Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


1. Brothers United

Are you an only child and feel lonely without a sibling? Are you tired of being alone, just sitting in your bedroom without company? Without a lovely brother or sister? This is exactly how Felix Ridgewood feels. He’s a 15 year old fox, gentle and highly intelligent, attending high school. He’s always loved the idea of having a brother or sister to give him company, to ensure that he won’t feel isolated anymore. In this first chapter, you’ll see Felix radically change his life with the adoption a brother. Among this, many other things await you in Zootopia: The Road to Justice. From happiness, love, friendship, loyalty to sadness, hate, agony and betrayal. The story begins with Felix entering the main room of the adoption centre, his parents behind him, observing the kids playing together in groups, except for one. A small, and cute little wolf sitting in a corner, staring at the ground. Felix notices, and walks towards him, silently sits down by him and looks at the young wolf’s face. Felix begins to speak, quietly and calmly. The wolf continues to stare at the ground, but eventually looks up at Felix for a moment, then back to the ground, and mumbles.

Felix: Hey, my name’s Felix, what’s yours?

Max: … My name’s M-Max…

Felix: Max?

Max: Yeah, are you… are you new here? Or..?

Felix: Well… I’ve really wanted some company, and I don’t have any siblings… So why not adopt a brother? I’ve really wanted to have a sibling my age to spend time with, so I came here, with my parents. But, how long have you been here?

Max: How long? Oh man… I’ve been cooped up here for as long as I remember… But back to you, you said you wanted… a brother?

Max’s interest peaks, his eyes have widened and is scanning Felix’s face to see if he’s really, actually serious. Felix looks at the ground and takes a deep breath.

Felix: Yeah, you heard right. I’m looking for a brother, there’s no hiding that.

Max: Well, good luck picking out a brother, I guess… I’ll just be sitting here, alone and abandoned, hopeless… No one wants to even interact with me, I don’t know why, and makes me feel worthless…

Felix: No, Max. You don’t get it, I want YOU to be my brother, MY brother. You and me, we’ll NEVER be without each other after today.

Max: I… I’m sorry? Did you just… did you really? Really?!

Max stares deeply into Felix’s eyes, and is having trouble believing what he just said. Max’s mouth agape and head tilts in shock.

Max: Me? Your brother?! You can’t be serious, no one likes me… no one ever wants a wolf like me…

Felix: It absolutely breaks my heart to see you so alone… Even used to it, expecting rejection… I need to keep you company, I need to show you a better life, I need you in my own life, because otherwise we’re just two desolate entities.

Felix tears up, feeling sorry for how miserable the little wolf is, and stands up. In the moment, Max can’t find anything to say, so he looks up at Felix, jumps up off the floor and hugs Felix tightly, feeling more thankful than he’s ever been. Max is tearing up as well, his voice weak and wobbly.

Max: A b-brother, a family… Felix, I-I can’t- this can’t be real…

Felix: Shhh, Max, it’s alright, it’s real, and this IS actually happening...

Max hugs Felix even tighter without signs letting go anytime soon. Felix makes a gesture towards his parents, and they talk to the receptionist.

Max: Felix… I just can’t believe this, I can’t believe that you’re really adopting me, this is the best day of my life…

Felix: The best day of both our lives, and their rekindling...

Felix embraces the warmth of Max’s body and tightly hugs back and realized that even though they’re a similar age, Max is significantly shorter than him.

Max: But why bother adopting me? You would’ve had a great life on your own, free to do what you want before you decided to come here and adopt me…

Felix: I’ve always felt alone. I had friends and a loving family but they weren’t close enough to me, I’ve always had a deep desire for a brother, to share time with, to make me feel happy when I was down and whom I could help if they were down, and now… I have you.

Felix pats Max’s back, places his paws on Max’s shoulders, pushes out of the hug and looks into his eyes.

Max: I really do hope that I can make you happy, I’m willing to start a new life along with you. I want to have someone who will not reject me, or refuse to talk to me… But most importantly, to have someone who will love me with all their heart…

Felix: You could say that again, brother.

Felix smiles at Max and ruffles his head fur, Max smiles back and begins tearing up again, struggling to speak through his tears.

Max: I’ve n-never really known what love really felt like until now, a-and you’ve shown, me a-and I can e-embrace it now… Felix, I love you so, so much…

Felix: I love you too, Max…

Felix and Max hug each other once again, and Felix’s parents approach them slowly and talk amongst themselves.

Mrs. Ridgewood: Darling, I think our Felix has already found the one..!

Mr. Ridgewood: It definitely seems so, and I gotta admit, he has found the cutest one. Seems extremely likeable! What do you think, sweetheart? They’re already hugging each other…

Mrs. Ridgewood: Well, we really have no choice anymore, they’ve picked each other, and it’d be terrible for all of us to separate the two at this point… But he’s the perfect brother for Felix, and he’s really loving and needs attention and care. We need to adopt him, don’t you think?

Mr. Ridgewood: Totally! Just look at them, judging by those hugs, they’ll get along with each other for sure! Let’s talk to them, shall we?

Mrs. Ridgewood: Of course, sure!

Mr. Ridgewood: So, Felix. I see you’ve found the one! Showing love to each other already, hmm?

Felix: Yes dad. He’d make the best brother ever…

Felix speaks softly to his parents while snuggling Max against his chest. Max becomes quite shy as Felix starts talking to his parents and buries his head into Felix’s chest. Mr. Ridgewood kneels down and pets the back of Max’s head.

Mr. Ridgewood: He’ll make such a cute brother! We can definitely adopt him without hesitation, and I’m sure that your mommy agrees with this decision.

Mrs. Ridgewood: Well, seeing how much they love each other already, there’s only one option..!

She bends over and wraps her arm around Mr. Ridgewood as he comforts Max.

Mrs. Ridgewood: Cutie, welcome to the Ridgewood family!

Max smiles in happiness and looks up at his adoptive parents. Then they both set off to do some paperwork with the receptionist. After the paperwork is filled in and completed, Felix grabs Max’s paw and leads him outside, now legally part of the Ridgewood family. A gorgeous Toyota Prius Hybrid is waiting for them in the parking lot. Max and Felix hop in and sit in the back, and their parents say their goodbyes and thank the receptionist at the door, come out of the adoption centre and get into the car as well. Max quietly talks to Felix as they drive along, having not been in a car for years on end.

Max: Wow, this… This is a really nice car…

Felix: Many adventures await us, and this car is one of the means of those adventures… you’ll see.

Max: W-Where are you taking me, anyways?

Max gets cut off by Mr. Ridgewood and stops talking.

Mr. Ridgewood: So, Max, you seem like the quiet type? Well, don’t worry son, you’ll adjust to us and your new surroundings as the time passes, and I’m sure Felix here will help you out a great deal!

Felix: For sure! But to answer your question, we’re just going home, it’s not too far from here, about thirty minutes or so. Not too long.

Max rests his head against Felix’s shoulder and enjoys the ride. Roughly after 20 minutes of driving across the beautiful city of Zootopia, the Ridgewood family reaches their home. Mr. Ridgewood parks their car on the driveway.

Mr. Ridgewood: Welp, here we are! Our home, and your new one, Max!

Everyone hops out of the car, and Max is immediately mesmerized by the size and look of his new home. It’s a light orange color, double story mansion. In Max’s eyes, at least. Its color and design highly resembles a fox, with the orange color and sharp edges. This makes Max probably the happiest wolf in all of Zootopia, having a family to spend his time with after years of isolation. This is the beginning of the entire family’s completely renewed lives, with many great adventures and moments on the horizon.


End of Chapter 1

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