Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


5. Partners in Crime

It’s a quiet night with moonlight shining over the city. The streets of Zootopia have simmered down and it’s under tranquility hours after Blake Thunder, the vicious, ruthless hitman blew up the sewer for the reasons to be explained later. Blake lives in a big cabin with his friend and partner in crime, Jack Savage close to a mountain range surrounded by a forest which makes their hideout completely secure and hidden. This is the place where these two criminals organize their plans and do the bidding of the local mafia called The Golden Fang Clan has been estabilished by Raphael Roarlington, a malevolent mafia criminal mastermind who is crazy about nothing but fortune and domination. The Clan is responsible for thousands of killed innocent mammals who didn't comply to their trading regulaitons. The majority of them got terminated by the aid of his hired hitmen including Blake Thunder & Jack Savage, two of his most loyal and proficient assassins of all time whom he pays the best. Anyone who attempted to assassinate Raphael, or betray him, even a few of his own men, were instantly sentenced to death without mercy and any negotiations or excuses. The location of this mafia is strictly being kept as a secret. There are rumors that they reside underground, somewhere beneath the Savannah Central. One of their hitmen, Blake, was almost forced to kill two innocent mammals to maintain his security on his latest mission. The best thing he could do is to threat and deter them which was a success. Raphael wouldn’t be happy about Blake letting Felix and Max go without exterminating them. Blake tries his best to keep this as a secret and pretend like he didn’t run into any kids or mammals. The main priority of the mafia is to keep their organization completely secure from any threats or exposure. The Golden Fang Clan provides all criminals of Zootopia with enormous support, resources and weaponry needed to undertake their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts.  It’s currently 11 PM and Blake is just coming home on his Hummer after a successful mission. He parks it next to his cabin. He gets out of the car and opens its trunk grabbing a large briefcase he has been rewarded with. He closes the trunk, locks the car, and walks up on the porch of their cabin and opens the door.

Blake: Bloody hell….Where are you snowflake?!

He walks in and notices Jack polishing his weapons on a wide long table….

Jack:  Who are you calling snowflake, mate?

Blake approaches him sniggering…

Blake: Guess who is back with some green sheets of paper! What a tiresome lengthy day….another month passed, another payment received.

Blake puts the briefcase on the table, opening it and revealing a decent amount of money, worth around 10.000 $. Then begins undressing his suit…

Jack: Nice work, mate! It’s a big sum of money worth spending on more arms and supplies needed to keep up the good work we’re doing! 

Blake: Jack, don’t make me buy you a heap of carrots like last time…

Jack: Very funny dude. I am NOT one of those carrot digger rabbits from farms, you know?

Blake: I know, but admit it, you consumed every single carrot, and even rotten ones back then.

Jack sighs fiercely…

Jack: Back to the point, pal. How was your mission?

Blake: It was…pretty satisfying and rewarding and it was going pretty well until I stumbled across two little insects on my way out of the sewer…

Jack: Two insects on your way? Kids? What did they do?

Blake: They kept staring at me like idiots until I started questioning them about what the fuck they were doing there. Why do kids nowadays have so irresponsible parents? They were so damn fortunate that I only kill victims, not innocents. They weren’t on my “to kill” list so I let them go which was probably a huge mistake, plus, they were just children and I can’t stand killing kids and I know if you were there with me you would’ve already killed them….

Jack gets greatly surprised about what just Blake told him…

Jack: Look, it is better off to just scare them so that they run away quickly and don’t remember much, either way they could give the cops real info about us, Blake…. We have been in public undercover for years now just to get exposed by two kids. I hope you didn’t reveal more info when you talked to them especially stuff about yourself….

Blake opens his personal locker full of ammunition and equipment, then stores his suppressed Five-Seven guns and his suit.

Blake: I know…Raphael mustn’t know about this! Even if they told the cops some sensitive info about us, which I highly damn doubt they did because they have absolutely no evidence of us. I doubt they will track down our hideout because they know absolutely nothing about it or me…. I mean those immature brats didn’t have any idea who I was. So we should be perfectly alright without worrying. But it’s a shame that the cops have been alerted. This wasn’t supposed to be a completely stealthy mission since Raphael ordered me to place gas cylinders all around the sewer in a straight line and blow them up to trigger a chain reaction with the intention of blocking and sabotaging every underground passages that may lead to the Golden Fang Clan…. This will ensure no one creeps through the underground and locates our hideout. This should buy us some time and temporarily solve this problem. The cops won’t stand a chance discovering our hideouts. The whole underground complex is fortified and I am pretty sure the ZPD is not stupid to raid the whole place in one go. They would end up having many casualties….

Jack: Well, at least you did a great job pulling off this mission even though it almost cost us our asses. I don’t know how would Raphael react to this so just don’t tell him anything about these kids when you report to him. Sometimes, lying to someone will more likely save you from dealing with a problem or something unpleasant.

Blake: I’ll try to be fraudulent just so we can avoid any trouble and gain more money!

Blake sits down on a chair next to the table with weapons and watches Jack as he polishes them…

Blake: Anyways, I asked them about their names, do you know, Felix & Max Ridgewood? Do these names sound familiar to you?

Jack becomes really nervous hearing the name of one of them……

Jack: Max….doesn’t but FELIX?! I know him! He is a relative of Nick Wilde, you know, the police officer…

Blake stands up and starts walking around the room tensed, intensely thinking about what to do next…

Blake: Snowflake, this gotta be a fucking joke….

Jack: Dude, trust me. Nicholas is the uncle of Felix Ridgewood and that other guy whom I still don’t know, I assume they must’ve recently adopted him….I am very serious mate….

Blake: Adopted? Poor bastard he must’ve had a miserable life until the Ridgewood family adopted him. Well, I think we’ll be fucked in the end. Those kids, are the relatives of our biggest adversary, Nick Wilde, the redoubtable police officer whom I STILL DIDN’T SLICE OPEN HIS THROAT!

Blake stops by the table and slams it with his fist in anger. Jack stops cleaning the weapons and focuses on Blake, gazing at him, worried…

Jack: God, Blake, calm the fuck down. Just what could go wrong, tell me?

Blake: I really hate the fact that Raphael doesn’t want this jerk dead. He has caused us so much inconvenience and trouble in the past…

Jack: Maybe he doesn’t consider him as a real threat…

Blake: Maybe! BUT! Do you know what the worst thing of all is? He was my classmate back in the days in school which means no matter how much Felix has witnessed, he will let Nick know that he saw a strange looking fox, carrying out an illegal job. Nick is not stupid, he will know what Felix is talking about. ME! Plus, if he tells him the fact that I threatened him and his little miserable brother, he will be right behind my ass in no time! He will do anything in his power to seize me and possibly kill me for his family’s safety. Nick knows pretty well who I am.

Jack: You got plenty of news for me, mate. News I don’t really love hearing about. We gotta come up with a plan….

Blake: I’ll think about it, Jack.

Blake begins to walk around the room again, being extremely nervous….

Blake: He knows my weak spots….he knows EVERYTHING about me. He may not be a big threat to Raphael and his clan, but he is a major danger for us both. If I were to fight him, I am not very assured whether I would kill him or not. I would probably just survive with severe injuries and end up isolated in jail.

Jack: C’mon Blake, you are the most dexterous fox I know. You’re excellent at hand to hand combat no one can intimidate you. You fear no one! You are the fear itself! Remember! I’ll always stand by your side, partner. I’ll be there for you to help you if anything goes wrong.

Blake: Thanks, pal! I appreciate it! So, what are you planning to do next?

Jack: Well, I don’t clearly know where this is going, but we are going to get in serious trouble just because someone couldn’t manage to not be seen by two kids. We must act quickly before it’s too late!

Blake stops walking, closes his eyes and remains in complete silence……

Jack: So, what? Blake?

He clenches his fists and opens his eyes…


He said while growling ferociously….

Jack: Y-you…better do…

Blake: So here’s a summary of what we know about these rats, their names are Felix & Max Ridgewood, they are the nephews of our biggest rival, Nicholas Wilde…and that’s pretty much all we know, goddammit…we have no idea where these kids reside…

Jack: Well, Nick used to live in Sahara Square, but I got no idea where his family resides nowadays….

Blake tears off a piece of paper from his notebook and writes down Felix’s and Max’s names on it while stating above “to kill” and then pins on the board full of other kinds of plans.

Blake: I am going to assassinate these two brats no matter what Raphael thinks, I am taking the responsibility. We’re in a great danger now. If they report me to Nick Wilde, that’s going to be the end of our profession…. It’s just a huge disgrace that I have been spotted by two kids AT NIGHT.…. I want to undo my mistakes. The older I get, the more I suck at doing this job….

Jack: Blake what the hell. They’re just a pair of children, killing them will only make things WORSE! They will know it was us. There’s nothing to we can do know. All thanks to you….

Jack sits down on a couch and covers his face with his paws not really satisfied with Blake’s new plan….

Blake: Don’t be so hopeless Jack. I know what I am doing! I am personally putting an end to these children. What if they have already told everything to the police about what they saw back on the streets?

Jack: THEY ARE CHILDREN! The only thing they’re able to say is that they saw some creepy guy who threatened them….

Blake’s attitude radically changes the further they discuss this issue having losing his mentality….

Blake: JACK SAVAGE! I WON’T SIT ON MY ASS AND WAIT TILL THE POLICE RAIDS US! And I give NO FUCKS about children……I hate killing them BUT….since I lost my family ten years ago, I am nothing but a vengeful, ruthless, pathetic fox making a living by taking out mammals for money…

Blake sighs in anger and sits on a couch in front of Jack.

Jack: What’s wrong with you? You are going to screw this up even more! You have no idea what you’re doing! You’re utterly losing your mind, BLAKE! This IS NOT the solution…. Your family would be extremely disappointed in you if it was alive….

Blake becomes entirely tempered and starts yelling at his partner…


Jack: Jesus Christ, Blake! Calm the fuck down! Please! You are going to fuck this even more if you kill them! That’s what I am trying to say the entire time! I didn’t mean to offend you by bringing up your family….

Blake calms down a bit….

Blake: Look, I might reconsider myself. But you better watch out what you say. Do you know what it felt like to see my children die in my own hands?

Blake stares deeply into Jack’s eyes from the couch….

Jack: Look, I’ve told you this numerous times, I am sorry about that, I wish it never happened to you and….yeah….I fortunately don’t know that feeling of losing your loved ones…..I never EVER want to experience such a thing….

Blake: Jack…..it’s not that. Can’t you see?! Ever since my family died due to some burglars, I’ve lost my true purpose in life….I show no pity to others…..Compassion has become my enemy. That’s the problem. I am a merciless killer living for absolutely nothing but killing. You can’t persuade me, no one can, even when you are my one of my best friends. It doesn’t work anymore. No one can influence my mind….any…more….

Jack: Look, you are Blake Thunder, you kill victims, not innocents unlike other hitmen….remember? You promised to never touch any innocent mammals who aren’t on your target list. This one doesn’t count. You can’t just pick and write down the names of innocent mammals all by yourself.  We’ve both broken the regulations of the clan already. I am aware of the fact that you were supposed to wipe them out right at the time you encountered them. But you didn’t do it. Why? Because there’s still good in you Blake, in your heart. The good side of Blake, from 10 years ago, still lives within you! So, please, don’t do anything stupid and unnecessary, just let it go…

Blake: Nice trying, pal. I don’t listen to any nonsense anymore. You can’t convince me. I’ll just….go and sleep. I have a day off tomorrow, which means I will most likely spend the entire day searching for your acquaintances. But as I said I might reconsider myself…

Jack: I hope you finally do reconsider yourself. Kill them and Officer Wilde will dearly avenge them. You don’t want to confront him, do you?

Blake growls in anger standing up….

Blake: Then I shall finally eradicate that troublesome fox once and for all! I don’t care how skillful he is, I WILL LITERALLY MASACREE HIM AND HIS NEPHEWS! And we can finally, continue carrying out our jobs without any problems…

Jack hits the table with his fist standing up as well….

Jack: NO WAY! We are all gonna end up dead for your mistakes! Come to your damn senses already! This is not the right thing to do Blake!

Blake: I DO NOT like the way you act, Jack. I want you to be supportive and most importantly loyal to me! Just get over it! We’ll do this together! This is the best thing we can do to keep everything secured!

Jack: NO! Can’t you idiot understand that killing that pair of kids will only help the cops get us? This is the ONLY exception I do not allow you to kill these two kids. Kill Felix and Nick will do his best to hang your head from the ceiling!!! You said you don’t kill innocent kids, yet you still want to kill them! If it was making innocent blood rush through the streets, what you wanted to do, YOU SHOULD HAVE JOINED THE DAMN ARMY INSTEAD! THAT WOULD BE A FITTING JOB FOR YOU FOR SURE! KILLING THOSE WHO DESERVE TO BE KILLED! TERRORISTS! GET IT?! WE CAN’T KILL MAMMALS JUST BECAUSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Blake comes up close to Jack and gives him a really ferocious look….

Blake: YOU MORON! I fucking wish I was in the army instead, plus having a family who would positively support me and love me! I am not eligible for such a thing! They do not take criminals! I would gladly avenge my family by killing terrorists instead of wasting my meaningless life by killing mammals for money! One more thing, by killing Felix and Max I take responsibility for the consequences and who cares if I die. I have no reason to live anyways, and you? That’s your problem! If you really want, go, retire, abandon me and DIE! There’s no way to escape! Destiny still arrives!!!

Blake points at the entrance door….

Blake: The door is open for you, LEAVE!


Jack attempts to punch Blake in the face, but Blake dodges his punch, kicks him in the abdomen, making Jack fall back on the couch….


Jack moans in pain holding his stomach on the couch while Blake grabs him by his ears lifting him up in the air shaking him fiercely….


Jack: Please….stop……Blake……you……are overreacting……

Blake grabs Jack’s neck and starts choking him….

Jack: Please! G-give….m-me…..o-one….m-more….c-chance…..I….still…..care…..a-about…..y-you…

Blake tosses Jack across the room towards and he lands in front of the entrance door, coughing, gasping for air and grunting in pain….

Blake: Get…..out…..of…..my….sight……

Jack: I’m really….disappointed in you…..

Blake throws him a gun…..

Blake: There.....something to protect yourself in the outer world..... You’re done living with me inside this cabin!

Jack stands up with difficulties and immediately seizes the gun…..


Blake: I just taught you a damn lesson……this is what you get for turning against me! YOU RENEGADE! Get the FUCK out of here! You are obviously allied with Nick Wilde, trying to protect those pesky kids……LEAVE!

Jack: BLAKE! For the love of god! I am not trying to defend Nick Wilde nor his nephews…. I just….wanted to keep us both save by persuading you to not kill any of them! THEY ARE INNOCENTS! REMEMBER?! You are a liar! You ARE NOT the Blake I knew before, you are a monster killing innocents for pleasure and money!

Blake starts slowly approaching Jack while breathing intensely. Jack doesn’t hesitate and aims the gun at his “friend”….

Jack: Please! Blake! Back off! Don’t make me shoot you! You have become a threat! You lost it! You lost your true self!

Blake: I did not lose anything….C’mon shoot me and be free doing whatever the fuck you want! Save yourself from this misery!

Jack keeps aiming his gun at Blake, with shaky paws, sweating from tension…

Jack: Please! Don’t make me do this! Bro…..

Blake approaches Jack up close, who is traumatized, aiming at him, thinking about whether to shoot him or not. Blake slowly puts his paw on the gun to stop the shaking….

Jack: B-B-Blake…..

Blake puts the gun against his chest……

Blake: Pull…the….trigger….


Blake is staring at Jack with tears in his eyes. Jack can’t handle it anymore and drops the gun in front of Blake and falls on his knees…..

Jack: What did I do wrong…..

Blake: You’re…..weak……you shouldn’t have treated me with compassion…. You’re not a true assassin unlike me. You can still walk on the good path and become a loving bunny among others.  You have what it takes to change! Change starts with you…..

Jack: Blake, what about you? Let’s start living a completely new life. It’s not late…..you….can still change…..I have a strong faith in your future….

Blake: I’ve died 10 years ago already….

Jack: W-what do you mean?

Blake: I am not the Blake I used to be. The good side of me, my soul, has vanished along with my family…all that’s left of me is my physical side, which is in tremendous pain, suffering from the past, from my mistakes, from my loss. The past cannot be undone. I am nothing but a ruthless killing machine with the intention to inflict harm on others. You see, I have some serious mental issues, you almost ended up dead…. I’ve lost it…..

Blake gives Jack his paw and pulls him up….

Jack: Thanks…..Blake….please don’t do anything stupid anymore…..I am I kicked out or….not…..

Blake: You may stay…..this wasn’t your fault after all…..I couldn’t control my behavior. I just need space, for now….

Jack: You….you aren’t going to kill me neither?

Blake sighs, turns around and starts walking towards his bedroom….

Blake: Why should I? I don’t kill innocents, only victims, remember?!

He reached the bedroom door, opens it, walks in and gets again, interrupted by Jack from behind….

Jack: If you don’t mind me asking you, how about Felix & Max?

Blake holds the door with one paw while staring at Jack…..

Blake: I’ve reconsidered myself, I don’t care anymore….

Jack: O-kay…see there’s….nothing to worry about pal, the police have no info about our whereabouts…..you won’t need to confront your nemesis, after all.

Blake stares at Jack with an unamused face and shuts the door….

Jack: Okay then…..phew…..that…was…..intense…..

Jack returns to minding his own business by sitting down on the couch while arranging the weapons on the table. After an intense argument between Jack & Blake, the situation became normal again, but for how long?


Chapter End!

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