The One And Only...Bullsh*t

The One And Only... Well that is what everyone thinks.
I, Griffin, think otherwise, everyone believes in love and that there is something called "The One".
What I believe you ask?
I believe that there is nothing called love, its all an illusion, an excuse for whats really going on.
People don't like being alone therefor they express that as something called "love", Thinking they love each other and they would do anything for them. In reality they would do anything to not be ALONE.
So as you can guess this is my story, enjoy.


1. Authors Note

Hey guys!!

So this book is just for practice I'm not going to take it seriously, but I will still make it good for you guys to enjoy. If you want to see some of my more serious story's go to wattpad, it's under the same name and everything. Hope you enjoy this story!!

P.S. If this book goes well (not likely) I will take it more serious or even redoing it to make it better, anyways enjoy!!

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