The tales after the crumbling

Little drabbles of stuff after the events in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children trilogy.Some dark stuff and whump.Please, if you don’t like that type of stuff, don’t read.


Author's note

Enjoy, if this is your cup of tea.

1. The Juicy info

It had been a hectic week.I had figured out that our escapade to the Library of souls had caused our internal clocks to reset, making us the age we actually looked to be, which meant we would age like normal children, and Jacob was soon to be put in an asylum basically.So, to save our friend from that fate that was to befall on him, we made our way to another time loop, and landed in a swamp about a week’s worth away from his house.Luckily, it was a little over a week before Jacob would be sent away.Still we hurried in case.Upon our arrival, the uncles had fainted, and the parents panicked.After we had established ourselves, we chose rooms.I chose a room with my best friends Emma and Jacob, mainly due to Miss Peregrine’s insistance that they not be in the same room together alone.It was no secret that they were love birds, and Miss Peregrine had no desire to risk....things to happen in that room.Bronwyn moved the Uncles into the parents room, and let them sleep.I watched Jacob’s parents and Miss Peregrine talk from a distance.Most everyone had gone to bed at this point.Hugh, Enoch, and Horace were in the most extravagant room, presumably reserved for direct family.They had slumped onto a bed each and promptly fell into a deep slumber.Olive and Claire were brought into their room by Bronwyn, who was not quite as tired as the rest.Still, upon seeing her roommates fall in a blissful sleep, her body barely managed to get to a bed before collapsing in a heap.The twins had taken up the last bed in Hugh, Horace, and Enoch’s room, still awake despite the journey.Even Emma left to our shared room with Jacob to sleep!Jacob himself was doing his best not to doze off on the couch.I watched silently behind the rocking chair.I was taking no chances on this.I easily could just sit down beside Jacob and no one would be the wiser.But, I’d rather not risk both giving myself away and starting on the bad side of his parents.They were taking all of this new information extraordinarily well.They had already called the mental institute, canceling Jacob’s week of solitude, stopped counseling, and vowed to stop administering medications to him.They even agreed upon letting us stay!But all of it could be shattered if I was found out, listening to a private conversation between Miss Peregrine and Jacob’s parents.I tuned in more closely upon the words being swapped between the adults.”I believe we have ourselves a spy in the midst of the room.” Jacob’s mother exchanged casually in the lull of the conversation, sounding almost like she were referring gently to small child listening to the grownups talking together.I felt slight dread upon hearing the words.But just because she sounded like she was aware, didn’t mean that it was confirmed knowledge inside the group.I wouldn’t relent until the info swap stopped.I should be able to get in the room before Jacob.If not, I could always get in right behind him before the door closed.It would seem like I’d always been there.Emma was asleep anyhow, so even if she knew I hadn’t gone in WITH her, I could still pass as having gotten in a little bit later.Besides, they sounded like they were referring more towards Claire or Olive than myself.

”Millard, is that you?”



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