Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


8. Reunion

Raphael: At last, we can now proceed to the conference room.

Blake: Before we go, what’s up with these new regulations for all the hitmen and the lesser members of this organization?

Raphael: Oh I know what you’re talking about. It’s true. I have set strict rules for the lesser members of this organization or in other words, for the criminals in general. They’re obliged to store all of their weapons in the weaponry or just hand them over to the qualified GFC members before they are allowed to enter the main hall. This is all because of security reasons. You, however, don’t need to follow this rule since you’re an exception. I do consider you as an official member of this organization considering how much you’ve done for it and I trust you.

Blake: I am so flattered now. Thanks boss. So what’s been bothering you lately? You wouldn’t call me if you didn’t have a problem to solve.

Three loud knocks are heard on the door again interrupting the conversation between Blake and Raphael…

Blake: Oh not again, I assume this must be that dreadful………….

The door gets kicked open and it is Kyle again, covered in blood dragging Nicole slaughtered on the floor leaving a long line of blood behind on the floor…

Blake: Lynx………….

Kyle: Your package has been delivered, Don Raphael.

He throws Nicole’s body in front of Raphael’s table…

Raphael: You back already?!

Raphael sighs in annoyance….

Kyle: Is there anything else you would like me to do?

Raphael: Yes, definitely! CLEAN THE DAMN FLOOR!

Kyle: Oh my apologies, your majesty. It will be glossy and clean in no time!

He whistles loud and his henchmen start cleaning the floor in the hallway…..

Blake: You’re a damn idiot, Kyle. A worthless piece of shit killing the innocent. Why didn't you spare her? I’ve had enough of your carnage. Raphael, why don’t you rule this simpleton out already….

Raphael: Blake! Quiet!

Blake: Well excuse me Raphael but I’d rather happily get the hell out of here now and wait for you in the conference room just so I don’t need to talk to this trash….

Kyle: BLAKE! For future reference, are you afraid of death? Because you better be. Your blood has a huge significance to me.

Blake: I am not afraid of anything death related but I am afraid of being the one dismembering you one day…. So, are you done yet? We’ve threatened each other. Now we are even, wacko. 

Kyle: Pathetic fool.

Raphael: Do not start monkeying around again! Now, dump her damn corpse.

Kyle: Yes, don Raphael.

Kyle is about to whistle again to call in one of his henchmen but gets interrupted by Raphael…

Raphael: Do it yourself, Kyle. You’re the one who dragged her in, so why don’t you do the same by carrying her out all by yourself?

Kyle: You’re right! That’s…fairly understandable.

He walks up to her dead body and grabs legs ready to drag her out of Raphael’s room but he gets interrupted by Raphael AGAIN….

Raphael: Fool!!! I am being very particular with my words. I clearly said to carry her outside and not drag her outside. Don’t get the damn floor dirty again.

Kyle: Looks like I really was destined, to do all the dirty work….

Kyle picks up Nicole’s dead body and carries her outside closing the door behind….

Blake: I’ll meet you in the conference room then.

Raphael: Good. I’ll be there soon! I gotta have a phone call with someone…. Leave the room.

Blake stands up and goes outside of the office. As soon as he walks out he notices the hallway being completely desolated, with no GFC members nor Kyle’s minions around. Only rowdy music is heard playing from the main hall packed with criminals. He starts walking confidently being a bit relieved that no one stands in his way. He suddenly gets pulled by someone to one of the corridors that are poorly lit. It is again revealed, that it’s Kyle. He pushes Blake against the wall…

Kyle: Hello my loathsome nemesis! We have an unfinished business!

Blake: I knew you’d show up! What are you up to now? I’ve had enough of your wicked behavior!

Kyle: You better shut your filthy mouth if you don’t want to get fatally injured or even better, killed! You fool!  

Blake: Let’s just settle it once and for all, what the hell do you want? I thought we were even….

Kyle grabs Blake by his jacket with both of his hands and hauls him to the other side of the corridor pushing him to the wall violently. Blake laughs and sighs at the end….

Blake: I know you’re pissed off at me because Raphael was covering my back in his office and I put the blame on you!

Kyle gets really upset and grabs Blake’s neck lifting him up in the air while pushing him against the wall lightly choking him and starts talking to him with a really malevolent tone in his voice….

Kyle: You disrespected me back there! You always meddle in my affairs by commanding and interrupting me while I carry out my job. Thanks to you, I got my ass kicked by Raphael! I am known as the KAT! I am supposed to punish deceitful members of the clan, criminals and intruders. I am the deliverer of pain, the reaper of souls. You fucking get it? Everyone in this clan has a specific role and everyone joined for a reason!!!

Kyle tosses Blake against the wall on the other side of the corridor, falling on the floor coughing….. He stands up and faces Kyle…..

Blake: That’s because you deserved it! You always pick the violent way of dealing with things or mammals especially with innocents!!! Your sick mind is full of immorality…… and it’s unable to accept failure and denial!!!! You won’t achieve shit with your deleterious behavior!

Kyle approaches Blake one more time and pushes him against the wall again while grasping his shoulder hard…

Kyle: You’re so incorrect! I deserve honor! Respect! So goddammit stop ruining my reputation you argumentative piece of shit! If you try to oppose me one more time, that’s going to be the end for you!

Kyle pulls out one of his daggers and pierces a hole into the wall right next to Blake’s neck with it…


Blake: Your words lack importance to me, get lost already, you freak, and you’re wasting my time…

Kyle: Tell me! Why did you join?!

Blake: I said get lost….


Blake sighs nervously and answers…

Blake: Fine, if you insist. Raphael offered me a help immediately after a group of thugs killed my family and he promised me to track down those bastards if I join. I made a decision and joined this clan so he would locate those bastards being responsible for that assault but it appears he has no luck finding them. He forced me to sign a contract too so now I am stuck here with assholes like you. Happy now? That’s why I fucking joined. Now get outta my sight!

Kyle starts talking to Blake sarcastically….

Kyle: What a sad story…..I even shed a tear. Give me some tissues, will ya? Okay I’ve had enough of your dull poor stories from the past. Whatever the fuck happened with your family, it has become a history which should be forgotten! You will be able to send them my regards soon and tell them that Uncle Kyle sent you after I’ve hung your head in my office.

Blake: Dude you should be so ashamed of yourself! You can’t even show a little bit of empathy to others who suffer…..get lost already…. I have to go to the meeting…and could you please stop threatening me for at least one day….

Kyle: I was born that way! I am destined to make others suffer, not make them happy! Blake, be on your guard, I can kill you anytime I want and anywhere I want without warning! I am merely waiting for the right time to come! You may go now and remember the lesson I taught you. Don’t make me catch you in one of these corridors again to have a little friendly talk with you all over again. If I catch you again the second time, I will rupture your skull, tear out your spine from your body and rip off your skin, do you fucking understand me?

Blake, under extreme pressure and fear, respects Kyle’s words and agrees with him.

Blake: Yes…..

Kyle backs off and disappears in the shadows….

Blake: This can’t keep going on repeatedly….

He sighs in sorrow and walks out of the poorly lit corridor. A few moments later in the conference room…

The GFC’s best members are seen sitting all around a large, wide meeting table, talking loud. Blake is sitting next to Raphael. There’s also one unoccupied chair next to Raphael prepared for an unknown participant. Raphael’s personal bodyguard, Gregory, is standing right behind him with his arms crossed.

Raphael: Silence!

Everyone quietens down….

Raphael: Thank you Gregory for assembling my men for an important conversation.

Gregory: No problem, boss.

Gerald: So, the whole place is crowded boss, we’re all ready for the briefing or whatever you have on your mind…

Jacob: Thank god we don’t need to stand by the entrance door frozen and guard it like one of them Buckingham palace guards…

Raphael: Alright! Keep your witty remarks for yourselves, where shall we begin? So….

As soon as Raphael begins talking, one of the GFC members bursts open the door, bloody and beaten up seeking for help. A wolf with an antique white fur and cyan eyes appears behind him. Some of his fur on his head is blue. He is dressed up in a combat suit with an M16 rifle attached to his back and an exquisite machete in his holster. Everybody gazes at him as he walks in…..

Raphael: Impossible! You….you must be…

Wolfward: Agent Wolfward. I apologize for my tardy arrival. The traffic of Zootopia is very heavy nowadays. Also, you must be the one whom I talked to over the phone. I recognize your malignant voice.

Gregory: Boss, how come they didn’t disarm him at the entrance and ….how is it possible he even got here?

Raphael: That’s a very questionable occasion……just……what the hell…..

Everyone in the room is shocked about how this mysterious wolf got into the compound…

Raphael: You were supposed to call me after you arrived, not relentlessly knock everyone out in your way. You even used one of my men to lead you to your destination.

Gregory: Trespassing is not tolerated Mr. Wolfward.

Raphael: You heard Gregory! We were expecting your arrival but you weren’t authorized to enter the compound. I told you to call me goddammit. I would send some of my men to escort you to this room.

Wolfward: Oh so they weren’t trying to mislead or trick me. Don’t worry….I just incapacitated those goons in the hallway, well uh…to be honest some of them might have a broken jaw, arm….heck they might even have a severe concussion. They’re completely safe from demise.

He cracks his joints and approaches the meeting table. All of the GFC members pull out their guns except Blake, and point them at Agent Wolfward….

Wolfward: And I don’t tolerate the approach of your men, just so you know! I thought you’d all welcome me here but it turned out you guys perceive me as an unfavorable fella. Whatever happened, get over it! They all deserved it! Now, put those miserable tatty guns away, and Raphael, you should teach your monkeys to be a bit less harsh. Give them bananas instead of guns, they look awful with them, really.

Gerald: You’re lucky Kyle isn’t here, pal!

Wolfward: Kyle? Heard of him. He disgusts me and I think….he is in fact, the lucky one who avoided me. He’s hidden under his mommy’s skirt, shivering in fear. So, where’s the disco ball? I thought you were arranging a party over here.

Jacob: Guys, this wolf is AWESOME! He is my kind! I mean c’mon! We should all appreciate his presence here. He’s trying to help us!

Everyone stares at Jacob with upset faces, some of them rolling their eyes…..

Jacob: Oh……never…mind…..

Raphael: Wolfward, did you come here to make a scene? To be considered as a fearsome unstoppable jerk? This is not a damn circus! You brainless buffoon! I’ve hired you for a purpose. Now get your obdurate ass over here and sit down, the chair is yours.

Wolfward: Raphael….these boneheads are still aiming their water guns at me! I feel considerably unsettled…. I am way too scared to even make a tiny step….

Raphael: You heard the cute wolf, guns down.

Everyone puts their gun away…..

Wolfward: Now we’re talking!

Gerald: You shouldn’t act like this here, you have no idea about the firepower of the GFC! So, could you please stop acting like a dominant alpha wolf here before we let’s say, wipe you out for good? Raphael, you clearly hired the wrong operative for this job….

Everyone in the room agrees with Gerald then Wolfward starts walking slowly around the table making others feel uncomfortable….

Wolfward: So, I shouldn’t act like this eh? How silly. This organization lacks defenses, I saw it myself. It can be so easily ravaged. If you think y’all have a mighty firepower, you’re wrong. You’re all weak. No wonder why Raphael wants me and my highly trained combatants to help you. So yeah, needless to say, the way I act is how I build proper respect. I don’t really care about my reputation, you either evaporate from my sight or befriend me. It’s up to you how you decide to treat me and of course the way you treat me, makes me either a good wolfie, or a bad wolfie. I mean how could you mistreat such a cute, handsome wolfie like I am? Lastly, I am simply here for the money, you’re all just negligible poor bastards. I don’t need your help cuz I got my own team of competent operatives waiting for me outside. I am only interested in talking to your boss, Raphael. Now, keep your dirty muzzles shut tight.

He walks to the unoccupied chair next to Blake and addresses Blake’s silence….

Wolfward: Hey, you! You didn’t even point your gun at me, why? You sit in complete silence pal, are you okay?

Wolfward sits next to Blake….

Blake: I just…..don’t like getting involved in conversations that are none of my concern…..

Wolfward: That’s good! You seem to be a pretty friendly fella to me. See? Why aren’t you all as quiet and gentle like this fella over here? What’s your name?

Blake: Does it really matter?

Wolfward: Yes it does. I am gonna need to call you somehow during the operation and….you……..oh my……you remind me of someone from my childhood I loved with all my heart…..

Blake: Okay? It’s ….Blake.

Wolfward: Blake?

Wolfward becomes silent and dejected….

Blake: Are you okay?

Wolfward: Blake….

Blake: YES?!

Wolfward: It’s nothing….sorry. Raphael, you may begin the briefing….

Raphael: You had enough of your trivial chatter? Brilliant!

Gregory: Uhm…boss? You are really going to let all of this go? He is very spiteful and I do not advise you to trust him.

Raphael: I give zero fucks about what he thinks of us as long as he gets the job done successfully. Now, let’s get to the main event of this assembly. The long awaited briefing, starting with the purpose of this clan. This organization provides criminals with support and everything they need to be effective at their job. They make our clan prosperous. Many of the criminals live deep in the city or somewhere in its region but the majority lives here, underground with us. Some of them decide to leave Zootopia and live their lives in a foreign country, outside of Zootopia whereas still being responsible for the safety of our organization. If any of the criminals or any of the mafia members get captured and exposed by the police, they’re obliged to remain silent about all the activities of our organization including its members. I am afraid my old friend and the former member of the Golden Fang Clan, Victor Barker, is up to something that might put all of us in grave danger. He owes me a lot of money! I talked to him over the phone and he is unwilling to cooperate unless we dispatch Blake to his location. That garrulous punk called me a pirate and then he hung up.

The majority of the participated clan starts chuckling and laughing quietly at Raphael…

Raphael: The fuck are y’all laughing at?

Everybody quietens down and some members clear their throats….

Raphael: Kindly stop with the damn mockery….

Wolfward: That rabbit needs to be taught a very important lesson about how to behave in front of your superiors….

Blake: Let’s cut to the chase. Are you saying he demands me to visit him, personally?  

Raphael: You got the point! I need you to take care of him! But, you’re not going alone. We’re dispatching other operatives to his location along with you. Agent Wolward’s pack of highly trained wolves will provide you with help. Victor does NOT await anyone else besides you. So we’re taking advantage over this situation. We will use you to divert his attention while the rest of the gang preps for an ambush. I am pretty sure he hired some guards too.

Blake: But what exactly did he do wrong that he needs to be urgently taken into custody by the GFC? With all due respect, I am not willing to hurt him in any way or kill him. He is a really good friend who always stood by my side and supported me, well mostly annoyed me to be honest….

Raphael: Don’t worry, we’re not killing him unless it will be damn necessary due to his defiance. We don’t know what he is up to and guess what, he is the only client we are unable to reach. We don’t know where exactly he lives but YOU know!

Blake: Client?

Raphael: Yeah, to clarify everything, I’ll explain. Several months ago, he filled in a contract with us. As you may know, he is a weapon trader and a stupid comedian, a damn talking machine. He owns a huge arsenal of weapons and drugs. He wouldn’t be such a big weapon and drug dealer if I didn’t lend him half million dollars just so he could pay off the bills and buy a new property. After he moved, he didn’t provide his new home address to us, lame! His family was in a financial ruin so I basically saved his ass and his family upon his request. I knew I could trust him that time because he is a former member of our clan. But I made a terrible mistake and so did he. Instead of using my money wisely, that punk bought dozens of weapons and drugs after paying for his bills and taxes. Now, he is refusing to pay off his debts. He runs a business with weapons and drugs in his messy burrow. He keeps profiting from that and who knows, he must have grossed over 2 million dollars, or even more! That’s fundamentally my money! You and some of my men along with Wolfward’s operatives are going to visit his residence to restrain him and smuggle all the loot and goods back to our hideout. Bring him back so he can rendezvous with me and I will try my best to formally come to a solution without raising a hand against him. This assignment is imperative!!! He will be forced to pay off his debts after interrogation. As a punishment, we will take all of his loot and goods from his property that is profitable for our clan.

Wolfward: We’ll do it as you please but what if he won’t listen to us?

Raphael: If he refuses to cooperate, shoot him with a tranquilizer dart we will provide you with and transport his loot back to Zootopia to the rendezvous point along with him. He will wake up wrapped around a chair ready for interrogation. He clearly said to me over the phone that he will cooperate and conduct further actions if we send Blake over to his house. I don’t know what he wants from Blake but everyone be on your guard. Also Blake, don’t listen to anything he will say. Try to get some info out of him by asking him some questions before you put that puny insignificant rabbit to sleep. And Wolfward, try to choose your decisions wisely and don’t try anything clever! I am counting on you and your men! Once he has been taken care of, my men will secure his house and start scavenging the whole place searching for weaponry, drugs and anything that will make us even wealthier bastards. Also, expect a few surprises as well. He might’ve hired bodyguards as well. So be extremely cautious while entering his household.

Wolfward: So this is basically a smuggling operation. Nothing way too risky. We underwent these types of operations numerous times before. Good thing we have four vans outside. We can easily load them with Mr. Barker’s goods.

Raphael: Excellent! We will still use some of ours just in case. Also, try to use as much stealth as possible. We don’t want to alert the ZPD. They’d cause us major trouble. Remember, this is a crucial operation. If it goes well, our clan will become even more prosperous. We can even outperform other criminal organizations if we succeed. The goods including drugs, weaponry and such will compensate for the money we lost thanks to that selfish rabbit.

Jacob: This is gonna be so awesome! We get to choose whether we want to undertake this operation using stealth, or just go full Rambo mode.

Gerald: You better come to your senses, mate! This isn’t a damn game, kiddo. There are no revives or second chances, you fuck up once and you can kiss your ass goodbye!

Wolfward: A quick recap, we travel to Bunnyburrow, have a little chatter with Mr. Barker, disable him, and smuggle all the goods from his house to Zootopia so you motherfuckers can profit from all this shit. Sounds fair……really fair. How about us? You better double the amount of money you offered my team for successfully pulling off this operation.

Raphael: I’ll give you a quarter from the profit plus the initial offer of fifty thousand dollars. Deal?

Wolfward: Deal! You can rely on my team, Raphael. We’re all experienced and very proficient at our jobs. Thanks for hiring us!

Raphael: Everyone! You’re all briefed. Remember to take your HTs so you can be in touch with us the whole time during this operation. Agent Wolfward will be the leader of the operation therefore being responsible for everything. Make sure you follow his orders.

Blake has written down the exact address of Victor Barker’s residence. Everyone at the table stands up and head out of the conference room to the armory to prep for the operation. A couple of minutes later, outside of the hideout, near the abandoned obsolete parking lot, Blake, Wolfward and his men are waiting for the GFC members to arrive. While the area is clear, a hydraulic concrete asphalt lowers on the parking lot and several pitch black Escalade SUV cars emerge from an underground parking lot belonging to the mafia. All vehicles of the GFC are stored here, completely hidden from plain sight. The cars stop and await the orders of the operation leader, Wolfward.

Wolfward: Looks like we’re all set to go.

Blake: Yeah....

Wolfward: Are you anxious?

Blake: Yeah….I mean……I don’t know…..I am afraid everything will just….fizzle out. I can already sense there’s gonna be a shootout….and……I …..I don’t think I can cope with these circumstances…but who cares. Let’s go we’re wasting time…I’ll head to my hummer.  

Blake starts walking towards his car but gets stopped by Wolfward, shouting at him from behind…..

Wolfward: Hey! Foxy! Cowardice will destroy you. All you need is a bit of encouragement and confidence!!! I can give you all of that. If you join us. Come with me! I serve as your incentive….

Blake stops and contemplates…..

Blake: It’s a firm decision…..I dunno. I prefer working alone.

Wolfward: Don’t be hesitant and do the right thing! Come with me! We can succeed together if we cooperate. I’d love to talk to you the whole trip. I know you’re broken inside. I want to recruit you. I’ve finally found you after all of these years….

Blake turns around and stares at Wolfward….

Blake: I can’t. I …I’ve signed a contract with the GFC. I can’t resign and change positions. By the way….why are you so kind to me and what the hell are you talking about?!

Wolfward: You still don’t recognize me?

Blake: How should I? I’ve never seen you before…

Wolfward: How…dare you! Is your memory really that feeble? I am the one who protected you in school from all those bullies, helped you to find your love whom you eventually married…..what else should I say to restore your lost memories and remind you who I am? Hiking, camping in the forest? Still nothing?  Picking up hot chicks during our teenage years? No? Shall I continue? Orphanage? The place where we met? Or sleepovers? You remember your adoptive parents were harsh at you? Especially your dad so each time you got a bad mark in school he’d beat the crap out of you so I always let you sleep at my house overnight with me, cuddled up together. I treated you like my brother I never had…

As Wolfward continues to speak with the hopes of reminding Blake about who he truly is to him, his eyes get teary and his voice sad. Blake starts tearing up as well and runs towards Wolfward, who stretches his hands expecting a big warm hug. The two hug strongly each other as Blake shouts....

Blake: ZACK!!!!!

Zack: That’s right! It’s me! AT LAST! We’ve reunited after our 10 year long separation!!!

Blake begins crying. His tears continuously drop on the back of Zack as they keep hugging each other….

Zack: It’s okay brother, I know you can’t explain what you’re feeling right now.

Both Blake and Zack stare into their eyes…..then Zack wipes off Blake’s tears on his face and smooths his cheeks softly.

Zack: You haven’t changed at all. You’re….just like I remember you from our childhoods.

Blake: This….can’t….be ….real…

Zack: Oh it is real bro!

Blake: It cannot be. The reality is just….inconsiderable and cruel…..unlike dreams…. How come something like this happened to me?

Zack: We all know that reality can be a bitch. You know, we all go through pain, suffering, and sorrow and so on in life. Animals will hate you, judge you, reject you, break you but how strong you stand is what makes you. Look how far you’ve made it brother, after all you’ve been through. You are truly honorable and amazing! You deserve happiness. Do you still want to travel alone in your hummer or would you rather come with me and hop in one of our vans so we can talk the entire time as we travel? We’ve got a scammer to deal with.

Blake: Thank you so much for reappearing in my life Zack! And hell yeah! Let’s do this!

Zack: We can tackle our operation together without any issues. I promise you I will get you outta here and enroll you in my clan so we can be best friends again and partners in crime after we’ve completed this operation. What do you say? Will you join The Untamed Brutes? You’re welcome anytime in our clan.

Blake: OF COURSE! You will have to discuss this with Raphael though.

Zack: I’ll think of something!

One of the GFC members sitting in the car pulls down the window pissed off about waiting for way too long and yells at Blake and Zack….


Both Blake and Zack respond at once:

Blake: & Zack: YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Zack: After you bro, pick a van.

Blake picks a van and then Wolfward, now known as Zack, orders everyone to get into their separate cars and vans. Blake and Zack enter the back of one of their vans and the whole convoy of GFC and UBC (Untamed Brutes Clan) drives off, leaves Zootopia and they embark on a long tedious journey to Bunnyburrow to pay a visit to Victor Barker.


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