Powers Beyond Comprehension

This is about an ultima werewolf vampire hybrid, Astra, who is assisted by a warlock, Barrett, to escape from an evil ruler (King) of the Kingdom of Thera. Astra has to get used to life in a new reality and about a month after Astra is in this reality, though Barrett had to wait a while to join her.


Author's note

I hope you all like this story and please tell me if I make any errors down in the comments.

7. The Hybrid of Fire.


They walked up to the castle to see a man standing in the large doorway. This man must be Lord Mergatroid.

"Welcome back my son." He greeted Rory with a smile and a large bear hug of open arms.

"Thanks, Father," Rory answered giving him a hug back.

"Who is this?" He gestured towards me

"I am Astra Zen of the House of Zen, it is nice to meet you." I curtsied.

"So this is the wanted darling girl of King Zen." He rubbed his hands together looking at me.

Rory put his hand in front of me as his father tried to grab me. "She would like to make a deal with you and I believe it to be fair." His father crossed his arms.

"What is this 'deal' you speak of?" He looked at his son and then at me.

"She would like to know if you would agree to let her become one of your warriors, in exchange, she will fight for you loyally and she won't run away, again." His father's eyebrow raised.

"Again?" He glanced at me and then looked back at his son. "She is just a girl, how could she have escaped that cell?" He looked angrily at Rory.

"She's a werewolf, and a hybrid at that, she's half vampire." He glanced back at me.

"So the prophecy is true, the hybrid of flames has come." He exclaimed.

"The hybrid of fire?" I looked at him confused.

"The hybrid of fire is by far the most powerful person that will ever be known or so said by the prophecy, I just thought that it would be a well, no offense but a man." I looked at him like I was about to kill him and he backed up. "My apologies."

"So she could be able to stop the King, her father, and save Thera from him?" Rory questioned his father with a tone of excitement.

"Yes, yes she could." And at this point, my fate was decided.

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