Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


2. A New Life

Felix: So you like the looks of your new home? Well, let’s head inside then, I’ll show you around!

Felix grabs Max’s paw and leads him inside. The interior has wooden floors and modernist decorations. Some walls are painted, while some are bare, but high quality brick. Felix leads his new brother into the open living room and points out where stuff is and what his family does. Their house has huge windows which they can look out over a beach, into the sea from. Felix continues to guide Max through his new home.

Max: Wow... this is so incredible! I’m so grateful, just… Thank you, thank you so much!

Felix: Just make yourself at home, because it is! I don’t want to brag, but as you can see, our family is fairly wealthy, hence our mansion of a home! It’s not actually one, it’s just a huge house, but it certainly looks the part!

Felix and Max’s parents enter their home and walk over to the living room to join their sons.

Mr. Ridgewood: So, Max, what do you think of your new glorious home?

Max: It’s… it’s just so amazing! I-I can hardly believe my eyes…

Mr. Ridgewood: Ah, so you can talk!

Max blushes and wiggles while his mom comes up and kisses his cheek.

Mrs. Ridgewood: You’re such a cutie. We’d show you your room upstairs but we’re still preparing it, so you’ll have to sleep with your new brother tonight, honey. But I doubt that’ll be an issue!

Felix: I know he’ll love it!

Max snatches Felix’s arm and pulls him towards the stairs.

Max: C’mon, I want to see your room!

Mrs. Ridgewood:  Hold on there boys, dad and I are just going to go shopping. We’ll be back in about 2 hours, so take care of your brother, Felix!

Felix: You can rely on me, mom!

Mr. Ridgewood: Alright, we’re headed out to get stuff for Max’s room. Like mommy said, we’ll be back in roughly 2 hours. And boys, don’t do anything stupid, got it?

Felix: Got it! C’mon Max, lemme show you my room like you wanted!

Felix leads Max upstairs to his bedroom. As Felix pushes the door open, Max’s jaw drops in amazement, seeing the tidiness and cleanliness of Felix’s room compared to his dormitory in the orphanage. Max gazes along the walls of posters, the brick wall the bed rests against and the huge amount of space the room has.

Felix: Well, This is my room! Hope you don’t mind the posters everywhere, and the little mess of wires in the corner.

Max: Oh no! It’s fine… It’s just so much better than my own room in the orphanage… there's so much space! And that view...

Max walks towards the window, peeks out of it and takes a deep breath of the ocean air.

Max: It’s so beautiful!

Felix: Hey I’m glad that I've cheered you up like this! But keep following me, let me show you my special place.

Max: A special place? What what do you mean?

Felix opens the door to his closet, walks in, pushes along a discrete line, and a smaller door opens up. It leads them to a small room with light brown wooden walls, a window, some seats, a table and a TV. Max becomes extremely intrigued with the purpose of the room.

Max: Wow... What is this room? What do you do here?

Felix: Well, I usually sit here when I want to relax and watch some movies. I built it with a little help a couple years ago, and I’m really proud of it!

Max: You built this?! You’re kidding… A-am I allowed to be here with you?

Felix: Of course! It’ll be more fun now that we’re together. It will be our little cave! I should make that door a bit bigger though…

Max: Maybe, but this is more like… a little fox burrow, I guess

Both Max & Felix continue to chat to each other in the room for some time.

Max: I just… I just can’t wait to spend my life with you, you’re such an amazing person!

Felix: Aww, thanks so much, you’re too kind!

Felix hugs Max tightly, Max hugs back just as tightly and tears up.

Max: Felix, I feel like I’ve been reborn today, I’ve been gifted with a new life, a second chance to enjoy myself. I didn’t truly live until you appeared in my sad life, and you’ve already made it so beautiful, meaningful and special. I can’t thank you enough for changing it for the better, I really can’t, I can’t…

Felix: Shhh… it’s okay, I’m just happy to have you with me now, part of the same family. We’ll always be together. Whenever you need me, I’ll be here for you. Your brother will always protect you!

Max: I promise that I won’t let you down, you’re my hero, you’ve saved me, I’m endlessly grateful…

Max wags his tail in happiness and is hugged by Felix again.

Felix: You won’t let me down, you’re my brother whom I respect, protect and love with all my heart.

Max: Felix, this is what I’ve always wanted, to feel cared for, loved, to feel happiness and freedom… But hey, where can I be sleeping tonight?

Felix: Ah, just follow me…

Felix leads Max out of their secluded room and looks around his room for somewhere for Max to sleep comfortably.

Felix: Well, I guess you’ll have to sleep with me in my bed, it should be big enough anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

Max: Oh, really? I get to sleep in your own bed? Haha… t-this’ll be the first time I’ve shared a bed with someone… Because at the adoption centre, each of us had our own separate beds. I just hope you don’t snore all too loudly, like some of the other kids…

Max laughs awkwardly and covers up half his face in embarrassment. Felix comforts him.

Felix: I guess you could count yourself lucky then, since I don’t snore, hehe.

Max: Oh, phew! I’ve lost so much sleep because of others snoring… But anyways! Are we doing much tomorrow? Do you have any plans for me?

Felix: We certainly do! Tomorrow, we’re going to visit your new school, our parents will fill out the paperwork and enroll you there on Monday, you’ll start school and make new friends, sounds good?

Max immediately feels unsure and insecure about going to school, having poor experiences with education at the adoption centre.

Max: S-school? I dunno… Shouldn’t you just give me time to adjust to my new home first? W-what do you even do in school? The ‘education’ I was given in the adoption centre wasn’t exactly good by my standards… Is this one similar to it? If it is, I’ll just end up curling up into a ball of utterly useless, shy, emotionally unstable wolf in there…

Felix: Hey, Max, you don’t have to worry about it much. At school, you’ll have a bunch of fun, different classes, you’ll meet lots of new kids, teachers and you’ll have fun! It’s probably the complete opposite of the adoption centre.

Max: Well, I hope so… I’ll have to take your word for it.

Max smiles at Felix, and Felix smiles back and laughs lightly.

Max: But still, I’m just… so blown away with my new home. I’m really loving it! Are there any chores that I need to do or anything? Or am I completely free to do whatever I want?

Felix: Well, I’m glad you’re loving it, and for now, you don’t have any chores yet, we’re already sending you to school on Monday, but right now, we can mess around until the sun sets!

Max: Aw, that’s so awesome… Hey, are there any parks around here? I’d love to see the nature around here, especially after that drive. Could we go outside for a bit? Are we allowed to do that?

Felix: For sure! There’s some parks here and there, but if you like the sea and sand, the beach is right there! We can walk along it, if you don’t mind the sand getting in your fur!

Max: Well, I’m not too sure, I’d to play in the sand... kinda… But I dunno, it’s up to you, I guess.

Felix: If it’s up to me, we may as well go to the beach then, it’s just out in the back, after all. Maybe we should change into some more comfy clothes, though.

Max: I don’t really have much… Do you have any of those clothes that will fit me?

Felix: Erm, I think so, yeah! Over here!

Felix opens up his wardrobe, filled with a wide range of clothing. Max shows more interest in the more outdoorsy clothes like the shorts, tees, and so on.

Felix: There’s a bunch of shorts here, T-shirts there, and there’s shoes downstairs, but we don’t need shoes in the sand, do we?

Max: Yeah, I’d love to feel the sand in between my toes, that’d be awesome. Gosh, you’ve a lot of clothes, how nice is that?

Felix: Yeah, hey, after our visit to the school tomorrow, we could go shopping for your clothes too, just you and me! I know some cool places to buy you some nice clothes!

Max: Really? Okay then! I’ll need some casuals anyway, and all the clothes I have now is tattered and worn out, but now, what to pick? Hmm…

Max sees and points at a pair of black and white shorts with red stripes on its sides

Max: Can I have that one? I really like the look of them! You think they’ll fit?

Felix: Yeah, they’ll fit you fine! Quick, it’s nearly sundown!

Felix grabs his pair of grey shorts and changes into them in his small bathroom en-suite. Meanwhile, Max sits on the bed and changes into his chosen shorts as fast as he can manage. A minute or so later, Felix jumps out of the bathroom with his new clothes on. Max opens the bedroom door and runs out, shouting back at Felix.

Max: Haha! Race you to the beach!

Felix: Hey, you’re not winning this race!

They both rush downstairs through several rooms, Felix chasing Max, who isn’t entirely sure which way to go and has a bit of finding the back door which leads out to the beach. On their final stretch, Felix overtakes Max and grabs him while they dive into the sand before the beach. Max is out of breath.

Max: Agh! You caught me!

Felix: Hooh, don’t waste your energy like that, you won’t have any left to catch me at the beach houses!

Max: Well maybe you shouldn’t have dived on me! But, I’m still getting used to my new home I guess, I kinda didn’t know which way to go to get here, but what’re we waiting for? Let’s go!

Felix: Over that way’s the beach houses, ah, and I almost forgot, I gotta leave a note for our parents to let them know we’ll be at the beach.

Felix goes back inside after brushing most of the sand out of his fur, goes into the kitchen and grabs a sticky note and writes “Went to the beach. Will be back before dinner, love – Felix & Max” on it. Felix sticks the note onto the table, runs back outside and locks the door behind himself.

Max: Alrighty then, which way is the beach houses? I caught a glimpse of them from upstairs, but I didn’t really pay any attention to them.

Felix: Just follow me, Max! This way!

Felix leads his little brother to the beachhead, where they start to experience the best moments of their lives.


End of Chapter 2 

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