Powers Beyond Comprehension

This is about an ultima werewolf vampire hybrid, Astra, who is assisted by a warlock, Barrett, to escape from an evil ruler (King) of the Kingdom of Thera. Astra has to get used to life in a new reality and about a month after Astra is in this reality, though Barrett had to wait a while to join her.


Author's note

I hope you all like this story and please tell me if I make any errors down in the comments.

4. The Hunted are Found by the Hunter.

We finally reached the top and I helped pull him up.

    “We made it, without falling down,” I exclaimed.

    “Not very optimistic pointing out  that we could’ve fallen down.”

    “Since when have I been optimistic.”

    “Good point, you’re not the optimist.”

    “Exactly, you are.”

    “I don’t agree with that, I’m not all that optimistic.”

    “True, though having an optimist would be nice.”

    “Right, because your depressing thoughts and negativity are going to bring us crashing down.” I frowned when he said that.

    “Why I oughta!” My aggressive wolf side was showing a bit as I almost raised a fist at him but instead, we were interrupted -

    “Alright, Princess, why are you with this new guy?” There was a guy sitting on a tree branch, we all went silent and we all stared at each other, confused.

    “What do you mean?” I finally spoke up ending the five-minute-long silence, “Also, who’s Princess?”

    “Why of course you Princess. You live in that castle don’t you?” He said pointing at the castle.

    “Well, yeah, I do live in the castle but how did you know that?” I questioned him thinking that I had just found the hunter.

    “Because I was sent to bring you back.” He smirked and then tackled me and then we both vanished from the view of Barrett… The last thing I heard was Barrett screaming my name.

*                  *                  *

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