Powers Beyond Comprehension

This is about an ultima werewolf vampire hybrid, Astra, who is assisted by a warlock, Barrett, to escape from an evil ruler (King) of the Kingdom of Thera. Astra has to get used to life in a new reality and about a month after Astra is in this reality, though Barrett had to wait a while to join her.


Author's note

I hope you all like this story and please tell me if I make any errors down in the comments.

6. The Thought of Power.

It was morning, though the light didn't shine in this particular cell, I could smell the dawn coming from the scent of dew drops, fresh ones at that, and hear the birds twittering awake. I looked over at the sleeping bag on the other side of the room to see Rory still fast asleep. He's human of course so he'd sleep until someone woke him or until sunrise, typical. I sat up on the sleeping bag and put my back to the wall and my knees to my chest while I wrapped my not so muscular arms around them. I got lost in thought taking in every smell and detail while wondering why, why did the King, my father, want me back now after I've been gone away from him for more than three weeks. He could have gotten me the day after I disappeared but no, he let me run, then he made it into one of his sick games and had me hunted down.


He was cruel like that, is the fact that he is the all-powerful King of Thera and not to mention, the Alpha... Though then again because of what I am, an Ultima werewolf, I'm far more powerful and therefore a threat to him and his reign. Maybe I should end this reign of his and start taking back the Kingdom, as I am the Princess of Thera. I am in fact the only heir to the throne, I Princess Astra Zen of Thera, future ruler of Thera and future ruler of all werewolf kind...


I was snapped out of my train of thought by a now rising Rory, I looked over to him but didn't make eye contact, my bangs being in front of my eyes and all so he couldn't make eye contact if he wanted to. I was worried about my eyes so I looked away from him.

"Hey, can we leave here?" I said snapping the silence in two.

"Yeah, I need to take you to Lord Mergatroid anyways." He got up and opened the door and I was already out of the door by the time he stepped through and closed it.

"Alright, I'm only hanging around if he accepts the deal." He nodded accepting the fact that he couldn't stop me unless I allowed it. That's right, leave the super alpha to take care of herself.


I nodded in response to what she said because I knew I stood no chance against her. For a moment it looked like her hair changed to red then went back to its brown color. "Your hair it, changed." She looked at me like I was crazy for a second then reached up and grabbed a strand of hair.

"That's a bit strange, but I guess it could happen." She replied her voice kind of shaky.

"You alright?" I looked at her concerned. She responded with a slight nod of the head and she started walking towards the road.

"We better get going." The walk towards the castle of Mergatroid was a quiet and undisturbed one.

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