The One And Only...Bullsh*t

The One And Only... Well that is what everyone thinks.
I, Griffin, think otherwise, everyone believes in love and that there is something called "The One".
What I believe you ask?
I believe that there is nothing called love, its all an illusion, an excuse for whats really going on.
People don't like being alone therefor they express that as something called "love", Thinking they love each other and they would do anything for them. In reality they would do anything to not be ALONE.
So as you can guess this is my story, enjoy.


2. One--


Dear ____,

I wish you could be here with me.

I wish you could help me.

I wish and wish but I know I will never see you again.

I know you will never comeback to me.

You're a star to high to touch.

If only I was a star with you.


It has been over a two weeks since I've been in my hometown, I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time but after what happened I'm coming back as a different person.

I grab my keys out of my bag unlocking the door to my house. Walking inside being greeted by silence, I dragged my luggage up the stairs to my room trying to be quick so I'll have time to get ready.

I drop my bags on the floor of my bedroom, I walk around absorbing everything. I can't believe what happened the last time I was here in this room.

I rush to my dresser after a bit of starring at my room. I quickly pick an outfit, black pants, blue shirt, leather jacket, combat boots, and all of my accessories.

I walk into my bathroom standing in front of my mirror. I look into my reflection expecting me but what I see is a stranger.

My pitch black hair flows down my back and the sides of my face messer then normal. My skin is very pale with a few freckles here and there. My green eyes bore into me, the same eyes that witnessed what happened that day.

I look down disgusted by my self, knowing it was all my fault.

I change into my clothes and putting one a bit of make up, and when I mean makeup I mean mascara with eyeliner.

I grab my bag, keys, and phone heading to the garage knowing ... My motorcycle is in there. I put my helmet on starting the engine riding down the street straight towards h*ll, or what others people call it school.

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