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend….

Raphael walks up to his chair, sits down and opens a drawer taking a cigar out of it. Shortly after, Blake sits next to Nicole…

Blake: Actually, she is not my girlfriend. She was already sitting in your office the time I arrived.

Raphael: C’mon Blake, we don’t need any unnecessary uninvited guests. Who called me? Is she the reason I was told to come here?

Nicole: Sir, am I allowed to leave this room?

Raphael: Fuck no! What the hell are you doing here in my office beaten up and bloody? You don’t even look like an approved criminal of our organization. How do you want to justify your presence?

Nicole remains quiet and depressed. Raphael lights his cigar and begins smoking….

Blake: Look, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She was just hanging out with her friends and they surprisingly managed to enter the complex somehow and damage a few of your statues in the exhibition hall. I know she was involved BUT she hasn’t touched anything. She was trying to make them leave but they didn’t listen so they have been all taken care of. Just let her go…punishing her for nothing would be a nonsensical act…

Raphael: Why the fuck wasn’t I informed about this? I really hate being unaware of the events that occur around this underground compound. How did they manage to sneak in? Are they captured? Free? Who is responsible for her seizure? There’s so many questions that need to be answered. Goddammit looks like we aren’t heading to this conference room anytime soon.

Blake: Conference room?

Raphael: Yes! We’re going to gather some of our men and I am going to brief you there. There’s a very important assignment waiting for some of you. Now, back to the point...

Raphael glances at Nicole….

Raphael: Who the fuck seized you?!

Nicole: It was that weird abominable lynx who did all of this….

Raphael: Kyle?!

At that moment, three loud knocks are heard on the door….

Raphael: COME IN!

The door opens and a lynx figure appears with a menacing look along with his smaller companions, weasels. They look exactly like Nicole described them. The Ninja weasels stay outside as their leader orders them to hold their positions outside. The lynx steps in the room. It’s revealed that it’s the Golden Fang Clan’s assassin and executioner. Kyle Swiftmark. He is dressed in pure black clothes and wears a bandana with white skulls. He has several types of weaponry suitable for stealthy purposes attached to his belt including shurikens and daggers. He uses katana swords to annihilate anyone who opposes him. The swords are attached to his back. Kyle walks up to Nicole and gazes at her….  

Raphael: Excellent! You’re just in time, Kyle! You’ve got a lot of explaining to do…

Kyle doesn’t listen to anyone and focuses his vision on Nicole who is trembling in enormous fear....

Kyle: Never….call….a caring….handsome lynx abominable ever again you cheeky, little, mischievous girl. That was so rude in fact, it was very offensive, you intruder.

Nicole remains in extreme shock and has a cold sweat all on her forehead….

Raphael: Kyle, I suppose you want to elucidate this whole damn situation too. Tell me your story from your perspective, I am all ears…

Kyle: This pesky scoundrel had something in common with her friends when they ventured down into the exhibition hall. They damaged some of our statues and my precious portraits by spraying all kinds of childish, naive objects on them! So I decided to detain her….

Blake: Kyle, hear me out. She explained everything to me. She did NOT touch anything nor damage anything by spraying shit on your monotonous damn portraits. She is innocent. She tried to make them leave but they didn’t listen.

Kyle: I don’t give a damn. She was nothing but an accomplice. She shouldn’t have followed them at all. Don’t trust these teenagers. She could be lying too! You don’t know what exactly happened down there, neither do I but that doesn’t mean I should believe every single word that comes out of her filthy mouth. Also, I remember I ordered my minions to restrain her with a cord. Don’t think I didn’t notice that Blake. You released her. How dare you! You cut the cord!

Blake: Mate, don’t be so damn meticulous! She felt uncomfortable and the cord was very tight so I decided to cut her free because…why not?

Raphael: Cut to the chase you two! Just ask her one question. How much has she seen of our establishment?

Nicole: Pretty…..much……everything. This is a terrible place and you should be all arrested for running such an organization which is morally unlawful. Shame on you all!

Nicole looks up at Kyle with a frowned, upset face….

Nicole: And you…….you heartless moron, you should rot in hell!

Kyle whacks her across her face while Blake sits in complete silence….

Kyle: Watch your filthy mouth, you interloper! Show some proper respect to us! We HAVE our OWN law here and you’re not privileged to dwell here nor enter this place whatsoever!

Raphael: It seems she has seen enough. Our brotherhood cannot be exposed to the public and the ZPD.  She would disclose the Golden Fang Clan if we let her go. Why would you spare her life by the way?

Nicole: Because he wants to rape me. He should’ve spared all of us! Not just me! It’s not fair!

Kyle: Shut up, slut. You’re my….let’s say…chosen one! I couldn't kill such a beautiful princess, well at least not yet....

Kyle walks behind her putting both of his hands on her shoulders as he speaks to her with an intimidating voice…

Kyle: I thought it’d be a good idea to interrogate you in front of our imperious leader, Raphael so he can see what kind of daring, pesky beautiful chick dared sneak into our hideout with her friends from the “outer” world. Oh babe, I will ENJOY dismantling you!

Nicole: You’re FUCKING insane!

Raphael laughs diabolically and puts his legs on the table again…

Raphael: How nice of you, Kyle. Your efforts catching these odious teenagers weren’t left in vain! She has been already interrogated in case you didn’t realize. I’ve got much more important work to do with Blake now and don’t worry about the statues and the portraits, they’re salvageable. Now, dispose of her! I’ve heard and seen enough!

Kyle: As you wish!

Nicole begins to breathe more intensely being worried of her fate closing in as Kyle softly touches her head with his hand and starts talking to her with a quiet, more intimidating voice….

Kyle: It’s going to be alright, darling! There’s no need to be apprehensive. Kyle is gonna take care of you! Where should I begin? Let’s start with the limbs…or…wait…no…..perhaps with your throat? Whatever! I’ll let you choose your FATE! Would you like to have your body parts chopped off slowly one by one, which is of course, the most painful way OR maybe you’d prefer a quicker death by cutting your throat instead? I prefer the second choice. You’d make a brilliant bloody fountain.


Kyle: Thanks for the compliment, darling.

Nicole stands up and tries to run away but gets grasped by Kyle from behind, who pushes her against the wall putting his dagger next to her throat threatening her and becoming aggressive.

Kyle: Hey! Don’t try to escape, girlie. How about I cut your throat this instant? I’d love to see your blood spout everywhere in this room! I LOVE. THE. SMELL. OF. FRESH. BLOOD!

Nicole: Please don’t do this to me! I apologize on the behalf of my friends you killed but I don’t deserve to die! I did NOTHING WRONG!

She starts crying. Blake doesn’t hesitate and interferes….

Blake:  Kyle! Don’t! Why do you have to be so damn ferocious and violent all the fucking time? Don’t execute her! Killing someone is not always the right solution!

Kyle turns to Blake while pushing Nicole against the wall with one hand….

Kyle: SILENCE! I can’t carry out my job like this! You don’t tell me what to do. You better shut up or you’re next! Punishing people by executing them is my job! Violence is what makes me strong!

Blake: Oh for fuck’s sake! How about we keep her in imprisonment?

Kyle: Yeah so you can set her free anytime! You’re so clever Blake but you won’t outwit me! Can’t you see? Her innocent feminine whimpering and begging for freedom is manipulating with your mind, jackass! Don’t listen to her!

Nicole: Please, show a bit of mercy…I don’t want to die this young. I’ve got a family…they need me.

Raphael: I’d appreciate it if you could execute her somewhere else other than in my office, Kyle.

Kyle: It’s too late Raphael! I’ll finish her off this instant! You didn’t specifically tell me where and when to kill her.

Kyle turns back to Nicole and puts the dagger close to her neck again, ready to cut it….

Kyle: Where did I left off?

Raphael: Kyle, I am serious! Take her to one of your torture chambers for Christ’s sake!

Blake: NO! Just spare her life! We’ll think of something that will keep her alive and ensure that our hideout won’t get exposed to the public at the same time!

Kyle: Just lock your cursed mouth already! You’re nothing but a hindrance for me at the very moment! Shove off already! I don’t have time to negotiate!!!

Nicole: Blake! Help me! Save my life! Correct…your...mistakes…..be the hero of the day!!! PLEASE!


Blake doesn’t hesitate anymore, stands up and approaches Kyle from behind….

Blake:  What do you think you’re doing? If you make the slightest cut on her throat, I will neutralize you!

Raphael: Knock it off! BOTH OF YOU! Blake sit down, Kyle, I command you to leave my office and take her with you right now!

Kyle drops the dagger, turns around and faces Blake, ignoring Raphael’s commands. Both Kyle and Blake ferociously look into their eyes….

Kyle: Who do you think YOU are Blake? You have no authority at all therefore you’re just a sleazy bastard…

Blake:  I may be a sleazy bastard with no authority whatsoever, BUT I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THE INNOCENT!!!


Kyle punches Blake in his abdomen with a speed of a lightning and does a spinning hook kicking him right into his face making him fall over. In the meantime, Nicole rushes to the room’s door and opens it while Kyle deals with Blake. There are a few of Kyle’s henchmen guarding the hallway. Nicole manages to flee from Kyle as she runs past everyone in the hallway trying to look for an exit. Kyle’s henchmen immediately run after her. Kyle becomes aware of Nicole running away and gets upset…

Kyle: Look what did you just do, you fool!

He responded to Blake with a furious voice full of hatred. Raphael stands up and walks up to Kyle while Blake is laying on the ground trying to get up while feeling dizzy….

Raphael: You uncooperative, rebellious bastard! What do you think you’re doing?! I DID NOT come here to be thwarted by your disobedience and stubbornness! SHOWTIME IS OVER! YOU HEAR ME?! NO! MORE! FOOLING! AROUND! YOU DAMN SCHIZO!

Kyle: I am not the one to blame here, Raphael! Look at this poor idiotic fox. He’s the one responsible for this mayhem, not me! I always do what you ask me to do. I had to do this. He was about to take harmful action on me from behind. Someone has to teach him a lesson, you know? You were sitting on your ass the whole time doing nothing but telling me what to do….

Raphael growls in anger and picks up Kyle by his neck….


Kyle: Don Raphael…..accept….my apology…..You’re right….

Raphael carries Kyle to the door and tosses him out to the hallway.

Raphael: Respect and courtesy is what I demand from you and my subordinates. NOW, GO! FIND HER AND BRING ME HER CORPSE AND YOU’LL BE FORGIVEN!!!

Raphael slams the door and walks up to Blake. Meanwhile Kyle stands up and runs after his henchmen tracking down Nicole….

Raphael: Stand up, Thunder. 

Blake:  Screw this lynx….seriously.

Blake stands up and sits back on the chair….

Blake:  He is the one who should be expelled from this organization.

Raphael: I wish I could do that but since this son of a bitch is one of the toughest warriors out there, it’s better off when we keep him in this organization regardless of his inadmissible behavior.

Raphael sits back on his chair and puts his legs back on the table ready to interact with Blake…


Chapter End! To Be Continued!

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