Powers Beyond Comprehension

This is about an ultima werewolf vampire hybrid, Astra, who is assisted by a warlock, Barrett, to escape from an evil ruler (King) of the Kingdom of Thera. Astra has to get used to life in a new reality and about a month after Astra is in this reality, though Barrett had to wait a while to join her.


Author's note

I hope you all like this story and please tell me if I make any errors down in the comments.

3. Barrett Arrives.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, I’m starting to think my senses have just gone wonky or I’ve gone insane. Then I glanced up towards the mansion and saw a person standing outside working on a car. Maybe I’m not crazy?

Well, that was obvious, you’re at least more sane than I am.

Yet, you returned, I didn’t think I’d get an answer.

That’s what I’m here for.

I see, and I thought you were here to help.

And that wasn’t helpful?

I guess you’ve got a point.

Of course, I do, I’m better than you.

Maybe when it comes to an ego.

Now that’s just mean.

Well, you had it coming.

Nice to know.

Of course, it is.

Anyways, have you figured out yet who was watching you?

Not quite but I have a general idea.

Care to explain that general idea?

Sure, I think it was probably the guy who lives on the hill in the distance and it’s got a bird's eye view of the palace. My only question is why this person would be watching me?

Maybe this person knows who you are or where you’re from?

Doubtful, the only person who knows is you, and that’s how you keep a secret.

True, though one thing, someone could have seen a girl appear out of thin air in the middle of a castle foyer.

I guess you have a point. Going back it was strange.


About 3 weeks ago...


I was running through the woods of the forest nearby the Kingdom of Thera. It was ruled by humans and, I, an Ultima werewolf is being hunted. I ran through the woods as fast as I could towards my only friends home, though I could outrun the humans the pure number of them was too many for me to take on. I would have to run faster than I ever have in my lifetime.


I finally reached my friend house after running ten miles full speed sprint. I was exhausted and collapsed at his doorstep. I don’t know what was going on for a while and then I woke up on a bed inside the small building in the woods that was owned by my friend. He had probably found me lying on his doorstep and then picked me up and brought me in. I looked around, no sign of him, where was he? I had no clue what was going on but from the looks of it, he was working on something big.


The table had some magical items on it and there were books in piles of ten and papers with notes and other things written on them. He also had a kettle of probable tea sitting on the counter next to two cups. I was sitting up when he walked in and he looked at me examining me.


“How are you feeling?” He questioned walking over to me with a cup of freshly poured tea.

“Better, though I’ve been in better situations.” We both chuckled a little at the thought because earlier in the month I wasn’t being chased down, I was walking around the woods hunting down food with a bow and some arrows and foraging berries and drinking from the river or a waterskin but now, the King heard of me and he wants me, as either an animal to cage up or to kill me for some reason, either way, he wants me found and brought to him.

“That’s good.” He hands me the cup of tea but I decline, “Right, I forgot, you don’t like tea.”

“I’m more of a water person.” I sighed and my wolf ears went back, “How long until they track me down again?”

“I’d give it about two days.” I frowned at his response, “Except I’ve been working on something that could send you to a different place, somewhere where you could be safe from all this mayhem.”

“Really, I thought this was paradise.” I joked.

“Very funny, though, it was before you were being hunted down.” He replied.

“So, what’s this that your working on?”

“Well, I’m working on creating a portal that will send you to a different reality in which you’ll be safer as long as you keep your human form.” I smiled, “Though, I need a little bit longer to finish it.” My smile was still there.

“So, I just need to keep my human form? That’ll be difficult. I could barely hold it as long as I needed to based on the fact that I’m being hunted down.”

“That’s where this comes in.” He handed me a necklace with a Celtic symbol on it.

“What’s this for?” I tilted my head completely confused.

“This will help you hold your human form, for the most part.” He explained, “It’ll help you hold it as long as you need to with some limitations.”

“These limitations are?”

“Well, it can only last at least ten hours and takes about an hour to recharge.”

“Still an improvement, normally I can just barely hold it for three hours so this is a good change.” He helped me put it on.

“So, about this portal thing, will you be able to come with me?” I inquired, hoping that the answer was a yes.
    “About that, it’s a one-person portal and the amount of power it takes, it’ll take me a while to regenerate and get the resources.” I was slightly disappointed but I guess getting away is good enough.

“Can you figure out a way to create inter-reality communication?” How did I even know to ask that?

“I think so, I’ll get to work on that.”

“Alright, what supplies will you need?”

“Some metal, a gemstone of some sort, and a little bit of time.”

“Alright, I’ll work on getting the materials though I’m not sure about the time thing.” I started to stand up and head for the door.

“Okay, just be careful.”

“I’ll try.”

“Also, don’t die, it’s bad for your health.” I laughed a little about that.

“You too.” I walked out the door and headed for the nearest volcano. I could find some metal there.


Present time…


Hello, Astra, this is Barrett, answer me, Astra.

Huh? Oh, right, sorry about that Barrett.

Spacing off again?!

Yes. I jumped when he telepathically yelled that, No need to yell at me!

    It’s entertaining to watch you jump.

    Haha, I wish you weren’t able to watch me jump through this ring. I looked at it sitting on the table. It’s like you’re standing right there, kind of creepy.

    Ouch, he replied sarcastically, now that’s rude.

    You had it coming. I laughed, Now how about I go bring you so we can investigate.

    Don’t forget the ring. I picked it up and put it on my index finger on my left hand and started out the door. I walked through the woods forgetting about the mines and then one clicked.

    Oh no. I jumped up into the trees and ran from tree to tree to tree. I completely forgot about the mines that were placed in these woods.

    Mines! He was freaking out. Should I be concerned?

    Nope, I know how to dodge them, just don’t touch the ground.

    Analyze, plan, follow through without flaws.

    Are you saying right?

    Yeah, of course. ‘Cause I’m the best.

    Sure, sure you are.

    You doubt me?

    Yes, yes I do.

    I thought I was a god.

    You at least try to be.

    That’s not something to be proud of.

    Well, I am, what are you going to do about it, Barrett?

    This, he attempts to open a portal and he actually makes it through to this side.

    “Ha ha! It worked!” He said putting his hand up for a high five, of course, I give him a high five because that was pretty cool.

    “Finally, you only get a high five because you did well.”

    “So, let’s go figure out who’s following you.” I nodded in response and we continued through the woods or should I say tree branches to get to the ground that was safe, then we walked up to the cliff and started out our climb up the forty-foot cliff.

*                *                 *

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