Zootopia: Dawn of Justice

Zootopia: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Blake Thunder, a fox whose past devastated him and made him a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization that supports all criminals of Zootopia and provides them with resources and weaponry necessary to handle their jobs with success in their criminal lifes. The ZPD is unable to locate this criminal organization due to not having enough evidence of their whereabouts. Things take a tight turn when someone appears in Blake's life after a long separation. Prepare for a breathtaking journey where you experience the power of love, friendship, loyalty and learn what agony, pain, sadness, hate and betrayal truly stands for. The time has come to restore justice in this peculiar metropolis and t's time to punish everyone who manifests complete defiance against it.


9. A Diabolical Plan

The convoy of GFC and UBC cars & vans are en route to Victor Barker’s residence, the rabbit that has defrauded The Golden Fang Clan. The convoy has just left the region of Zootopia and it’s heading towards Bunnyburrow on a long road near the fields. The lead car Blake and Zack are sitting in, is the first car leading the entire convoy. Blake and Zack are sitting in the back of their van discussing about a variety of topics and stuff that unfolded in their lives over the past 10 years…

Blake: Why did you leave me all the sudden? You have no idea how depressed I’ve become after I’ve lost the only and the best friend I’ve ever had. I thought you were dead, really. What happened to you?

Zack: Unfortunately, after my adoptive parents divorced, my mom moved abroad far away from us. I was only 14 years old when all that occurred. When I grew older, my dad literally kicked me out of my house with all of my clothes packed in a storage bag. I was told to start living a new life and that I was completely useless for him. I was just an obstacle, he said. That day was just….so lamentable and miserable….I mean….everything. My dad was careless and didn’t treat me well but surprisingly he rarely raised his hand against me. He was an alcoholic too! That’s one of the reasons my mom moved away. She has gone through living hell with him and was always constrained. He often beat her up to blood. I was always compelled to clean the mess the two left after themselves after every meltdown. She promised me to return for me and take me with her but she never came until one specific day that has profoundly changed my life…

Blake: At least your mother really cared about you and treated you well unlike your frivolous father who was a pretty big dickhead. Geez I pity you a lot, bro. What did you do after you were kicked out?

Zack: I said my last farewell to my dad and that he will regret that day and took my damn bag leaving him for good. I was…..pretty much homeless for a couple of days….living under a bridge I’ve discovered and found suitable to live under. It was my only shelter during rainy nights and days. I remember opening my bag and finding moldy breed and rotten fruits……it was…..terrible! I had to scavenge for food for several days just to not die in hunger. I was….only 17 years old and I had to endure all of this shit.

Blake: But….why the hell didn’t you come to my house?! I would definitely make you my roommate.

Zack: I couldn’t. I didn’t want you to see me in that condition, suffering, unwanted and thrown out like a trash bag. I wanted you to…..forget me after what happened to me.

Blake: Forget YOU?! Are you kidding me?! You made me extremely worried. You disappeared for 10 years without a trace. I was thinking of you every single damn day. I called you countless times, sent you dozens of messages and got absolutely no response from you! I even visited your house but I got immediatelly scared off by your dad. He said you were gone for good after I asked him where you were.

Zack: Oh what a dick. He even busted my phone. I couldn’t call anyone and you eventually forgot me, entirely. You could…..barely recognize me after I entered the conference room back at the GFC hideout. How could you…..

Blake: Listen…..

Blake sighs and scooches closer to Zack and puts his arm around his neck tapping his shoulder….

Blake: Hey, I am so sorry about that. 10 years is a huge gap….a lot of things happened to me during this 10 year long period as well. Not to mention the huge loss of my family. I really regret the day when I went shopping with them in one of Zootopia’s malls. That’s where we got ambushed. Someone literally hit me with a fucking brick from behind and I fell unconscious. I couldn’t do anything. After a while, I woke up dizzy and bloody with mammals panicking everywhere, running for their lives to emergency exits. After I’ve become more aware of the whole situation, I realized something that made me a monster without a heart, with no compassion whatsoever. The Blake who has everybody known was gone as well! I have completely lost my mind that day and…..sanity has overshadowed and taken over my mind after I witnessed my kids and lovely wife beaten up, shot, taking their last breaths. I was…..taken into a mental institution afterwards. I lost my job as well. I just couldn’t withstand all that pain in my heart. Life is just…..so fucking unfair….I….I can’t anymore….I can’t talk about this anymore.

Zack hugs Blake strong….

Zack: Oh man. I truly empathize with you. I’ve lost people too. I am just so glad we’ve reunited after all those years! How……how did you become a member of the GFC though?

Blake looks at Zack with teary eyes yet upset face….

Blake: Do you really want to know?

Zack: Oh sorry, you obviously don’t want to talk about it, my bad.

Blake: I’ll finish what I started.

Blake wipes his tears and tries to continue his dark backstory….

Blake: I was copped up in that hospital for 6 months. After I’ve been discharged, I returned home expecting a big warm hug from my kids and a kiss from my wife until I realized what happened. My wife and kids were nowhere to be found.I got into an emotional strain all over again. I was so suicidal and pretty much ready to cut myself in the bathroom until my phone started ringing. I told myself to suck everything up and answer it. Guess who it was?

Zack: A relative or someone from the ZPD?

Blake: Far worse. It was Raphael. I’ve known him since I was 18. He called me to offer his help. He offered me a job of a hitman and promised me to track down the mammals responsible for the ambush. I kept contradicting, saying that things would get even worse if I joined his clan and that it was too late. He managed to persuade me to join his clan eventually. I got enrolled there in a heartbeat. I had to sign a contract as well and this is where I am nowadays. I’ve killed so many mammals with grief all thanks to this clan. This job is the only thing that keeps me going. 

Zack: So, this is where your sorrow, agony, ruthlessness and so on originated from. Joining the clan after what you’ve gone through was a substantially very bad decision. I might be able to get you outta there.

Blake: I would love to cease working for the GFC and join your clan instead. But, there isn’t such a big difference between your clan and Raphael’s, is there?

Zack: You can rely on me. There is a huge difference. All of our members respect each other, help each other, treat each other well and kill mammals only when it is inevitable. We mostly get hired by other clans in order to aid them in operations like this. We get briefed before our assignments and get dispatched to our destination afterwards. If some clan wants us to kill a specific target, a mammal or let’s just say, an entire family, we only disable them and put them asleep by tranquilizer guns. Then we deliver them back to the clan that hired us. Like I said, we don’t necessarily kill mammals UNLESS they are armed or dangerous criminals….

Blake: Now that’s a much better compared to the GFC. Those simpletons are bloodthirsty, reckless and merciless. They kill everyone who doesn’t obey their authority and I am afraid Victor is gonna end up dead today.

Zack: I remember Raphael told us that we can put him asleep with a tranquilizer gun, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Blake: Yeah but he also warned us about his apparent bodyguards. We must act cautiously.

Zack: True. It is uncertain whether he has some goons guarding his ass or not. We’ll find out soon enough.

Blake: Yeah. Hey, Zack. You mentioned something earlier about your mom’s return, what happened? 

Zack: Oh shit! I omitted that from my backstory, didn’t I? Thanks for the reminder.

UBC Driver: Sir, I apologize for interrupting your conversation but I am afraid we can already see the Bunnyburrow sign in the distance. We’re almost in our destination.

Zack: Keep going! There should be a damn minor parking lot for rabbits. If you keep driving in accordance with the GPS, we shall reach it in no time.

UBC Driver: Yes, sir. I’ve marked the parking lot on the GPS.

Zack: Why the hell do they have a parking lot here anyways? I have scarcely seen any cars passing by here.

Blake: I’ve been here a couple of times before. They hold an annual festival here every year where they participate in various activities that involve talent shows, fair games and such. They also sell veggies and food. The whole place is overcrowded with bunnies that day and I think the parking lot comes in handy then. It’s full, literally.

Zack: So they build a little ridiculous amusement park for themselves here where kids show off their skills and dazzle every other rabbit especially in talent shows. Lame. How big is the population here once again?

Blake: It’s more than 81 million and growing…

Zack: The first time I heard that number I could barely believe it. These rabbits are pretty damn durable breeders. I really can’t stand these creatures and their rapturous traits, particularly their habits and behavior. If I had the power to wipe out this ……what the hell is this place…..ugh…..burrow….no….

Blake: Rural place…..a countryside near Zootopia, dummy…

Zack: Really? This remote place should be demolished and all those carrot diggers exterminated or evicted at least. Damn herbivore suckers.

Blake: You do realize that there are also foxes, ferrets, cougars, jaguars living there as well? It’s not only herbivores…

Zack: Are you joking?! I would definitely deport them from this burrow land thing. Why the fuck are they living here? It’s totally not their habitat.

Blake: Zack for the love of god, it’s none of your concern. Ever since predators got along with their prey, they live happily together in harmony. The animals have developed interspecies friendships and relationships between each other.

Zack: I don’t get it. Animals should be hunting each other, predators kill their prey for food, RIGHT?! That’s what all of the animals were destined to do. We’re naturally savage animals Blake, our job is to hunt! That’s our true purpose, our damn instincts we’re somehow resistant to by not behaving how we should do.

Blake facepalms and sighs in annoyance…

Blake: You’re being stupid right now. Welcome to 2018. The modern days. We don’t live in the prehistoric era where animals used to be savage, killing each other for surviving.

Zack: Blake, you’ve killed many mammals before, it’s just like snapping their necks with your teeth. Do you still fancy killing? If yes, you will help me exterminate all rabbits in Bunnyburrow and restore our instincts. We will make everyone savage again except for the two of us and the UBC.

Blake: Zack for fuck’s sake, enough. Have you lost your mind?! I am not gonna support you in creating a disaster….

Zack: Oh boy…I am pretty certain you won’t fail me and kindly help me with this. All we need are some kind of contagious chemicals or something that will evoke savagery in predators. We have everything at disposal in our clan needed to make this happen.

Blake: Zack please. I am not up for some apocalyptic shit. Let it go!!

Zack: FINE! We’ll discuss this after the operation.

Blake: NEVER. Forget it!

Zack: Don’t worry, I only want to contaminate the city of Zootopia. The rest of the world will remain unaffected.

Blake: ZACK!

Zack: Alright…but still….imagine us two standing on top of Zootopia’s highest skyscraper…..witnessing the entire city being contaminated by the virus, predators turning savage, killing their prey, causing a relentless havoc, sirens setting off….just imagine all that terror Blake!!!! This is what the animals were naturally destined to do. These are our true congenital instincts we’ve been impervious to for several millenniums!!!

Blake puts his paw over Zack’s muzzle, shutting it….

Blake: ENOUGH! You’re incapable of pulling off such a thing you dummy! Are you crazy? Even if you could somehow manage to release that virus, how would you prevent yourself from becoming savage? Use your tiny ass brain. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! It’s way too risky. There wouldn’t be enough time to escape unless you want to fucking drop the virus from an aircraft. Now tell me something about your mom already, we’re almost in Bunnyburrow and I haven’t heard shit about what happened to you when she arrived.

Blake releases Zack’s muzzle who immediately grabs Blake’s muzzle too!

Zack: BLAKE FUCKING LISTEN TO ME! Now that I've found you. It's time to reveal my true intentions. I got everything ready in my hideout. All the antidotes and vaccines have been produced and invented by our scientists. All you need to do, is to inject yourself with a vaccine to make yourself immune against the savage effects and the virus itself. Done. See? I always come prepared. I know what I am doing. Now, keep your muzzle shut unless you don’t want me to free you from the Golden Fang Clan. This is gonna be your last assignment from the GFC. We smuggle Victor’s shit back to Zootopia to please Raphael and then we settle this with him. I took me several years to find you Blake. Years of searching for you. I trust and love you and I want to have you back in my life. And I want to accomplish something unbelievable, something transcendent, and something that has nobody ever done before. You’re gonna help me achieve my goal. I’ve had this goal planned ever since we got separated. I am not asking for too much. So please, make me happy once again, make your best friend happy. Return the favor by helping me get to the highest skyscraper of Zootopia so I can release the virus which will spread all over Zootopia and turn everyone into mindless, rampaging beasts. As a result, we will become the dominating overlords of this city. I know you seek for reign, we both do ever since our teenage years, remember? Now that I have you, I can finally commence this mission to fulfill our dreams. I thought you’d be supportive wanting to help with great enthusiasm instead of disputing my plan and refusing to help me. Now, when I release your muzzle, I want you to say one of the two most common answers, you either say Yes or No. Blake Thunder, are you willing to help me?!

Zack puts his paw off of Blake’s muzzle expecting his answer….

Blake: ………………………………….Y…………………..yes…………………..

Zack: There we go! See? I don’t see the point of why where you so uncertain about helping me. You got nothing to lose after all.

Blake: True……what the heck, let’s…do this then. How the fuck did you even become the leader of this clan anyways? 

Zack: That’s my foxy I’ve known since my childhood…..now….you want to hear how I ended up in here?!

Blake: At long last, something I’d like to know and talk about instead of your vicious intentions…..

Zack: I spent about a week living under a bridge when some members of the UBC found me while passing by.

Blake: Wait, you weren’t the one who established this clan?

Zack: Nope. The members of the clan found me under the bridge. They didn’t hesitate and took me to their hideout where they introduced me to their leader. There was this sheep called Jonathan Shirrell who was the founder and the leader of the clan. I got recruited into the clan very fast. They trained me, taught me martial arts, how to shoot guns and so on. Months later after being in the clan, Shirrell died of cancer and left me in charge. He trusted me the most among all members and he knew he could confidently choose me as his successor. Ever since I became the new leader of the clan, I have significantly changed the clan’s regime and set new rules. 10 years later, here we are, one of the biggest, underrated and most advanced criminal organizations in Zootopia.

Blake: If you claim your clan is so powerful, why don’t you destroy the Golden Fang Clan’s hideout completely and kill its members?

Zack: We could easily wipe out the whole Golden Fang Clan if we really wanted to but we are not here to cause any trouble, at least, not yet. I’ll take over Zootopia very soon by turning everyone into savage beasts with your aid, Blake. We’re gonna be the rulers of Zootopia and we’re gonna turn it into scientific industry which will specialize in technology, biology and evolving advanced weaponry. Zootopia's residents are gonna go extinct while we build our new empire. It will basically cease to exist and we will build military bases and such. The entire city is gonna be reconstructed. It’s gonna be called Wolfward Industries. We’ll start over from a scratch.

Blake: What happens to the animals infected by your virus? How do you expect to clear the city from them?

Zack:  They will roam around in the streets of Zootopia aimlessly for several weeks killing each other if we won't interfere. We'll speed up the process and give them a weak to slaughter each other. If there happen to be any remaining animals after a week, the UBC clan will dispatch exterminators who will track down the remaining animals and neutralize them.

Blake: That’s so sick, bro. I’ll do my best to help you.

Blake clenches his fist for a fist bump. The two fist bump each other….

Zack: Brothers to the end!

Blake: Yeah, brothers to the end!

Zack: This virus we invented is something not to fuck with. It has immense power. If I release it from the highest skyscraper, it will have a much bigger effect and a coverage radius. It will infect the whole city and anything in its vicinity. This is why we need to get to the top of the tower.

Blake: How the fuck do you want to reach it?

Zack: Through blood and death, anything is possible. We will shoot our way up to the top of the skyscraper. It’s gonna be a remarkable experience!

Blake: I still can’t believe you have such a virus and mighty firepower to pull this thing off…..I won’t 100% believe all this stuff if you don’t show me.

Zack laughs hysterically…..

Zack: You’ll be astounded by the riches and the secrets of my clan very soon! And oh yeah, my mom…..she came back to visit me and my dad only to stumble upon the fact that my dad kicked me out of the house months ago and made me a homeless mammal begging for money on the streets of Zootopia. They got into a huge argument again which resulted in my dad killing my mom. He FUCKING stabbed her in her abdomen numerous times…..he left her bleed out on the floor. Then he dumped her body somewhere I can’t really remember where but I used to watch the news and that’s how I learned that my mom was dead and I knew my dad was the cause of her death. Instead of calling the police, one night, I and some of my men visited my dad’s house. We shot open the doors, rushed upstairs to his bedroom and that was the first time I’ve seen him in like….what…..6-7 months. He woke up and he couldn’t believe his eyes…..he saw me staring at him with tears in my eyes, ready to murder him without mercy. He began questioning me and my men standing behind me, heavily armed. He said “Son, is that really you?! Who are those mammals behind you?! What did you become?! What are you doing here this late at night?!” and I responded saying “Your useless son, whom you told to get a new life, returned to show you what he has become.” I punched him in his face with my fist, grabbed him and tossed him all around the room devastating it completely with his body. He ended up being bloody everywhere. There were blood stains everywhere in the room. Shortly after I beat the living crap out of him I started yelling “NOW THIS IS WHAT A TRUE OBSTACLE IS! YOU MADE ME THIS WAY! I’VE BECOME AN OBSTACLE YOU CAN’T OVERCOME!” I turned around and gave my men an order, I said “Put him out of his misery” and I walked downstairs grieving for my mother. After I’ve walked out of the house, I heard gunshots coming out of it. That day was the ultimate end for my reckless and insolent adoptive father I wish I never had. That was the first kill for the UBC under my lead. Sad times really…..but let’s not think about them Blake, good times await us!  

UBC Driver: Sir, we’ve passed through the Bunnyburrow sign. We’ll reach the parking lot approximately in 15 minutes.

Zack: Oh shit! Time flies really fast when you talk to someone about something that interests you.

Blake: Both of our past lives are extremely dark……we should both appreciate that we’re still alive I guess considering how much shit we’ve been through.

Zack: Yep! Well foxy, prepare cuz we’ll be in our destination soon!  

The convoy of GFC and UBC cars reached Bunnyburrow. They’re headed to its local parking lot where they can settle and prepare for an ambush. Will they be able to accomplish this operation without pulling the triggers on their guns? Time will tell.


Chapter End! To Be Continued!

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