Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


6. Behold The Godfather!

An hour and a half past since the intense conversation between Blake and Jack which almost cost a life. Blake took a brief nap after the fight . He gets woken up by a call from The Golden Fang Clan. His phone is vibrating on the desk. He sits on the edge of his bed and picks up the phone, answering it…

Blake: Who am I speaking to this time?

A person with a deep voice answers. It’s Raphael’s right hand man, Gregory Kalashnikov, a giant, abrasive polar bear. He is one of the biggest and most dangerous personal bodyguards of Raphael.

Gregory: Blake, listen carefully. The boss wants you at our hideout. He is assembling some of his men for a briefing. Make sure you’re geared up and ready for the mission. We’re expecting you at 7 am. Be here in time!

Blake: Wait what?! I thought I had a day off. Are you serious? Why am I always compelled to get ready for another bloody mission by YOU?! I am tired of hearing your voice. I am NOT going anywhere tomorrow for fuck’s sake. Just…give me a break already! I was told I am having a day off tomorrow!

Gregory: Mr. Thunder, you signed a contract with us therefore your obligation is to do the bidding of this clan, if you keep being defiant, expect a visit on your doorstep in a few minutes and trust me, my boys won’t play around with you. They’ll drag your ass here by your tail in no time and stop being disrespectful or I will flatten your head on the ground when you arrive. The boss is expecting your arrival in the morning. Over.

Gregory hangs up leaving Blake’s phone beep continuously….

Blake: What a jerk…. I wonder what the hell Raphael wants this time….

Blake sets an alarm on his phone to 6 am and goes back to sleep. 7 hours pass and his phone starts ringing. Blake wakes up, turns off the alarm, dresses up and walks out of his bedroom. Jack is seen snoring on the couch. Blake approaches him and nudges him several times to wake him up….

Blake: Hey wakey wakey snowflake!!!

Jack: What?....Blake?

Jack slowly sits on the couch, still half asleep, then takes a look at the clock….

Jack: Blake what the hell, why are you awake this early in the morning…. You better not be hunting down those two kiddos....

Blake: Listen to me, you icicle. I got a call from this chubby ice block yesterday. I got another assignment.

Jack: Wait a damn minute, this doesn’t make any sense. Raphael has clearly told you yesterday that you have a day off today.

Blake: Well not anymore. Looks like there has been a change of plans. Just what I expected. Anyways I am going to take a bath. Could you please prep my equipment while I am in the shower?

Jack: Sure! No problem! Luckily, I have a day off today so I can focus on my hobbies, heh.

Blake heads towards the bathroom, opens the door and stops turning around staring at Jack….

Blake: Hey, snowflake. I am sorry once again for yesterday…..I am a terrible friend….

Jack: C’mon….just forget it. None of us got injured. I forgive you. It’s okay…. I shouldn’t have messed with your feelings.

Blake: T-thanks…Jack…

Blake enters the bathroom locking the door behind him while Jack stands up and goes to Blake’s locker, grabbing his guns and suit, preparing everything for him while he is showering. A couple of minutes pass, and Blake comes back from the shower completely refreshed and dry. He takes a look at the table with all of his equipment placed down on it.

Blake: Well, snowflake, it’s time. Thanks for prepping my stuff. You have even arranged them nicely on the table, wow! I am impressed! Thanks!

Jack: No problem!

Blake: By the way don’t think I have forgotten about those kids we’ve been arguing about yesterday….

Jack: For once I hoped you wouldn’t bring up this topic again. We’ll think of something. But for now, stop being distracted by them and focus on your current duty.

Blake growls, grabs his suit, dresses up in it and takes his Glock 19’s and his elite tactical knife putting them all in his holsters.

Jack: Wait, no breakfast?

Blake: Nope!

Jack: But, you haven’t eaten since yesterday….

Blake: I’ll eat whenever I want. It's none of your concern. 

Jack: Let’s see what our boss has to offer this time for you….

Blake: You didn’t get a call at all?

Jack: Nope.

Blake: I guess the boss sees no importance in you.

Jack: Whatever. Just tell him I am ready to do anything he wants. If he needs me just tell him to contact me. Done.

Blake: Good. Gosh, I am not looking forward to slaughtering mammals again….but yeah I’ll do anything to satisfy Raphael and make him proud….well…whatever. I just want this to be over, anyways, I am heading to the clan’s underground hideout.

Blake heads to the door and gets stopped by Jack….

Jack: Blake! Be on your guard!

Blake: Don’t worry about me, mate. I’ll be back in no time!

Jack: Alright!  

Blake heads outside and takes a deep long breath inhaling the fresh air. He walks up to his Hummer, enters it and drives off heading to the city of Zootopia. 20 minutes later, he parks his car in a redundant parking lot near a derelict bridge with a river flowing under it.  It is a completely suitable place to make an entrance to the clan. Blake walks under the bridge and spots Gregory waiting for him at the well-hidden entrance.

Blake: Oh great…not this polar lunatic again….

Blake walks up to him and gazes up at him…

Gregory: At last, you’re here. Just in time! How was your ride?

Blake: Stop questioning me…. I wish I could be home right now minding my own business instead of staring at your fat ass right know…

Gregory: Blake, you will refrain from talking in such a disrespectful manner you cantankerous damned fox. I really wish I could smack the living shit out of you right now but the boss is waiting for your arrival.

Blake sighs in frustration and tries to ignore Gregory by heading towards a wall, which serves as the doorway to the hideout. It’s an obscure door made of a concrete, which is perfectly camouflaged with the rest of the bridge’s walls. It can be only opened from the inside.

Blake: Knock-Knock, the big boy arrived, open up the damn concrete door….

Surprisingly, no one listens to Blake and the door doesn’t get open…

Blake: Whoever is in charge of operating the door, wake the fuck up, it’s me! Blake! Is anyone there?

Gregory: Nice trying, tough guy.

Blake turns to Gregory and begins questioning him with curiosity….

Blake: Okay Gregory, is this some kind of set up? Why is no one opening the door for me?!

Gregory: You fool, who is the one questioning now? You’re not authorized to enter the hideout with your weapons.

Blake: What the actual fuck are you talking about now? Am I not allowed to go in with my weapons? I want to talk to Raphael NOW! What the hell is going on? I was always allowed to go in with my weapons….

Gregory: Not anymore as of today. Raphael has set strict new regulations.

Blake: I don’t fucking care! I am here for whatever appointment he is holding. Let me the fuck in this instance!

Blake gets really upset and tries to not manifest his anger too much. A black ferret with orange stripes around his arms climbs up on Gregory’s shoulders from behind. He stands on them and looks at Blake…

Blake: You gotta be kidding me! You TOO?! LOGAN?!

Logan: Yep, it’s me, you nitwit. Now, surrender your weapons….

Blake: I swear I will bust a cap in your filthy ass if you don't shut up! You both are so damn frustrating! Just let me in and stop messing around…

Gregory: We’re not messing around, you moron. You need to be disarmed before you can get in.

Blake: But WHY?! Explain!!!

Logan: I guess Gregory didn’t really clarified the new regulations. All criminals need to surrender their weapons before they are granted access to the underground complex.

Blake: Says the wretched ferret who has no idea what he is talking about…

Logan: Be careful what words you choose to call me or you will end up dumped in a grave….

Gregory: We are qualified members of the clan, you’re not, scumbag. You’re just here for the money, getting paid for every accomplished mission Raphael assigns you. But we’re his loyal bodyguards, we are privileged to wield firearms in there.

Logan: Yeah! You ought to surrender your weapons this instance, or Raphael is gonna punish you for not abiding the new regulations!

Blake: Okay! GODDAMMIT! You two are literally harassing me right now….

Gregory kneels down and stretches his giant paws waiting for Blake to hand him over his gear…

Gregory: Your weapons….

Blake: You two are so agonizing…..Fine….take them all just leave me the fuck alone! I want to talk to Raphael…..

Blake hands all of his weapons to Gregory….

Gregory: Don’t worry old chap, your weapons will be given back to you in the armory after you've been debriefed.

Logan: Hold up Greg! I sense something under his suit….

Logan jumps off from Gregory’s shoulder and walks up to Blake. Logan is two times smaller than him.

Logan: There’s still something you’re hiding, mate. In your suit!

Blake: You mean my tactical knife I will use to stab you in your chest?

Logan gets frowned and opposes Blake…

Logan: Don’t you dare! You think you can rub everyone out in the whole world? You think you are an unstoppable vigorous fox capable of overpowering everyone who stands in your way? You’re nothing but an unsympathetic fox playing the tough guy here. I am not afraid of you! Show me what you are capable of!

Blake’s facial expression turns into a menacing look, eager to punish the ferret. He walks up to him and stares at him closely….

Blake: Bring it on you puny sleazebag!

Gregory: Logan, enough, there’s no time for measuring your combat skills with Blake. We can squash this cockroach after the appointment.

Logan doesn’t listen to Gregory, neither does Blake. They both keep staring at each other until Logan lands a punch on Blake’s muzzle which makes him turn around, grab his nose and crack it. Then he begins to laugh maniacally….


Blake: You have literally tickled my nose….what kind of punch was that supposed to be? Looks like your withering muscles you have aren’t as effective as I expected. How often do you work out? Because I see your vitality is languishing mate….

Blake lands a devastating punch on Logan’s face which results in Logan falling on the ground and blood dripping from his nose…

Logan: You motherfucker!!!

Gregory: Thunder! What the hell are you doing?! Stop this immediately or I will have to interfere!

Blake: I am returning the favor!

Blake pulls out his tactical combat knife and puts it close to Logan’s neck while pinning him on the ground….


Blake: That’s it you little dirty rat! SCREAM FOR HELP!

Gregory: You’ve GONE TOO FAR BLAKE!

Gregory pulls out his Benelli M4 shotgun and aims it at Blake….

Gregory: Get off of him this instance!

Logan: Blake, you won! I concede to you! Please stop it!

Blake: Oh you little crybaby! Looks like someone lost his valiance. Look, it only takes a slight soft cut on your fragile neck to finish you completely off you pathetic idiot. Just don’t fuck with me anymore!

Gregory shoots in the air with his shotgun to draw Blake’s attention but it doesn’t help….


Little do they all know, that the whole situation is being monitored by a hidden camera. Blake doesn’t listen to Gregory and keeps threatening Logan. Shortly after, the concrete wall opens and several GFC (Golden Fang Clan) members rush out and they surround Blake. They all aim their weapons at him…

Blake: Oh bollocks…now what?!

Logan kicks Blake aside, stands up and runs up to Gregory….

Logan: AT LAST! You fools have been finally alerted!!!

Blake: And at LAST….this damn vault is open! And hey! I am not the one to shoot here. Your target is…

Blake points at the ferret. None of the GFC members take a look at Logan, they just keep their vision focused on Blake, aiming at him with several types of weaponry.

Logan: You’ll dearly pay for your sins, fox. Wipe him out! NOW!

At that moment, a figure appears shouting “HOLD YOUR FIRE” in the entrance of the hideout walking towards the crowd of GFC members. The figure’s orange-yellowish eye glows in the dark as it comes out of the hideout. It’s a robust, tall Bengal tiger dressed in a purple tuxedo, smoking a cigar. It has a broad scar on his left side of the face and his left eye covered with a patch giving the tiger an ominous appearance. It’s obviously the fearsome, malevolent and ruthless criminal mastermind and the leader of the GFC, Raphael Roarlington!!!

Raphael: What is going on here?! What did I just witness….

He notices his men holding Blake under gunpoint and then sighs in disappointment and anger….

Raphael: WHY AM I ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS! FOOLS! SIMPLETONS! How could have this escalated to this mess? Stand aside you morons! Leave Blake alone!!!

All GFC members stand aside and lower their weapons. Raphael looks really frustrated, he walks past Blake without even looking at him and heads straight to Gregory and Logan. Both of them remain paralyzed….

Blake: It's about damn time you finally showed up! 

Logan: Boss, I can explain!

Logan replied with a shaky voice full of nervousness….

Raphael: Tell me, how dare you give commands to my men and considerably abuse Mr. Thunder?

Logan remains silent, he only mumbles something….

Raphael: SPEAK UP! I want to hear you LOUD and CLEAR ferret! Now is your chance to speak with mouth open just like you do when I am not around.

Logan: It…got…out…of…control…sir.

Raphael: It got out of control…I don’t think that’s enough of an excuse for me to spare your miserable life. Oh, my bad, sorry for inhibiting you. I shouldn’t have even come here I suppose.

Logan: But boss, Blake is the one who started it all with the insults AND the fight, right Greg?

Gregory: Mate, I am not getting involved in this conversation unless the boss wants me to.

Raphael: Greg, you’re clear for now. I’ll deal with you later! You’ll be scourged for your negligence! Your punishment won’t be as crucial and cruel as Logan’s though.

Gregory gets nervous about what Raphael just said while Logan remains extremely tensed….

Logan: Boss! I am begging you! I didn't abuse Blake

Logan continues begging for Raphael to forgive him…

Raphael: Quit sniveling you troublesome ferret. You can keep being mournful but don’t expect to have your life spared.

Gregory: We apologize for any misunderstandings sir….but what did we exactly do wrong?!

Raphael: You have threatened, insulted and hindered Blake from entering the hideout for no damn reason. I have set new strict regulations for lesser members and criminals of this clan and I have clearly stated the exceptions. You two weren’t listening and not just that, the worse thing is that you have harassed him and made fun of him. Gregory, I am highly disappointed in you but I shall spare your life since you are my right hand man. You fucking promise me this won’t occur ever again! 

Gregory: I promise sir! But….what about Logan?!

Logan: Please!!!! I’ll do anything to undo my mistakes, boss!

Blake cuts in and joins the conversation and walks next to Raphael…

Blake: Well, Raphael, thanks for saving my ass I suppose…but I think this little pesky flea deserves forgiveness…. There’s no need to make this situation worse.

Raphael: Compassion is our enemy. We show no mercy to anyone. Logan Blazer, you’re going to be punished for your recklessness and disobedience. You’ve failed to follow the rules of the clan many times before. You haven’t shown up several times at important appointments and NOW THIS! For your information, YOU started it all! I have forgiven you numerous times before, but there’s no point for me to forgive you ever again therefore you are sentenced to death!

Logan gets paralyzed from Raphael’s declaration….

Logan: You…can’t just kill me. All thanks to a cursed fox. I have always been here for you when you needed me! This is nothing but a misunderstanding Raphael! Hear me out!

Gregory: Raphael you can’t be serious! You can’t just kill my partner. He is worthy, and he is also one of the most resilient and agile ferrets I’ve ever met! Give him one more chance!

Blake: Just let him go Raphael….

Raphael spits his cigar on the ground and crushes it with his foot. A complete silence shrouds the bottom of the bridge.

Logan: So…..could you please let me go I won’t show up anymore, deal? I RESIGN! I admit I’ve caused much damage to this clan but forgiveness is all I need and then you’ll never see me ever again. I’d gladly go on a vacation after my resignation! Please, boss!

Raphael: I don't fucking think your contract expired so resignation is not possible for you, not unlike DEATH!

Raphael lifts up Logan in the air. Then he pulls out his Golden Desert Eagle and shoots Logan in his stomach….

Raphael: Here’s your one way ticket TO HELL!

Logan, unable to talk due to extreme pain, moans loud then Raphael tosses him over the railing and Logan falls in the river. Everyone gets terrified of witnessing his helpless dying body flowing down the river accompanied by blood…

Blake: I did not expect this to end like this….

Gregory: Neither did I. Raphael you are fucking insane! He did not deserve this kind of fate!

Raphael: It was a well-deserved fate! He was a huge disgrace to our clan. Greg, you have failed me the first and the last time!

Gregory: I know. It will never happen ever again. Hey, Blake, sorry for any misunderstandings….

Blake: It’s okay. Just stay out of my way next time!


Gregory: U-understood……

Gregory walks up to a wall and puts his hands on it facing it. Raphael orders one of his men to hand him over a whip. Raphael grabs it and strikes Gregory’s back with it repeatedly a couple of times….

Raphael: This is what you get for supporting that stubborn ferret. EVERYONE! You’re dismissed. Showtime’s over! Return to your posts.

All GFC members return back inside the underground complex. Blake, Gregory, and Raphael remain outside…

Blake: This is simply unbelievable. This was just so outrageous.

Gregory: And you thought you were the most ruthless mammal in Zootopia. Ouch, this hurts!

Raphael: Blake, sorry for all this damn inconvenience. Proceed to my office and wait for me there. I’ve been told to go there first.  I’ll be right behind you.

Blake: Understood sir. Finally! I am granted access to the vault.

Blake heads in the vault. He walks downstairs and disappears in the darkness.

Raphael: Greg, you better be more cautious next time! You don’t want to meet the same fate like Logan did.

Gregory: Certainly not! Not one bit at all!

Raphael: Good! Now listen up! I need you to assemble the majority of our men and head to the conference room for a little talk. I’ll explain the details there.

Gregory: Oh, I thought you've already assembled them. I’ll gather some of our finest men as soon as possible then! 

Raphael: Consider it done! Dismissed!

Gregory: Yes, boss!

Gregory walks in the vault as well with his new task to assemble the best GFC members for a later briefing in the conference room. In the meantime, Raphael walks back up to the railing and stares at the river.

Raphael: Enjoying the vacation?

He burst out laughing maniacally having finally disposed of Logan…


Chapter End!

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