Amphibian man

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2018
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2018
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A marine professor meets unusual creature and learns its story.


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  There is one thing prof. Randall likes more than his job and that is watching very often at the weekends the flick ''The free Willie''. It was his very favorite one. Maybe it has something to do with his profession.

Mr. Steven Randall works at Portsmouth University where he explores sinking ships from 18th century. As a solid professor, his intention is to write a book about the sinking sea vessels around the south waters of Great Britain and his passion about exploring and writing gives him the reason to be useful, not only to his students.

They liked him a lot because he was telling them stories during class almost like a professional story teller and writer and drawn into his stories, the students often fell in a reverie and imagined how marine life in 18th century felt like, with all the adventures in it.


In order to write his book in a right and flawless way, Steven Randall had to do a colossal work that requires him almost a year research underwater. But this only stimulates him even more.

One day, as usual, he is preparing the diving equipment and his waterproof camera, feeling ready to submerge into the blue waters around the coast of Portsmouth.


Already into it, the professor found a ship or at least what was left of it and began exploring it from inside. There he found numerous living and not so living things-weed, butterfly fishes and flat-bottomed species.

Mr. Randall couldn't forget taking some pictures on the reef, pushing the water aside with the flippers.

Without being disturbed for a while, entering from cabin into cabin and floor to floor, the professor heard a rattling. He believed there is a passage of fishes stuck somewhere, trying to come out but when he turns, he saw something else. And it was bigger than a plain fish. It moved a bit. It looked like a human being but whit scales and gills and his skin was dark blue. It was in shackles and only the fish tail it has was free. The neck of the creature also was trapped in iron.


-Sweet baby Jesus! Is it possible? An amphibian man?!-thought the professor-If the creature is still here, at the bottom of the sea, it must have been about 200 years old. Is it possible to possess the immortality gene I only read about years ago? How little really still science know!

The professor tried to release the Amphibian man off the shackles but it wasn't easy. The sea wonder seemed to produce sounds in old German language.


                                                                                     . . .



 After the second try, prof. Randall set the fish-man free. It swam straight to the surface, searching the sunlight and the white sky. The professor followed him up and when his head was above the water, he turned on his waterproof recorder when the Amphibian man was looking him in the eyes and spoke in old German. The recording session began :


  '' In 18th century, an insane German scientist and botanic Kurt Gundelsheimer did experiments with people and fishes. He mixed their DNA-s, hoping to create a talking nixie. After years of failure, he did manage the bizarre experiment with the help of a laser. The insane scientist tried to sell me to a traveling circus and become the main attraction there but one night I ran away, crawling to the nearest pond and the stream took me later to the sea where I climbed secretly to a pirate's ship but the same night it was caught in a violent storm and wrecked. Since then I stay locked at the bottom of the big blue but you cast me off and I will be forever thankful to you''.



After the monologue, the Amphibian man hugged the professor with its slippery hands and he almost cried. It was a surreal moment. At farewell, Steven Randall didn't took pictures of the creature. He never spoke or write about it. But the unusual fish-man thing will remain forever in his heart.  

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